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Katie Couric

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"Family first" for thee, but not for she.
My syndicated column today picks up on Obama official Howard Gutman's odious comments on the Laura Ingraham show last week and applies his standard to working mothers in the liberal media elite. *** Sisterhood of the Protected Female Liberal Journalists by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2008 Sisterhood of the protected female liberal journalist Let's... Read More
"Do the pike thing."
You were warned.
Criticizing Katie Couric is fun, easy, and always good for some red meat-feasting. I've done plenty of it and it's almost always deserved. But this time I'm not going to add my voice to those haranguing her for her decision to go to Iraq. Not yet, anyway. Conservatives frequently criticize TV personalities for not taking... Read More
The Associated Press controversy over its six burning Sunnis story is not just about AP. It's a burning credibility crisis that stretches from Pallywood to the Fauxtography scandal and beyond. Milblogger Greyhawk takes on the Times' Ed Wong and his reporting in Hurriya. Greyhawk zeroes in on this paragraph: Apparently a separate incident from the... Read More
I'm blogging from the road (don't worry, Bryan Preston is driving) on our way back from a Michael Steele campaign event. We'll have an interview with him posted tomorrow at Hot Air. The GOP candidate was endorsed by a passionate, bipartisan group of pastors--several of whom made a point of declaring "I am a registered... Read More
I haven't been a regular prime-time evening news viewer in years. Decades, it seems. Katie Couric isn't going to change that. I'll tune in to see Rush Limbaugh on Thursday, and then tune out after that. Rush talked about his role on the CBS Evening News this afternoon and why he accepted Couric's invitation: Early... Read More
Mary Katharine Ham is fed up with guy bloggers having all the fun. So for all the ladies in the house: Man Candy. Free market think tank types want in on the action, too. They are actually holding a contest to vote for the "most beautiful policy people." I link, you decide. Dan Riehl and... Read More
Remember the anti-war "hunger strike?" You know, the one that allows you to consume sherbet-loaded Jamba Juice, ice cream, and coffee? Well, Smash reports another staple of the moonbat deprivation plan: Beer! Wonder if Katie Couric has been "fasting" on the Cindy Sheehan plan, too?
Via Drudge comes this report that a CBS News local station in Minneapolis confiscated the pen of a local blogger covering Katie Couric's Meet The Little People tour: Funny enough, the almost-banned blogger was softer on Katie than the local MSM rag, the Star Tribune, which covered Couric's "well-oiled machine:" It was a well-orchestrated media... Read More
Down Under, an Australian Katie Couric wannabe got busted by a Brigadier General who didn't go along with her MSM stage managers. Background here. I'd like to see more of that pushback here in the U.S. Anyway, the face-off between the general and the bubblehead is my video clip of the week--along with some classic... Read More
Hot Air affiliate Ian Schwartz has a video tribute to the departing Today Show star. Fly away! NBC is making the most of it:
Credit: Strange Cosmos/Strange Politics Reader Lynda sends along word that NBC News is soliciting one-minute farewell videos to commemorate Katie Couric's departure from the Today Show. Over at Hot Air, we're holding our own Say Goodbye to Katie video contest. For details, watch the latest edition of Vent, where it's casual Friday: And yes, those... Read More
Scripps reports in Florida: Just thought you should know, because, well, you probably aren't going to hear about it from Katie Couric or the NYTimes. ***
Katie Couric pays tribute to anti-gun, Bush-bashing zealot Mike Wallace, who is retiring from 60 Minutes. Giggled Couric this morning: He's "studly." Ick. Download and watch the clip (.wmv file). Hat tip: Allah Pundit and Newsbusters
Liberal bloggers, fresh from mauling Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell and launching a boycott campaign against, snort, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, are now targeting Katie Couric for her "right-wing bias." (Hat tip: Lorie Byrd at Polipundit) Chuckle. Snort. Guffaw. I've uploaded the exchange between Couric and DNC chair Howard Dean over Jack Abramoff and his associates'... Read More
My latest column blasts the "good" leak/"bad" leak and "whistleblower"/"felon" memes now being used by the Left to defend the NYT/NSA story. To the Times' defenders, keeping secrets to protect counterterrorism operations is an impeachable offense, but keeping secrets to protect the Gray Lady's fanny is an elite media prerogative. The latest Cox & Forkum... Read More
Robin Boyd at Newsbusters notes that the Associated Press is playing book publicist for NYTimes reporter James Risen, whose book blabbing about the Bush administration's classified counterterrorism programs is out today: Time magazine's preview of Risen's book is only slightly less unbalanced. Romesh Ratnesar concludes: Risen's reporting isn't bulletproof. Like most intelligence reporters, he relies... Read More
A picture's worth a thousand words blogger/radio host Cam Edwards wondered why CBS News allowed 60 Minutes host Mike Wallace to appear at an anti-gun Brady Center event late last month. Edwards describes the appearance: Edwards sent a letter to the CBS News blog asking about the network's ethics and disclosure policies governing such... Read More
The thought of 48-year-old Katie Couric in low-rise jeans and a metallic silver thong (scroll down, 7th item under "Sightings"). Classy.
From the Democratic Underground: - Its (sic) a war. My country's army is killing civilians; am I a "fair target?" - the root causes of terrorism are what needs to be addressed in order to get a handle on changing these circumstances. There are myriads (literally) of terrorists who have reasons for what they are... Read More
According to Drudge, John Kerry repeats an oft-used line in an interview with Katie Couric today to show he's tough on homeland security: Kerry and his minions use the line over and over and over again. But as the AP and others have noted, Kerry's claim ignores that the manifests of all U.S.-bound cargo are... Read More
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