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Decode this.
No, they wouldn't be calling it "art." It would be another sign of "insane rage" and "violent escalation of rhetoric." And: RAAAAAAACISM. But string up a mannequin of Sarah Palin from a rope, and it's just all in good Halloween fun. Related: Severed head of Bush, anyone? Just more cheeky humor from the unhinged Left.
The "B" stands for bogus.
Can I say I told you so? I've covered hate crimes hoaxes long enough to know one when I smell one. Those of you who trashed me in comments might want to think twice before doubting my instincts next time. And those of you on the left who are now so interested in debunking despicable... Read More
Grain of salt.
Scroll down for updates..."Police planned to administer a polygraph test to Ashley Todd, 20, because her statements about the attack conflict with evidence from the Citizens Bank ATM where she claims the incident occurred, police said"...and more below on following her MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook trails...10/24...more fishiness...10/24 3:26pm Eastern....HOAXER CONFESSES Throughout my career, I've covered... Read More
The latest twist in the still-unresolved Columbia noose case finds the university dealing with a litigious headache. Live by grievance politics, die by grievance politics. Professor Madonna Constantine, whom administrators initially rallied behind after she claimed she had been racially targeted, has now belatedly been fired after the school found her guilty of plagiarism. You'll... Read More
Hoax crimes on campus.
I wrote a special column for the NYPost today on the Columbia University noose case. Read it here. My conclusion: There's definitely a book to be written someday on the phenomenon of hoax crimes.
Whipping it up.
The NYPost's Murray Weiss has the scoop and it won't surprise you if you've been following my coverage (hat tip - reader Danny): A Manhattan grand jury has subpoenaed the university records of the controversial black Columbia Teachers College professor who found a noose hanging from her office door - signaling that the investigation is... Read More
Sista, sista.
When is lynching rhetoric acceptable? Newsbusters recounts recent kerfuffles over noose references and finds that it's only okay when it comes out of the mouth of a black Hillary Clinton demagogue. Witness Ohio Democrat Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones: Tubbs Jones, by the way, is the sycophant who calls Hillary her "sista." And sistas gotta look... Read More
Ivy League laughingstock.
Can Columbia University become any more of an academic embarrassment? I noted last week that in the wake of the still-unsolved noose crime, the race-mongering Columbia noose prof had been sanctioned for two dozen instances of plagiarism. Not enough to get her fired from one of the nation's most prestigious universities. Just enough to earn... Read More
It smells.
Scroll down for updates... We still don't know who hung the noose at the office of Columbia University professor of psychology and education Madonna Constantine. It remains one of the notable unsolved mysteries of 2007. But now we know something about Constantine. According to a new report by the Columbia Spectator student publication, Constantine has... Read More
"Reverend, it's good to see you."
President Bush spoke today at a Black History Month event and condemned a spate of high-profile, noose-hanging incidents. He is right to condemn bona fide cases of racism. He should have also condemned opportunist race-hustlers and fraudsters. One of the noose-hanging cases in Baltimore turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a black firefighter.... Read More
No news.
The Columbia Spectator student newspaper followed up on the school's hanging noose mystery (hat tip - reader Danny). Still no news despite an intense police investigation and massive media attention. Yes, it smells: The New York Police Department’s hate crimes task force continues to investigate the Oct. 9 hate crime at Teachers College but remains... Read More
My nominee for the year's number one unsolved mystery: Who hung the noose at Columbia University? Still no suspects. Still no release of security video. A look back at an ABC/GMA interview with the Columbia professor who was the alleged hate crime target: And here's a reminder of the innocent professor who was unfairly smeared... Read More
"Threats and racial attacks are unacceptable anywhere."
The black youth mob assault on a white, homeless bus passenger remains a hot-button topic in Baltimore. The local Fox affiliate had an exclusive interview with the beating victim, Sarah Kreager. She details how the accused assailants called her and her boyfriend "white crackers" and "white m-f-ers. According to the report, wounds on her head... Read More
Free the tapes!
Update: A new story in the Batimore Sun this morning reveals that a widely reported noose in Baltimore was a hoax--most likely perpetrated to distract from a cheating scandal... <blockquoteA firefighter who reported finding a knotted rope and a threatening note with a drawing of a noose in an East Baltimore station house last month... Read More
And then there were none.
***See update*** *** Following on the heels of the Denver diversity debacle, here's another p.c. brouhaha of the day (via the Cincinatti Enquirer, hat tip - OrbusMax): A widely performed school play has been canceled by Lakota officials after a recent meeting with a local NAACP official. The internationally acclaimed play - Agatha Christie's "Ten... Read More
Unsolved mystery.
I last wrote about the Columbia U. noose case five days ago, when the NYSun reported that the university had belatedly sent out words of public support to an innocent professor who had been unjustly tied to the racial incident. What's the latest? There have been copycat cases and the anti-noose legislation juggernaut rolls on.... Read More
"What took them so long."
Have you been wondering what's happening with the Columbia University noose incident? Me, too. I missed the New York Sun's report earlier this week about an unjustly accused professor whom the school failed to support even after she had been cleared of any wrongdoing. You probably missed it, too. Left hung out to dry, Ms.... Read More
Schumer smears again.
Update 11:43am Eastern The nomination is confirmed, 59-38. Update 11:35am Eastern. The final vote on confirmation is now underway. Stand by. Update 11:27am Eastern. Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, and the smear merchants have failed. The motion to invoke cloture passes 62-35. The Associated Press's take: No, the Democrats' history of demagogic race-hustling
Update 7:40pm Eastern. And now...anti-Semitic graffiti found in a Columbia bathroom stall: Dare I question the timing? Must be all those evil racist Minutemen infiltrating campus, right? Bathroom stalls and racist graffiti. Rings a dubious bell. Update 6:55pm Eastern. Wow. This story gets ever more interesting. NYDN now reports: After stonewalling cops for more than... Read More
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