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Karl Rove

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Last we heard from former Bush speechwriter-turned-Washington Post line columnist Michael Gerson, he was attacking Tea Party activists and yours truly for criticizing his old boss/mentor Karl Rove's Christine O'Donnell-bashing. See: Rove aide: Kneel before The Architect, you puny website operators & Tea Party ingrates. Well, Rove's Beltway water boy took to his WaPo perch... Read More
Bow down.
Michael Gerson is a precious Karl Rove protégé/former policy adviser/speechwriter who boldly stepped forward in full Beltway Boyz armor to defend his mentor from the "the childish political thought of the Tea Party" in the wizened, mature pages of the Washington Post online. Gerson took particular umbrage at my response to Rove: Oh, yes
The times they are a-changin' -- and it's ladies of the Right who are kicking ass and naming names. Five items for your viewing and reading pleasure: * Jeri Thompson smacks GOP poobahs and pooh-pooh-ers upside the head: While they may not be intending to be sexist, the message, the attitude and whining sure make... Read More
"Too far."
The latest mass e-mail from Team Obama cites none other than Karl Rove approvingly -- using his comments yesterday that McCain had gone "too far" in his attack ads to raise more money for the nutroots. There's ample room to criticize McCain (see, for example, here). Going far enough in challenging Barack Obama is not... Read More
Dial U for unhinged.
This is not a joke. Just arrived in my e-mailbox via Seriously: Dear Member, When you pay your mobile phone bill each month, you probably don't give a lot of thought to where your money goes. But given what's going on in Washington these days, maybe you should. Congress has finally started the... Read More
Navigating the nutroots.
The House Judiciary Committee voted 20-14 along party lines this morning to hold former White House adviser Karl Rove in contempt for refusing to submit to a subpoena to testify at a congressional hearing related to the prosecution of the former governor of Alabama. Via Bloomberg: Rove elaborated on his d
There's been a little tizzy in the blogosphere over Newsweek's hiring of Markos Moulitsas Zuniga on the left and Karl Rove on the right as campaign commentators/contributors. I wouldn't get too worked up about it. The fact that they both accepted the invitation shows they share a need for mainstream approbation and a common belief... Read More
Update 4pm Eastern. Radar talks to Fred Thompson rep Mark Corallo, who seems to shoot down rumors of a Rove jump to the campaign. Update: Video highlights and a parting shot. Update: Press conference at 11:35am. Update: 11:25am Eastern. The President is talking about Rove's family "making huge sacrifices. We're going to be friends for... Read More
For a hearty lunchtime chuckle: Check out my interview with Ron Ott of Coptix, one of the masterminds behind the April Fools' joke that caused a Rove Derangement Syndrome feeding frenzy.
April Fools!
Take a close look at this photo--focus on the folder tucked under Karl Rove's arm and keep a mental note of what's on the TV monitor (big hat tips to Gid and Ace): Now, look at all the heavy breathing from left-wing blogs about the name on the folder, "Coptix:" Daily Kos Guerilla Women TN... Read More
"Blogmaster" Amanda Marcotte has resigned from the Edwards' campaign (the site is currently down). Of course, it's all the right wing's and Catholic activists' fault (a blame-avoidance strategy I highlighted on The O'Reilly Factor tonight before news of Marcotte's resignation broke). Writes Marcotte this evening: I was hired by the Edwards campaign for the skills... Read More
I had to read it several times to make sure it was genuine, but it really is true: Washington Post columnist David Broder calls out the left-wing media for its Rove Derangement Syndrome: For much of the past five years, dark suspicions have been voiced about the Bush White House undermining its critics, and Karl... Read More
US Senate candidate Ned Lamont of Connecticut, darling of the left-wing blogosphere, is now running as fast as he can from the nutball bloggers who have zealously promoted his campaign against Sen. Joe Lieberman from its inception. (Today's Vent gives the overview.) And he's lying through his teeth in his effort to rid himself of... Read More
***update: I'm scheduled to talk about the Raza schools tonight on The O'Reilly Factor at approx. 830pm Eastern.*** So, Karl Rove gave his "We are all Americans" speech to the National Council of La Raza--The Race--yesterday. Today, my syndicated column digs into the millions of dollars in Bush administration federal education grants The Race has... Read More
Funny how the Wall Street Journal editorial writers have no problem smearing immigration enforcement advocates as "nativists" while Karl Rove holds hands with the National Council of The Race. I promise you more on this subject tomorrow. *** Human Events advises Rove on what he should say to The Race this afternoon. We can dream.... Read More
Over the weekend, I pointed to a story in the blabbermouth NYTimes about the vacation homes of Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld and VP Dick Cheney as a news hook to talk about the Left's selective apathy towards reckless, unnecessary invasions of privacy. The reactions were predictable: the usual moonbats accused me of hypocrisy by dredging... Read More
Why publish maps and specific street names and photographs of the private (not anymore) homes where the Vice President and Defense Secretary and their families spend their vacations? Why? Because blabbermouth Bill Keller feels like it, right? (Interesting timing, no?) Because the "people" (you know: Code Pink, Fred Phelps, jihadis) have a "right to know,"... Read More
Ian's got the video of Murtha on Meet The Press. Transcript here. After criticizing Karl Rove's "fat backside," Murtha put forth his fat-headed Okinawa plan: MR. RUSSERT: You say redeploy. Again, Mr. Rove challenges that comment. Let’s listen and give you again a chance to respond to the White House. (Videotape, Monday): MR. ROVE: Congressman... Read More
So, while the moonbats foam over the non-indictment of Karl Rove, watch for the MSM to start caterwauling about Bush's secret trip to Baghdad. Reader Stephen C. writes: Tick, tick tick.
