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And I've got a hangnail!
The Washington Post sends a reporter to cover President Bush's Middle East trip and what does he do? What important breaking news does he file? He writes 851 words about Maureen Dowd's stomach bug and how a White House doctor was kind enough to treat her. He gave her Pepto-Bismol. I think you'll needs some,... Read More
The title of his latest post: "The arrogant and intolerant speak out." He's talking about you, not himself:
Debra Burlingame speaks for me: We now have the ability to put remote control cameras on the surface of Mars. Why should we allow enemies to annihilate us simply because we lack the clarity or resolve to strike a reasonable balance between a healthy skepticism of government power and the need to take proactive measures... Read More
Take an Antacid and watch the clip (.wmv file). Brad Wilmouth at Newsbusters has the full transcript and more: So, the "right wing would come down so hard on him and overpunish him," eh, Maureen? Sort of like this: The President was asked before the Starr grand jury about Robert Bennett's assertio
Take a close look at the protest banner held up by a petulant bunch of Georgetown University kids who disrupted a speech by Attorney General Al Gonzales defending the NSA's terrorist surveillance program yesterday: Notice anything missing? The Ben Franklin quote that has been so misused and abused by the civil liberties absolutists since Sept.... Read More
On Friday, Editor and Publisher hyped this Sunday NYTimes magazine piece by Michael Crowley about the influence of conservative vs. liberal blogs. Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman offer stiff competition on a weekly basis, but Crowley's embarrassing little squib (283 words) has to be one of most insipid, shallow, and uninformed wastes of space to... Read More
Dr. Helen dispenses some sage advice for Maureen Dowd and her bitter ilk. Dr. Sanity assesses the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Left.
My new column on the boneheaded Julie Myers nomination is up. The Roanoke Times weighs in against the nomination. Maureen Dowd tries to do her best impression of a liberal who cares about border security. No need to pay or register. Just look at the headline and summary. And via AP, there's this news of... Read More
Hot off the press: the latest fabrications from the Associated Press and the New York Times. *** Related: - The Dowdifier strikes again - AP: John McCain is "front-runner" for GOP nomination - The Associated Press and its sources - The Associated Press makes it up - The crowd that didn't boo - Associated Press... Read More
Stephen Spruiell at The Media Blog catches Maureen Dowd monkeying around with Don Rumsfeld's remarks at a press briefing yesterday. (Here's her Dowdification of President Bush, via Bob Cox at The National Debate, which caused the NYTimes to revamp its correction policy.) Rumsfeld's full remarks are here. For the straight scoop and informed analysis of... Read More
*scroll down for updates* Anti-war activists and far-left organizations have been galvanized by Cindy Sheehan's continuing protest outside President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch. has hopped on the bandwagon with a newspaper ad and Internet campaign. Air America hosts, all too happy to talk about something other than their own unpleasant political and financial woes,... Read More
Maureen Dowd's tribute to her mother is a beautiful and transcendent piece of writing. Condolences to the family. Nick Kristof's powerful column taking the MSM to task for ignoring the genocide is Darfur is also a must-read. Yes, I'm feeling okay.
Stephen Spruiell at The Media Blog highlights the new Pew Research survey showing the American public's dissatisfaction with MSM coverage of the military. Writes Spruiell: The New York Times now acknowledges its shortcomings. According to E&P, executive editor Bill Keller has announced a new "diversity" initiative: The aim
Maureen Dowd is washed up, burnt out, and tired of the competition. Don't take my word for it. Take hers! The Salt Lake Tribune reports: Like I said before: Who needs Maureen Dowd? *** Related: See Lorie Byrd's excellent piece on women in the blogosphere. Another cause for MoDo's despair: the raucous, witty, talented,... Read More
Maureen Dowd writes this week about the right-thinking members of her family. Check out this e-mail she says her brother, Kevin, who lives here in my neighborhood (Montgomery County, Md.), sent out after the election: People often ask me why President Bush inspires such passionate support. My brother Kevin, a salesman who lives in Montgomery... Read More
Lots of readers are asking me to comment on the Virginian-Pilot's decision to drop my syndicated column. The most amusing thing is that the paper's decision was news at all. I've been nationally syndicated for five years now, and papers come and go routinely. I've been fortunate over the years to have gained far more... Read More
Over the weekend, Maureen Dowd demonstrated just how out of touch the MSM is with political reality in her column attacking Karl Rove. She cast him as a disgruntled nerd, avenging his Kennedy-era high school grievances against liberals by pandering aggressively to backward evangelicals in support of President Bush. The truth? It's much, much closer... Read More
So, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd writes that America is heading back to the Dark Ages, as the Bush Administration rushes to replace science with religion: That comment about leeches is supposed to be a snort line at the expense of us religious Neanderthals. But the joke is on Dowd. The hard science bureaucrats... Read More
The gentlemen of Power Line are absolutely right: What happened to Ann Coulter last week was not funny. Leftists greeted the news that two men attacked her during a University of Arizona college speaking event with glee, ridicule, and misogynist gloating. (Dan Flynn notes that this isn't the first time Coulter has been physically attacked.)... Read More
Well, Teresa Heinz Kerry's subdued act didn't last long did it? By now, you've all read Her Highness's condescending remarks about our First Lady Laura Bush. Teresa's boneheaded ""apology" was even worse than the initial comments. Teresa managed to snub not only millions of teachers and librarians and Mrs. Bush's 22 years of work as... Read More
How much more Democrat hate can you take? First, Jeff Danziger strikes out at Condi Rice with the most heinous political cartoon of the year. And now this disgusting campaign flyer from Tennessee Democrats (hat tip: Traditional Values Coalition): Maureen Dowd no doubt approves. Update: According to TVC, the person responsible for the flyer is... Read More
The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill has protested the NY Times crossword puzzle, Fox News, and the Crazy Eddie advertising campaign for discriminating against mentally ill patients. We'll be checking in to see if NAMI condemns Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards' latest remarks about crazy people. Update: A reader steams...
A subtle but telling example of media bias: Just before I arrived in Berkeley, a headline in the news section of the San Francisco Chronicle referred to me as a "right-wing pundit." In last night's speech I mused that if New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd came to the Bay Area, no Chronicle headline would... Read More
The FBI is damned if it tries to gather intelligence, and damned if it doesn't. Its agents are damned as bigots when they attempt the most modest of surveillance measures based on race, religion, or other politically incorrect criteria, and they are damned as bumblers when they fail to act on information gathered through those... Read More
The word is out about my new book, In Defense of Internment: The Case for "Racial Profiling" in World War II and the War on Terror. I've been keeping it under wraps over the past year as I quietly toiled away in the wee hours of the morning, but since Instapundit kindly mentioned receiving the... Read More
Maureen Dowd column recipe: 1)Recycle latest Bush-bashing liberal talking points 2)Season with Ali G transcript excerpts, for "freshness" 3)Chill Serves 2. See May 7, 2002: Is You Wicked? and July 22, 2004: Right Axis. Wrong Evil (registration required). See also Cathy Seipp's monthly MoDo Watch at the Inkwell and a flashback to Josh Chafetz's Immutable... Read More
A public confession: I have long had an intellectual crush on Mark Steyn. (My husband is okay with it--just as long as he gets to rave about the gorgeous Kim Serafin without me complaining.) Anyway, I call the attention of all fellow Steyn lovers to this flaccid, attempted hit piece on Mr. Steyn. All you... Read More
What on earth is the point of this?! And why will this worldwide waste of trees be a best-seller?
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