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Defining political child abuse: A tale of two Cruz families by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 Remember 5-year-old Sophie Cruz? Groomed for a year by an outfit called the "Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition," Sophie is the ponytailed poster child for amnesty who was literally propped up in front of the pope during a... Read More
Open-borders money backs Marco Rubio by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 Political analysis of the Las Vegas debate immigration dust-up between Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is missing a key ingredient: the money factor. You can read the lips of the candidates till the cows come home. But you’ll get to the truth... Read More
Another cynical Democratic "Citizenship USA" voter drive by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 There's only one time when you can depend on the chronically backlogged, recklessly inefficient Department of Homeland Security to perform smoothly: election season. While hundreds of thousands of visa overstayers and deportation fugitives remain on the loose, federal bureaucrats at the... Read More
Attack of the open-borders mau-mau-ers by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 I stand with the Santa Barbara News-Press. How about you? The newspaper is under fire for refusing to kowtow to left-wing word police and militant propagandists who demand unfettered illegal immigration. Last week, in the wake of angry protests against the publication, vandals... Read More
Is GOP ready for Obama's Attorney General fight? by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 Gird your loins, Beltway Republicans. Election Day is barely over, but the progressive left is locked and loaded for battle over President Obama's next U.S. attorney general. Liberals unhappy with the administration's failure to deliver a mass illegal alien amnesty... Read More
Border Patrol agent Javier Vega, Jr., R.I.P. - UPDATE - Info on how to help his family below Murder in Rio Grande Valley: "This is coming to a town near you" by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 The voice on the other end of the line is exasperated. “It’s insane,” he wants America to... Read More
Want a real anti-poverty plan? Stop amnesty now! by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 It is now all the fashionable rage in Washington, D.C., to proclaim solidarity with America's working poor in front of the cameras -- while stabbing them in the back behind closed doors. Privileged Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and others... Read More
Jose Antonio Vargas: The face of the entitled illegal alien by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 They've blown it again, big time. They just can't help themselves. During the Bush years, the open-borders movement won over bleeding hearts in the White House but alienated the American public with radical displays of La Raza ("The... Read More
Obama's Immigration Lawyers' Enrichment Act by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 The American Dream is dying for tens of millions of unemployed, underemployed and long-term jobless citizens. But the White House has guaranteed that one sector of the U.S. economy will thrive for decades to come: Open-borders immigration lawyers. Don't believe the fibbing D.C.... Read More
Amnesty Gang Throws Law-Abiders Under the Bus by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2013 President Obama and the bipartisan Gang of Eight in Washington who want to create a "pathway to citizenship" for millions of illegal aliens have sent a message loud and clear to those who follow the rules: You're chumps! Have you patiently... Read More
Well, this should make you feel nice and comfortable when you fly: News 8 has recently revealed serious flaws in the way the FAA licenses mechanics who fix planes. There is evidence of years of problems in testing these mechanics. There is also evidence that hundreds of mechanics with questionable licenses are working on aircraft... Read More
In case you hadn't noticed, Mexico is in chaos. Beheaded and bullet-ridden bodies are turning up left and right along the southern border. Drug traffickers are running rampant in Sinaloa. Corruptocrats are letting gangs take over their cities. In Tijuana, 200 people were killed in a month. The CSM reports: "Last weekend turned into one... Read More
Pay up.
A few weeks ago, I noted that Hispanic lawyers had served notice to Barack Obama that they expected him to pay them back in return for delivering ethnic votes. They were demanding more appointments to the federal bench. Yesterday, Obama named Hispanic Bill Richardson his Commerce Secretary nominee. He has also placed La Raza biggie... Read More
Left behind. Barack Obama has appointed senior VP of The National Council of La Raza (The Race) Cecilia Munoz to "oversee the White House office responsible for relations between the administration and state and local governments." Via WaPo: McCain open-borders advisor Juan Hernandez is bummed, but you never know. If Hillary can be Obama's Secretary... Read More
Yes, they can.
