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Michael Chertoff

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Lettucehead alert.
Is anyone surprised by the news that illegal aliens were cleaning DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's home? (link) Not if you are a long-time reader who remembers my reporting from five years ago on Kelvin Rodriguez. Illegal aliens in the front yards of America's top officials? Par for the open-borders course.
The thanks we get.
Before I tell you about the latest outrage from the Mexican government, bear all this in mind for context: President Bush pushed for the $1.3 billion Merida Initiative to help our "friends" in Mexico fight crime and secure their southern border while our fences go unfinished. He sided with Mexico . Barack Obama and John... Read More
Profile this.
It's a match-up of morons vs. moron. Grievance-mongering minorities in Congress lambasted DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff today for not hiring more womyn and People of Color. The incompetents and cronies in upper management at the beleaguered DHS aren't diverse enough, they thundered. Comedy gold. Where are the black, brown, red, and yellow faces? Where are... Read More
Back in November, when the latest Julie Myers fiasco broke out, I said I had no tears for her. She's the crony DHS head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau whose unpreparedness for the job I've spotlighted repeatedly over the years. When word spread about her photo-op at a Halloween party with a politically... Read More
You don't say!
Hey, look! Someone got DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff a clue for Christmas. A year after he crusaded for the McCain-Bush-Kennedy-Grahamnesty bill and showed more concern for illegal alien lettuce pickers than broken borders and immigration chaos, he is finally coming around to the view that maybe, just maybe, we're not taking homeland security seriously enough.... Read More
"Coming clean."
Update 2:00pm EasternThe NYPost compiles Kerik's "rap sheet:" Update 1:30pm Eastern Kerik pleads not guilty. Here's the PDF of the indictment. Update 12:04pm Eastern. Kerik facing a cumulative 142 years in jail. Rudy Giuliani in the wake of the indictment news: “I am not running as the perfect candidate.” "Sad day," prosecutors say. Update 11:30am... Read More
Fraudulent Emergency Mismanagement Asshats.
Update 10/29 8:23am Eastern. Monday morning and the FEMA photoshop fun continues... From Potfry at The Nose on Your Face... And from DelosWorld: Satirist Scott Ott has a sneak peek at FEMA's fabricated folly to come: Next, FEMA Plans to Stage “Natural” Disasters. Wouldn't put it past them. Update 8:07pm Eastern 10/28. Another FEMA photoshop... Read More
Don't let the door...
Bumped...Originally posted August 27, 2007 @ 08:20... *** Update 11pm Eastern 8/27 : The Democrat probes will continue. Update 11:52am Eastern. Bush is lauding Gonzales for his "integrity, decency, and principle." "Trusted adviser and close friend...After months of unfair treatment that has created harmful distraction at the Justice Dept, Gonzales decided to [resign]...It's sad that...his... Read More
Chertie has chosen to lie in bed with the very people who make a living intimidating and suing vigilant Americans who...
An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London was diverted early this morning to New York over security concerns about a Middle Eastern passenger: The crew member aboard Flight 136 questioned a passenger whom the employee had seen bypassing security by traveling on an employee-only bus from the parking lot to the LAX airport,... Read More
Update: 7/11 11:15am: Chertoff forgot to share his tummy troubles with the White House, which denies there's any emergency meeting about an increased threat of attack. Buffoonery: " U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had told the Chicago Tribune's editorial board his "gut feeling" was that the United States faced an increased risk of attack... Read More
Keeping tabs on the head of the Department of Homeland Insecurity: He's off to Dearbornistan for a private meeting with...
When he's not maligning immigration enforcement proponents or fretting about lettuce-pickers, DHS chief Michael Chertoff spends his time...rubbing elbows with shady imams: Husham Al-Husainy. Does the name ring a bell? If so, you've been paying attention to Debbie Schlussel's reporting. Too bad Michael Chertoff hasn't been doing the same. Schlussel writes today: As you'll recall,... Read More
Update: Chertoff plays down report of imminent al Qaeda attack. Plays up shortage of lettuce pickers. And here's more Chertoff finger-wagging. *** Actions have consequences. One of the negative consequences of the Department of Homeland Security's push for shamnesty is its shrinking credibility. From the dog-and-pony show raids before shamnesty hit the Senate floor to... Read More
Name-calling Michael Chertoff decries name-calling by exclamation point-wielding bloggers.
The White House thinks we're stupid. DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff thinks we suffer from short-term memory loss. Check out the transcript of Chertoff's remarks yesterday at a breakfast with the Christian Science Monitor: Question: Do you think the comments in the blogosphere or on talk radio make it more difficult for members to come to... Read More
Click for our report: He says, "Get real." We say: Get a clue. *** Related: Hugh Hewitt's interview with Chertoff earlier this week. If Chertoff makes the Sunday rounds, will someone please ask him about his smearing of immigration enforcement proponents and expressed contempt for grass-roots conservatives. Please?
This is Manuel Flores. He is an illegal alien fugitive from the law. He is accused of raping and sodomizing his girlfriend's nine-year-old daughter. Nine-year-old daughter. Manuel Flores is free, reportedly headed back to Mexico, because federal immigration officials screwed up, according to a local Denver report. I linked to this story earlier today, but... Read More
7:35pm Eastern update: Here's the cloture vote. I'll be guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor tonight and tomorrow night. We'll be covering the immigration debate wall-to-wall. Catch the show at 8pm Eastern. *** Here's your lunchtime blood-boiler: Video of the Michael Chertoff comment I mentioned this morning. Chertoff's playing from the same demonization handbook Linsday Graham is... Read More
Legal Affairs has unveiled a poll asking readers to name "the country's most influential and important legal thinkers�the ones whose ideas are pushing the law forward (or backward, as the case may be)." The magazine lists 125 academics, judges, and writers/commentators. To compile the list of legal academics, the editors say they relied on rankings... Read More
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