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In the land of progressive inteh-LEK-chew-als, it's the Tea Party folks who are crude rubes. Dressing up in colonial costumes is corn pone and low brow. Conservatives and Fox News viewers are uncouth and uneducated. But we're not the ones snickering like Beavis and Butthead at photos of politicians eating corn dogs at state fairs.... Read More
The nutroots have launched a smear campaign against the moderate Democrats who run Hillbuzz. Background from Cynthia Yockey. Hillbuzz responds here: There have been many times in the last two years when we’ve been attacked by the Left, and we’ve thought about just giving all of this up and going back to who we were... Read More
Something horrible happened to Bill Sparkman, who worked part-time as a Census worker in rural southeastern Kentucky. He was found dead. Tied to a tree. Preliminary tests show he died of asphyxiation. But the "cause of Sparkman's death is under investigation, and authorities have not ruled out suicide, an accident or homicide, said Kentucky state... Read More
"...among our prizes is a grand-prize of a trip for two to Honolulu, Hawaii..."
The national media doesn't want to talk about the dominance of conservative books atop the New York Times best-seller list and other national lists. But it's clearly getting under the Left's skin. At HuffPo, a Soros-tied co-author has launched a bid to dislodge conservative authors -- and he's asking for help from every last nutroots... Read More
The far Left Center for American Progress has its tentacles everywhere. I noted in my column on the Internet Snitch Brigade this morning that former CAP operatives have been installed at HHS and work closely with the health care czar. At Newsbusters, Seton Motley reports on the new FCC "Diversity Officer" -- a racial engineering... Read More
Holy nutroots.
Behold the Kossification of the House floor: Transcript: I mentioned Kos's Jesus/Pontius Pilate meme last week. They won't let it go. Bob Owens' rejoinder deserves reprinting: Indeed.
The diseased Left.
My syndicated column today takes a broader view of those suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome and assesses the longtime signs and symptoms of progressive Conservative Female Abuse by the Left. Yes, I speak from personal experience. Been there, done that. See also: Unhinged. See-Dubya blogged over the weekend about the Palin-haters' fake bikini photo mania.... Read More
Liberal tolerance and civility rear their ugly heads again.
The cesspool bubbles again.
Reader Monica M. sent me a link to the Democratic Underground's latest thread for commenters to come up with nicknames and posters to slime GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- and then to "spread [them] all over the 'net." There are now nearly 100 filthy, hate-filled responses and counting. Among the "nicer" entries: "Cruella," "Gidget,"... Read More
Into the abyss once more.
McCain P.O.W. mockery? Check. Hack-edited video? Check. Rampant sexism? Check. Festering conspiracy theories? Check. They can't control themselves. Back off? They just can't.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Every major Democrat presidential candidate has attended the Yearly Kos convention. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid keynoted the nutroots' annual gathering two years ago. Dick Durbin appeared via satellite with the official Senate seal in the background. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat down with the Kossacks and their ilk for a chat at Netroots Nation... Read More
No left-wing mockery allowed!
So, not only are we not allowed to make fun of Barack Obama, but it appears that liberals in the media have also made ridiculing the left-wing blogosphere off-limits. Via Free Republic and Newsbusters comes news that the Austin American Statesman has caved into nutroots pressure to yank a front-page feature poking gentle fun at... Read More
"Did you call your wife a c*nt?"
Crude, dumb, and useless. If they really wanted to push his buttons and address a real policy issue, they would press him hard about his open-borders Hispanic outreach director Juan Hernandez and his anti-assimilation campaign finance co-chair Jerry Perenchio, challenge his coziness with La Raza, and expose his border security double-talk. But they're the nutroots.... Read More
Several readers sent me this Howard Kurtz column in the WaPo today, which mentions that some bitter left-wing blogger , who refers to me as the "slime of the blogosphere," got a hold of a series of e-mails between The New Yorker and me. The e-mail exchange seemed vaguely familiar. Hmmmm. Where have I seen... Read More
Oh, the left-wing bloggers are in high dudgeon over the Democrat debate. How could ABC News do it? Behold the teeth-gnashing. And hair-pulling. And foot-stomping. How dare the ABC moderators ask questions about topics that are, you know, topical? How dare they ask questions that--gasp!--conservatives are asking. How dare they explore questions of character, truthfulness,... Read More
All the misattributions fit to print.
Good morning, people. I've got your second snort-starter of the day. Last month, the Left went nuts after I pointed out Bill Kristol's honest error misattributing a quote from Michael Medved to me. Kristol's detractors treated it like it was journalistic Armageddon. Well, the NYTimes did it again and printed another quote misattributed to me:... Read More
"I want it to be a landslide."
Thought you might be interested in the post-Super Tuesday e-mail Howard Dean is blasting to the nutroots. "Reality-based community?" My foot: Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are done. John McCain will be the Republican nominee -- he's the only one with a reasonable path to the nomination. So how do we beat him? We stand... Read More
Romney Derangement Syndrome.
