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Let's Roll

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Fighter Meet 11-year-old Xochil Garcia and read this story: Street-smart 4-foot-5 girl fights off 6-foot-2 kidnap suspect, helps in arrest. After the kidnapper attempted to escape, Xochil still didn't go g
My column this week: There's no polite way or time to say it: American college and universities have become coddle industries. Big Nanny administrators oversee speech codes, segregrated dorms, politically correct academic departments, and designated "safe spaces" to protect students selectively from hurtful (conservative) opinions—while allowing mob rule for approved leftist positions (textbook case: Columbia... Read More
Answer: It became "Let's Roll Over." Dean Barnett compares the United 93 revolt and the British Royal Navy rollover: Related: The stoicism of Adm. Stockdale.
2,996: Who are you remembering? The time of notification of the crash of United 93 into a field at Shanksville, Pa., was 10:15 am Eastern. Who can forget: "Let's roll!" United 93 passenger and crew list in extended entry: UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93 United Airlines Flight 93, from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California,... Read More
My latest column, "Monumental surrender," on the Flight 93 Memorial controversy, bubbling in the blogosphere for nearly a week, is up: I focus not only on the use of the red crescent, but also the overall tone and intent of architect Paul Murdoch's design: Funded with a mix of public money and private cash (including... Read More
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