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***Watch the vid*** Michael Steele is burning up the campaign trail and the airwaves. The GOP Senate candidate and Maryland Lt. Gov. took his clue-by-four to the Washington Post on Fox News Sunday. Responding to a WaPo editorial attempting to paint him as the "establishment" candidate, Steele upbraided the smug punditocracy with his trademark anti-establishment... Read More
***1:00pm Eastern update: Cardin-Steele in a statistical dead heat...*** Here is a very telling campaign moment you won't read about in the New York Times. Yesterday, Democrat Rep. Ben Cardin, the Senate candidate in Maryland, tried to rally black politicians to his side after GOP challenger Michael Steele won huge endorsements from black Democrats in... Read More
The guys at HA have it covered tonight.
Hot Air's Ian Schwartz was in Baltimore tonight and captured video of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons' endorsement of GOP Senate candidate Michael Steele. It's a highly significant event for the Steele campaign. Steele and Simmons became friends a few years ago "because the two share interests in minority entrepreneurship and housing," reports WJLA. The Washington... Read More
Headline in the Washington Times today: So, what else is new? Well, apparently Latino liberal actor John Leguizamo is dissing Hispanic Republicans along the same lines. At the DNC fund-raising hate-a-thon in New York last week, he jibed: ""A Latino voting for a Republican is like a roach voting for raid." (Hat tip: Rightwingduck) All... Read More
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