ACORN isn't the only one cornering the voter fraud market. Democracia USA is a partner of open-borders La Raza (The Race) in an aggressive, nationwide Hispanic voter registration drive. George Moneo at Babalu Blog reports that canvassers for Democracia USA have been caught on tape sabotaging electoral integrity. Watch the video here. Don't expect the... Read More
Curb your enthusiasm.
I will continue to monitor and spotlight ongoing P.D.S. (it's the subject of my syndicated column tomorrow), but all is not well in GOP land. Three items to dampen your convention enthusiasm: 1) Stacy McCain reports on the McCain camp's dissing of stalwart conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly. What the hell are they thinking? 2) One... Read More
Speak the language.
Hey, well, whaddya know. A judge exhibited an iota of common sense and rejected that open-borders lawsuit I wrote about last week, which was filed by ethnic grievance-mongers who claimed an English-only policy at a Kansas Catholic school created a "hostile" environment. Original post here. Story on the ruling here. Now, if only the Catholic... Read More
National Endowment for (other countries') Arts.
Yeah, but whose nation? Isn't this special? Cash-strapped Los Angeles, which struggles to keep its own libraries afloat, is planning to set aside nearly $2 million in federal grants from the NEA to build and operate a pavilion at a book fair... Mexico. Via Mayor Sam's Sister City blog: When the City of Los... Read More
Good riddance.
Update: Good riddance. Update: Phew..Just in..."The U.S. Supreme Court has denied Mexican-born condemned prisoner Jose Medellin's request for a reprieve. The court denied the request late Tuesday, more than three hours after Medellin's execution was to take place. The death warrant remains in effect until midnight CDT." *** Original post 10:27pm Eastern... After backing the... Read More
"Go to hell."
The world court and President Bush tried and failed to stop the execution of illegal alien Death Row killer Jose Medellin. Texas told 'em to bug off--and the Supreme Court backed Texas. Medellin faces execution tomorrow. The U.N. and the international meddlers are whining. Now, Medellin's lawyers have filed one last-ditch appeal to subvert our... Read More
Judging from my e-mail, a lot of folks are hopping mad about this weekend's story from the Shelbyville, Tennessee Times-Gazette concerning Tyson Foods' decision to replace the paid Labor Day holiday with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Brian Moselely reports that there are 700 Muslims working at the 1,200-employee plant, including some 250 Somali... Read More
How much to buy off the Latino vote? Cha-ching: $20 million. I smell a windfall for ACORN's army of voter registration agents. And I see a bright red voter fraud flag. Just saying: (hat tip - William Amos)
International meddlers order American states to halt death penalty executions.
They just won't stop meddling with our sovereignty. The weenies on the World Court are leaning on their friend President Bush to stop the execution of five illegal alien Death Row inmates. You'll recall that in March, our Supreme Court sided with the state of Texas in upholding US sovereignty and rejecting the World Court/Bush... Read More
Race day.
The San Diego City Council will vote next Tuesday to declare July 8 "National Council of La Raza Day." Well, they already gave their blessing to "Happy ACLU Day" despite the litigious group's long-standing efforts to take down the Mount Soledad cross. Might as well put their weight behind the ethnic supremacist group fighting against... Read More
Whose civil liberties?
Seriously, why do they even bother with the "American" part of "American Civil Liberties Union" anymore? (Hat tip - Lonewacko) From the ACLU-San Diego's latest press release announcing its partnership with the Mexican government: In a historic agreement to pursue joint strategies to protect the human rights of migrants moving across the Mexico-United States border,... Read More
Unholy alliance.
During his visit this week, the Pope has made repeated comments critical of immigration enforcement efforts--such as they are--in the U.S. His primary concerns are not the sovereignty and security of our country. Open borders benefit Catholic churches looking to fill their pews and collection baskets. The Vatican and American bishops, led by radical L.A.... Read More
"You dumb f**k."
