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Mike Wallace

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Katie Couric pays tribute to anti-gun, Bush-bashing zealot Mike Wallace, who is retiring from 60 Minutes. Giggled Couric this morning: He's "studly." Ick. Download and watch the clip (.wmv file). Hat tip: Allah Pundit and Newsbusters
Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace reportedly says his father, veteran CBS News anchor Mike Wallace, has "lost it." Yowch. *** Previous: Keep a close eye on Mike Wallace The bias of Mike Wallace
Watch him Vaughn Ververs has a follow-up on Mike Wallace's appearance at an anti-gun Brady Center event late last month. Ververs responded to an inquiry from blogger/radio host Cam Edwards, who blew the whistle. Ververs was initially quick to back up Wallace and CBS, but now he is less satisfied: We were asked what... Read More
A picture's worth a thousand words blogger/radio host Cam Edwards wondered why CBS News allowed 60 Minutes host Mike Wallace to appear at an anti-gun Brady Center event late last month. Edwards describes the appearance: Edwards sent a letter to the CBS News blog asking about the network's ethics and disclosure policies governing such... Read More
...goes to CBS News's Mike Wallace (scroll down). What is it with people who can't wait in line? *** Previous: Battle of the Beltway Buttinskis
Browsing through the "New Non-Fiction" section at my local Borders today, I came across the following cover: Yes, believe your eyes! It's the latest publication from the trustworthy narrators of history at CBS News--who are cravenly attempting to cash in on President Reagan's death in time for the holiday book-buying season. I just about spit... Read More
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