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North Korea

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Nothing to see here, move along: Via Google News/AP. *** Meanwhile, Iran blows off the Nobel Appease Prize-winning Obama administration and plays beat the clock: Iran dismissed on Monday a U.S. warning that major powers would not wait forever for Tehran to prove it was not developing nuclear bombs, saying any threats or deadlines would... Read More
American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee have landed in California after former president Bill Clinton's meeting in North Korea with Kim Jong Il. I'm glad they are home. I'll leave you with this passage from the wire report preceding their arrival: Their expected arrival was a jubilant conclusion to a more than four-month ordeal... Read More
Because they can: Yonhap says they're Scuds. Did President Obama's phone ring yet? Please pick up the red courtesy phone (Photoshop credit: *** Update: 7 total.
Good morning, people. How about some missile tests with your coffee:
News from North Korea: Because "Special Master" was already taken. And yes, this will make you chuckle:
Please pick up the red courtesy phone (Photoshop credit: I blogged back in March about the plight of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two American journalists working for Al Gore's Current TV who were seized by NoKo soldiers after crossing the border illegally into the country from China while on assignment. The Yonhap news... Read More
Please pick up the red courtesy phone (Photoshop credit: Joe Biden said our unseasoned Dear Leader would soon be tested. The time is here and now. North Korea tonight has abandoned a 1953 ceasefire and is preparing the peninsula for war in the wake of South Korea's decision to side with an anti-proliferation coalition... Read More
Another North Korean missile launch... And more feckless declarations in the works: They'll get around to expres
In response to North Korea's willful violation of a toothless U.N. Security Council resolution, the panel quickly passed...yet another toothless U.N. Security Council resolution. It is Monty Python's world, and we are all just living in it. Fetch the comfy chair! We all know the answer, but William A. Jacobson has an excellent post asking... Read More
Gird your loins, as they say: (via AFP) Earthquake sensors picked up the activity. Asian markets are down. Tensions are high: The North’s official news agency, KCNA, said the country had conducted an “underground “ nuclear test. The announcement came moments a
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