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Mark Sanford

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He lied to his family. He lied to his staff. He lied to his constituents. He manipulated government officials and abused taxpayer funds. He took a defiant stand against being "railroaded." But he's the one responsible for building the tracks to disaster himself. Half of his state wants him out of office. But Marshall C.... Read More
My opinion of Mark Sanford is well-known. So is my repeated call for him to go away and quick. It's taken too long, but South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has finally asked the lying liar to step down -- and state House Republicans are meeting this weekend to discuss impeachment: Lt. Gov. [Andre Bauer]... Read More
Ever since we saw Up, our family has made a game of giving out "Cone of Shame" awards. Thought it would make a great blog feature, too. The inaugural award winners: Barbara Boxer, for last week's naked display of liberal condescension, vapidity, and tone-deafness in her "I've got a black person's report right here!" rejoinder... Read More
The Palmetto Scoop reports tonight that the South Carolina GOP voted to censure lying, lovesick Gov. Mark Sanford: "In the end, 22 voted to censure Sanford, 10 thought he should resign, and nine supported no action against the governor." As you all know, I'm in the PLEASE GO NOW camp. Full story here. Text of... Read More
The GOP's lovesick puppy tells another lie, breaks another promise. Via AP, Mark Sanford's vow-breaking is a bad habit: Like I said this morning: Lying Sanford’s days are numbered. Hurry up. Someone needs to stage an intervention, stat. *** Guess what? Sanford had a book deal in the works before Maria-gate hit. Maybe he's hanging... Read More
Please. Go. Now.
I said what I had to say yesterday ("Dear Mark Sanford: Buy a one-way ticket to Argentina already and be gone.") The writing's on the wall. What's it going to take? Is he going to wait until one of the other women he "crossed the line with" comes forward to provide all the explicit details?... Read More
Sex, lies, and tears.
I am getting almost as sick and tired of the never-ending Sanford circus as I am of the never-ending Jacko circus. The mistress says she's "hurt." The adulterous governor can't stop yammering about God and the Bible. And now there's more sex, lies, and tears: I found this passage in Cheaty McCheater's latest online apology... Read More
Rat race.
Photoshop: The People's Cube Ew. Just ew. Elliot Spitzer gets all high and mighty over the Sanford scandal. He's never learned to get off his high horse. Via the NYPost: Right. He didn't waste time with gooey love notes. He just handed his prostitutes cold hard cash and willfully broke the law. Mrs. Spitzer was... Read More
Unlike other self-esteem-lacking wives of cheaters, Jenny Sanford shows real courage, class, and dignity in her statement to the press -- and in her decision NOT to stand by her adulterous husband at his public confession. Godspeed, Mrs. Sanford. Via McClatchy: I would like to start by saying I love my husband and I believe... Read More
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