I had a raucous time last night at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The College Republicans and YAF sponsored my lecture on immigration and CRs from across the state were there in conjunction with the CR state convention. It was heartening to meet so many staunch young conservatives holding down the fort. The UW-Madison CR chapter... Read More
Yes, they did.
I wish I were kidding. But this is all-too-common: Yeah. And maybe the Bush Treasury Department will start cracking down on illegal alien matricula consular cards that undermine security. Guffaw. *** Flashback: Suspected illegal alien was working as police officer.
"We didn't cross the border. The border crossed us."
I've written about Hillary Clinton's campaign co-chair Dolores Huerta before. During the massive illegal alien marches in 2006, she spoke at a public school in Tucson and proclaimed that "Republicans hate Latinos." Well, she's back in the news proclaiming ethnic hegemony and smearing ICE agents as ethnic cleansers, via Chris Kelly: <blockquote<"We didn't cross the... Read More
Moonbattery for kids.
Left-winger Linda Ellerbee is having a field day at children's network Nickelodeon. First, anti-war propaganda. (More here.) And now, open-borders propaganda (via Lonewacko): I’M AMERICAN! THEY’RE NOT! Sunday at 9 p.m. Nickelodeon. Paola is 13. Her sister, Vanessa, is 14. Their brother, Nahum, is 17. They live in a comfortable house in Roswell, N.M. One... Read More
Citizenship USA, redux?
Last month, instead of putting more manpower and resources into the problem and making secure adjudication a priority, DHS simply dropped criminal background checks in order to clear massive green card application backlogs. Now, Latinos are clamoring to get their naturalization applications approved in time to vote for the November elections. They've taken the Bush... Read More
You'll be glad to know that not all elected officials are willing to allow a foreign leader to land on American soil and trash our nation's immigration laws and the character of its citizens. You won't hear President Bush stand up to Mexican president Felipe Calderon. As I've been reporting, they've been quietly hashing out... Read More
"Give it to me."
Update: Here's the audio of Rush Limbaugh's remarks on the Merida Initiative. John and Ken at KFI will also be discussing the $1.4 billion aid package to Mexico today between 3-7pm Pacific time. *** If you're looking for my report on the $1.4 billion Mexican stimulus/border security funding package mentioned by Rush Limbaugh this afternoon,... Read More
Sin Fronteras.
Scroll down for updates... After contacting several congressional staffers yesterday about the $1.4 billion stimulus/border security package for Mexico that I reported on yesterday, I can tell you this: We're screwed. None of the staffers I contacted had even heard of it. You might want to call them and suggest they get up to speed.... Read More
Yes, they can.
Are we a Sanctuary Nation or Sovereign Nation? A growing and surprising number of judges are coming down on the side of local immigration enforcement. This is especially welcome news given the shrinking differences between the GOP and Democrat establishments on the issue. Via the NYT, which must be beside itself: After groups challenging state... Read More
Scroll down for updates...meanwhile: "Romney, McCain call each other 'liberal'... Meet Jerry Perenchio. He's a National Finance Co-Chair of the McCain 2008 campaign and the billionaire founder of Spanish-language media conglomerate, Univision. He also heads up a charitable foundation that has showered gobs of money on extremist green lobbying groups. Take open-borders zeal, add campaign... Read More
"A bloc, not one nation."
Digger's Realm did a terrific job compiling this clip reel of open borders zealot/McCain Hispanic outreach director Juan Hernandez's greatest hits. He considers Canada, the U.S., and Mexico "a bloc, not one nation." He puts "Mexico first." He doesn't believe there are any criminals among the 12-20 million illegal aliens he thinks should be legalized.... Read More
Update: Reader Mary Jo e-mails: "Since Juan McCain has appointed Juan Hernandez to the position of Hispanic Outreach Campaign Advisor, perhaps someone should ask him who he is going to appoint as American Outreach Campaign Director. I guess the average American citizen is not very important to him." *** Shamnesty peddler John McCain; top entry... Read More
Birds of a feather.