IMPORTANT NUTROOTS ACTION ALERT: Mitt Romney's taking over Clear Channel!!!!!! Brian Maloney debunks.
Update 1:40pm Eastern. Bruce Kesler discovers that, despite living in one of the highest cost areas of the U.S., San Diego, owning a modest house in a middle-class neighborhood, with substantial equity, he qualifies for S-CHIP. He says no thanks: More: Need vs. want. Update 1:10pm Eastern 10/10. Snort-worthy conspiracy theory of the day...The tinfoil... Read More
"Pro-Military? That's like being Pro-Abortion! Or Pro-chemo-therapy!"
Update 8/6 12:11pm Eastern. La Shawn Barber muses on the sea of middle-aged white males at Ykos. Update 8/6 9:05am Eastern. Must-read of the morning--Rick Moran reflects on his adventure at YKos. He reports on nutroots zeal, the unbearable whiteness of the left-wing blogosphere (and the double standards in making such observations), and concludes with... Read More
My excellent comment moderator Rick Moran responds to nutroots accusations that is a "hate site" based on a few comments. Read the whole thing. I second everything Rick says, and would add a few things: If you're going to get into it, the qualitative difference between blog comments on liberal blogs and my blogs... Read More
Hillary "invests" in Kos. Plus: Breasts Not Bombs crashes Hillary's Bay Area headquarters. Ewwwww.
Update 8:03pm Eastern: On The Factor, Howard Wolfson plugs and accuses him of "smearing" so-called "progressives." O'Reilly reads profane postings about Hillary published on dKos. "I haven't seen those particular posts," Wolfson sputters. Wolfson defends dKos by accusing O'Reilly of "cherry-picking"...there are millions of comments..." O'Reilly: Kos "traffics in hatred." Wolfson: "We're not going... Read More
An "airline," not a "political organization." Update: Video added.
Update: Adding vid of Talking Points Memo... Just got word that JetBlue has asked the YearlyKos organizers to remove its name from the nutroots convention's website. For its sponsorship deal, JetBlue apparently donated 10 travel vouchers to YearlyKos. I understand that there are no plans to revoke the vouchers. O'Reilly will be reacting to the... Read More
Mockery is the best medicine.
Submissions keep coming in, so I'm putting them all here in one place. (Reminder: JetBlue contact info is here. Or e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]) But first, Dean Barnett weighs in on the "stupefying" decision: They deserve all the mockery they get. Favorite so far is this Pshop from reader Mark S.:
***Update: Here's the column....scroll down for excerpt...*** Nutroots target David Broder--new member of the VRWC? Since "Important Action Alert" is trademarked by MyDD, a TPM blogger has issued a "BLOGSWARM ALERT!" rousing the nutroots over a column by diehard liberal David Broder that hasn't even appeared in print yet: So, um, why the "BLOGSWARM ALERT!"?... Read More
For a hearty lunchtime chuckle: Check out my interview with Ron Ott of Coptix, one of the masterminds behind the April Fools' joke that caused a Rove Derangement Syndrome feeding frenzy.
April Fools!
Take a close look at this photo--focus on the folder tucked under Karl Rove's arm and keep a mental note of what's on the TV monitor (big hat tips to Gid and Ace): Now, look at all the heavy breathing from left-wing blogs about the name on the folder, "Coptix:" Daily Kos Guerilla Women TN... Read More
...but HuffPo and Co. only complain when it's directed at themselves. No mention of hate-monger Jane Hamsher's "b**ch is dead meat" and "sandpaper sn**ch" attacks on Kate O'Beirne. No mention of other "feminist" attacks on independent-minded (read: non-left) bloggers--a phenomenon Dr. Helen noted here. And, of course, no mention of this or this. Some women... Read More
Millions of viewers won't watch the Democrats debate on Fox News, according to This is victory? *** Will the Congressional Black Caucus cave, too? Update - ICN has a statement: *** Previous: John Edwards will skip Fox News debate Nutroots action alert Fox News Derangement Syndrome Alert
They still hate Fox News. And they're stepping up the pressure on Harry Reid to cave in to their anti-FNC campaign in Nevada. *** Previous: Fox News Derangement Syndrome Alert
Patterico eviscerates a nutroots leader: This is gonna leave a mark. *Seems to be down. But keep checking back. It's worth it.
The Daily Kos declares war over the Nevada Democratic Party's choice of Fox News--get out the smelling salts!--to host the Democrats' first presidential debate in August. Greg Tinti observes: There's even a petition to "freeze out Fox News:" Yes. Put it on MSNBC or the progressive blogs. Get the lowest possible audience possible. Brilliant! That... Read More
From John Edwards' blog: I'm with Allah: And with Bryan: Meanwhile, the
The Lamonties are not happy. May I be the first to say: Boo-freakin-hoo.
Clintonite Lanny Davis writes in the Wall Street Journal on the vile bile of the Lamont Left: This kind of scary hatred, my dad used to tell me, comes only from the right wing--in his day from people such as the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, with his tirades against "communists and their fellow travelers." The... Read More
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