Tim Chapman reported last week: Am getting word that the Ensign amendment, SA 3985, was killed this afternoon. The Senate's march towards Amnesty First, Enforcement Later (Never?) goes on. *** Mary Katherine Ham can't believe it: Seriously, if you could see me now, I'm very Yosemite Sam. Very stampy and tantrumy and incoherent. Just a... Read More
The Senate ignores the Windbag from Massachusetts and votes: But if the price of the fence is this... it worth it? And given past history and yesterday's vote against enforcement first, you already know which provision--the amnesty, not the fence--is the Senate's top priority and which will be in place first. House Republicans aren't... Read More
***Update: Byron York reports on Leopold digging in...*** The Wall Street Journal has a piece today covering the left-wing blog storm over false rumors that Karl Rove was indicted and about to jump ship on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. We take a break from the border blues and have fun with the moonbats who've... Read More
There are a lot of rumors flying around the left side of the blogosphere about a Karl Rove indictment. (He's among the top Technorati searches today.) The New York Sun reports otherwise. But unhinged Democrats are already partying hard. The Detroit Free Press report: Was it an improbable outside-the-Beltway scoop on the ultimate inside-the-Beltway story?... Read More
***scroll for updates*** That's the buzz. Tune in to Tony's show starting now. *** Update: Scott McClellan resigning... Fox News coverage here. Breitbart/AP here. Lorie Byrd has more.
Drudge is hyping Bill Sammon's new book, "Strategery," this morning and publishes an interesting passage from the book on the White House's warm views of the blogosphere and cyberspace. Or the "ether space," as President Bush calls it. (At least they got him to stop saying "Internets.") Indeed, it is. But for all the lip... Read More
I added this at the bottom of the post below, but Karl Rove's significant concession (camouflaged in face-saving rhetoric) deserves to stand alone: More details via Reuters at Senior officials from the Departments of Defense, State, Treasury and Homeland Security struggled to convince the lawmakers that ports were not at risk, saying they had... Read More
After a rather rude (and criminal) disruption, I'm back. Let's return to the ports, shall we? Lesson One of Portgate: Scream "Islamophobia/xenophobia" often enough, and people will start to back down. Lesson Two of Portgate: Mislead and mischaracterize your critics often enough, and people will start to back down. Here are two key talking points... Read More
Now (via Breitbart/AP): Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid wrote at least four letters helpful to Indian tribes represented by Jack Abramoff, and the senator's staff regularly had contact with the disgraced lobbyist's team about legislation affecting other clients. The activities _ detailed in billing records and correspondence obtained by The Associated Press _ are far... Read More
CNN reporting: *Update: The Political Teen has video.* Ed Whelan: There are enough votes to stop the filibuster. See Polipundit. Plus, Sen. Robert Byrd--yes, you read that right--has joined Dems Tim Johnson and Ben Nelson in throwing his support to Alito: Byrd's announcement came just days after West Virginia businessman John Raese announced plans to... Read More
Much has been made of the rabid Left's online swarm that shut down the Washington Post's blog comment section. The comments seemed comparatively tame to me. Maybe I'll copy off Chapter 6 of Unhinged and send it off to the WaPo ombudsman and her editors to help them feel better. Meantime, the moonbat manipulation of... Read More
Two weeks ago, I wrote about the selective outrage of the left's privacy hypocrites--led by the likes of NY Dem Sen. Charles Schumer, the privacy champion who has yet to apologize to Maryland GOP Lt. Gov. Michael Steele over his stolen credit report (pilfered by two of Schumer's former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee staffers currently... Read More
On Friday, Editor and Publisher hyped this Sunday NYTimes magazine piece by Michael Crowley about the influence of conservative vs. liberal blogs. Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman offer stiff competition on a weekly basis, but Crowley's embarrassing little squib (283 words) has to be one of most insipid, shallow, and uninformed wastes of space to... Read More
***scroll for updates throughout the day...223pm EDT liveblogging Fitzgerald news conference...240pm EDT Fitzgerald: "We have not made any allegation that Libby knowingly/intentionally outed a covert agent...300pm EDT "This indictment is not about the war. Not about the propriety of the war..." 310pm EDT "We're not quite done, but I don't want to add to a... Read More
Via Breitbart/AP, the federal grand jury investigating Plamegate met for three hours today with Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and adjourned for the day without announcing any action. Tom Maguire, who has covered every twist and turn of the story, posts his predictions. He thinks there will be no Karl Rove indictment. If so, Chris Matthews'... Read More
