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Nobel Peace Prize

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"Doing my laundry. That's a Peace Prize."
Steven Crowder, you're a RAAAAAAACIST. No Peace Prize for you!
Read, print and pass it on.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama cut his teeth in community organizing at Chicago public housing project Altgeld Gardens. Obama exaggerated his role as an activist at Altgeld Gardens, according to a 2007 LATimes report quoting other community organizers, and left behind more failure than success, according to this 2008 Boston Globe report: Twenty miles... Read More
The Twitter hashtag of the day is #nobelol (started by Andy Levy) -- for Twitter users from the left, right, and center laughing out loud at Barack Obama's receipt of a Nobel Peace Prize he himself says he doesn't deserve. There's already a bumper sticker via College Politico: The worldwide derision has a Democratic National... Read More
The president will receive $1.4 million from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee for not achieving anything concrete. He will receive $1.4 million for an award he himself says he doesn't deserve. What should he do with the cash? The field is all yours. *** One reader e-mails: "Remember the neglected school in Kenya named after... Read More
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