Follow the bouncing ball with me: Shamnesty peddler John McCain taps former Mexican government official/shamnesty advocate Juan Hernandez as his presidential campaign Hispanic Outreach Director. Hernandez is a fellow at McCain's "Reform Institute." What has he been working on there for the past year? "Dr. Juan Hernandez serves as a Senior Fellow of the Institute’s... Read More
Not your friend.
Update: Hernandez is a "non-paid volunteer," says the McCain campaign. Was he "non-paid" at the Reform Institute, too? And does McCain share his "Mexico First/" "Just A Region"/"Free Flow of People" views or not? Ask. Update: Meet La Familia McCain. *** Dr. Juan Hernandez, McCain Hispanic outreach director: "We must not only have a free... Read More
Arnie and Billy Jeff team up.
There's an op-ed today in the Wall Street Journal co-authored by Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. If that sets off your B.S. alarm, join the club: "Unbanked?" If it reminds you of another open-borders euphemism-- "undocumented"-- there's a reason. Chris Kelly exposes how the push to aid the "unbanked" is a scheme to help banks... Read More
"ENOUGH, I am resigning."
This is a damned shame. Drummed out of office by the ethnic mau-mau-ers because of her affilation with the Minutemen: "The Race" led the witch hunt: Funkhouser in June appointed Semler, a neighborhood association president, to be the sole Northland representative on the five-member park board. The appointment triggered sharp protests from several minority organizations,... Read More
Update 12/31: Lonewacko has reax. *** The Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News carries a lengthy lead editorial extolling the "illegal immigrant" as the 2007 "Texan of the Year." The full piece is here. (hat tip - Freedom Folks and readers). I'll cut to the chase and give you the paper's rather underwhelming,... Read More
Hey, remember that Open Borders 101 high school course I blogged about last week--where the students put themselves in an illegal alien's shoes and were taught how to evade the law and cook up schemes to fraudulently gain legal status, but were never taught to put themselves in the shoes of anyone who has a... Read More
"Now, she told the students, come illegally. Forge your documents, find a way across the border."
Update: Here's the open-borders teacher's blog (hat tip - reader Peter). *** Education tax dollars at work (via the Columbus Dispatch, hat tip - This Goes to 11): The students had a role-play project: assume a Latino identity, build an imaginary life in your home country and develop a workable plan to immigrate to the... Read More
Enforcement starts at home.
Good news for immigration enforcement proponents from Phoenix: But the open-borders lobby will be back, of course: The plaintiffs had asked for a preliminary injunction blocking the law from taking effect. Farrell Quinlan, a spokesman for business groups in the suit, said they planned to file more information with the judge to answer what he... Read More
Dirty little secret. Emphasis on dirty.
You know those hotel workers who are supposedly "doing the jobs Americans won't do?" Looks like one of the jobs the hotel workers won't do is wash dirty glasses properly. MyFoxAtlanta, a local news station in Georgia, went undercover earlier this month to investigate housekeeping sanitary practices at several hotels--and once you watch the results... Read More
(L) Illegal alien drunk driver Juan Manuel Juarez Reyes, Boone, NC, accused of killing a man in a Thanksgiving holiday crash; (R) Jacklin Munguia-Herrera, 5, killed by an illegal alien drunk driving suspect over the Thanksgiving holiday in Oakland, CA Last week, an illegal alien in the desert rescued a boy who was stranded after... Read More
Open-borders militant deportee Elvira Arellano --whom the Associated Press now dubs "a Mexican migrant-rights advocate"--may have been kicked out of the U.S., but that isn't stopping her from continuing to lobby on behalf of illegal aliens still in the U.S. She's been on a hunger strike in Mexico protesting workplace raids in the U.S.: A... Read More
Protesting open borders overseas.
Wonder what open-borders Muslim groups like CAIR think of this tough-on-illegal immigraton op-ed published in Arab View by one Tarik Al Maeena: There is a menace growing rampant right in our midst — the increasing numbers of overstayers and illegal aliens who have taken to the streets and neighborhoods to pursue the art of beggary... Read More
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