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Matricula Consula

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Is GOP ready for Obama's Attorney General fight? by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 Gird your loins, Beltway Republicans. Election Day is barely over, but the progressive left is locked and loaded for battle over President Obama's next U.S. attorney general. Liberals unhappy with the administration's failure to deliver a mass illegal alien amnesty... Read More
Yes, they did.
I wish I were kidding. But this is all-too-common: Yeah. And maybe the Bush Treasury Department will start cracking down on illegal alien matricula consular cards that undermine security. Guffaw. *** Flashback: Suspected illegal alien was working as police officer.
Call 911.
I know. I'm just a "hater" for breathing a word about this story, but here's a look at an illegal alien police impersonator nabbed by a very brave young woman who practiced the culture of self-defense: What would
Dick Lamm (left); Mike McGarry of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (center) and me, Jan. 8, 2003, Denver, Colorado. I have had the pleasure of speaking and debating alongside former Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm. In Colorado five years ago, we took on an open-borders contingent that was pushing for the illegal alien ID card... Read More
Arnie and Billy Jeff team up.
There's an op-ed today in the Wall Street Journal co-authored by Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. If that sets off your B.S. alarm, join the club: "Unbanked?" If it reminds you of another open-borders euphemism-- "undocumented"-- there's a reason. Chris Kelly exposes how the push to aid the "unbanked" is a scheme to help banks... Read More
A few items for you this morning on our leading GOP immigration drag queens running for president. First up: Video of Mayor Rudy Giuliani boasting that NYC is "quite tolerant of undocumented immigration and this shouldn't surprise you because I've been mayor of this city a long time and outspoken on this issue even nationally,... Read More
Update: Romney vs. Giuliani on immigration enforcement. Ask them where they stand on the Bush Treasury Department's approval of the matricula consular card. *** You know I'm happy to bash San Francisco when the moonbatty town deserves it, which is often, but you'll pardon me for not getting overly worked up over the Bay Area... Read More
Here's our second Hot Air video report from CPAC--An interview with Newt Gingrich during his visit to bloggers' row. Topics covered: illegal and legal immigration, the Diversity Visa Lottery (he'd kill it), Visa Express and Saudi visas, the matricula consular card (he said he doesn't know about it), the war, and defeating Hillary Clinton. My... Read More
Video: Dennis Miller cashes out of Bank of America in protest of its new credit card program for illegal immigrants. Baltimore Sun: "At face value the program seems to be problematic," said Russ Knocke, a department spokesman. "It seems to be lending itself to possibilities of perpetrating identity theft or creating more risk for money... Read More
I've noted many times that Big Business on the right is as much to blame for rampant illegal immigration as the open-borders multiculturalists on the left. Case in point via the open-borders WSJ: As U.S. leaders craft policies to curb illegal immigration from Mexico, the U.S. Federal Reserve is devising programs to extend banking services... Read More
President Bush likes to talk tough about how he supports the use of a "tamper-proof ID card" as part of his "comprehensive immigration reform plan" to ensure that illegal aliens are who they say they are. Ha ha ha. As I have noted many times, the Bush Treasury Department ignored the pleas and warnings of... Read More
***scroll for updates*** The Department of Homeland Security is working overtime to quell citizen outrage over the Border Patrol/Mexico/Minutemen story. The contradictory spin doctors are not doing a very good job. I'll have more in a moment. But now is a crucial time to step back and look at this disturbing episode in a larger,... Read More
The White House is webcasting the President's speech paying lip service to immigration enforcement now. Liveblogging... Most ridiculous line so far: Introducing his temporary "guest worker" plan by saying we need to "bring workers out of the shadows and reject amnesty." More tough talk: Those who enter our country illegally violate the law. To keep... Read More
John and Ken of KFI radio in Los Angeles have posted an op-ed by Rep. David Drier on their web site in which Drier states, As Lonewacko observes, this is complete nonsense. The fact is matricula consular cards are widely available to illegal immigrants. VDARE columnist Allan Wall explains, No doubt that the Mexican consular... Read More
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