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Larry Craig

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Ugh. Nooooooooooo. Larry Craig and his supporters are stuck on stupid.
Update 9/5 9:20am Eastern. Have you heard this? Idaho Statesman explains: U.S. Sen. Larry Craig says he might reconsider his decision to resign if he clears his name in his arrest for disorderly conduct in a restroom sex scandal. That’s why Craig chose his words carefully during his resignation speech Saturday in Boise, according to... Read More
Update: Here's the vid. Scroll down for more comment. *** Quick and scripted, here a few rough notes on Larry Craig's press conference, just ended: "I apologize for what I have caused. I am deeply sorry. I have little control over what people choose to pursue my legal options as I continue to serve... Read More
Larry Craig resignation countdown clock. Tick, tick, tick.
Update 9/1 10:30am. 12:30pm press conference scheduled today. Idaho Statesman reports the presser will take place at the Boise Depot. Update 7pm Eastern. Via the Idaho Statesman... Here's the resignation ultimatum from the GOP. Update 11:30am Eastern. Poll results so far... I think the clear message to the GOP here is that the sooner Sen.... Read More
Lying crapweasel. Plus, take the poll: Should he resign?
Update 5:15pm Eastern. Here's the full statement on Craig's site. He's not just a lying crapweasel. He's a supremely arrogant, lying crapweasel. Blaming the press. Non-apology apologizing. How do you spell creep? C-r-a-i-g. Update 4:30pm Eastern press conference scheduled. Here's the vid. Update 1:30pm Eastern 8/28. The poll results so far... *** Update: The Idaho... Read More
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