**updated** Another disastrous crony appointment in the making This is Julie Myers, President Bush's nominee to head the the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security. Her nomination is a joke. A bad joke: (via WaPo) The Bush administration is seeking to appoint a lawyer with little immigration or customs... Read More
The Associated Press is reporting this evening: The Smoking Gun has posted the petition here. I referenced the filing in a straightforward post on Sunday here. Unhinged critics have gone ballistic over the fact that I linked to this news, which was first broken by another site called Dang If I Know over the weekend.... Read More
After 15 days of silence, the New York Times has filed a thin little report on the Air Scamerica/Air Enron fiasco. But you need a magnifying glass to find it. Go the the homepage. Nothing there. Click over the National section. Nothing there. Find your way to the NY/Region section. Scroll way down past... Read More
In response to questions from radio reporter Perry Michael Simon about New York City's corruption probe involving the alleged diversion of public funds from two non-profit clubs that benefit poor kids and seniors to Air America, the liberal radio network put out a statement yesterday. Bottom line: Don't blame us. Here's the text via Brian... Read More
Weird. For some reason, Cafe Press just sent me an e-mail coupon--$5 off orders of $30 or more--on Karl Rove novelty items (mostly anti-Rove), including t-shirts, hats, buttons, and other junk. Check out the entire Rove product line here. Here's a Rove-bashing throw pillow. Here's one of the few pro-Rove buttons. The Left may be... Read More
Ugh. The Plame games are making me ill. And it's not just the rhetoric on the left that is causing nausea. I am now seeing many of my friends on the right invoke the "John Kerry did it" card to pooh-pooh Rovegate. See here, here, and here, for example. I addressed this incident back in... Read More
Compare and contrast... NY Times headline: Rove Reportedly Held Phone Talk on C.I.A. Officer AP headline: Source: Rove Got CIA Agent ID From Media The NY Times clings to the Evil Genius narrative, despite what its own reporting and follow-ups from other press outlets shows... NY Times lead graf: AP lead graf: WaPo fills in... Read More
White House press secretary Scott McClellan got grilled yesterday afternoon on Rove/Plame-mania and came under intense pressure from the MSM hounds, particularly NBC's David Gregory and ABC's Terry "The Royal" Moran: Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. I actually have no problem with McClellan getting justifiably barked at during his daily briefings (if only we had more... Read More
Bush-bashers have been in a tizzy all weekend over the latest Rove revelations. The Washington Post follows up; Pavlovian salivation ensues. For a non-heavy-breathing perspective, read: Betsy Newmark on the "scandalette." Lorie Byrd at Polipundit on "Some Of The Worst 'Reporting' I Have Seen – And That’s Saying A Lot." Tom Maguire at Just One... Read More
From the Democratic Underground: - Its (sic) a war. My country's army is killing civilians; am I a "fair target?" - the root causes of terrorism are what needs to be addressed in order to get a handle on changing these circumstances. There are myriads (literally) of terrorists who have reasons for what they are... Read More
There was a lot of heavy breathing over the weekend about Lawrence "Creepy Liar" O'Donnell's claim that Karl Rove was the source of the Valerie Plame leak. The Newsweek story from Isikoff is here. O'Donnell blusters some more here. Guest-blogger Rob Port at Wizbang deconstructs O'Donnell. Charles Schumer huffs and puffs. Guest-blogger Dafydd at Captain's... Read More
When last we heard from the paranoid codger, he was blaming Karl Rove for Newsweek's bogus Koran desecration story. The NYPost's Page Six brings us the latest Mailer-strom: Asiatic? Gotta love those high-minded literary rednecks. Lots of ridiculosity to go around here, though. Asian American journos (who, I should note from personal experience, have no... Read More
Gratitude and good reads: - Thank you, Mark Steyn! - Thank you, John Hawkins! - Thank you, Instapunk! - A pro-American in Paris - Andy McCarthy double: Making Karl Rove a prophet and It's all about 9/11 -Austin Bay: Why the long war must be won - FEC vs. bloggers round-up at Wizbang and all... Read More
My new column is up, taking off from this blog post yesterday on the insipid "Operation Respect: Don't Laugh at Me" curriculum being introduced into the NYC public schools. Intro: Some readers want to know if I'm opposed to all anti-bullying efforts. Of course not. I've written before on the public school system's utter failure... Read More
Hot day ahead for the Supreme Court as it ends its term; hands down some highly anticipated rulings (including a Ten Commandments case and the Cooper/Miller confidential sources appeal); and prepares for a likely resignation. Hugh Hewitt and Bill Kristol had dueling predictions last week. Hugh sez Rehnquist; Kristol sez O'Connor. We'll know soon enough.... Read More
From Karl Rove, quoted in today's NY Times: Right. On. Democrats are now calling on Rove to apologize. Apologize? For what? For distilling the fundamental difference between the left and the right's approaches to terrorism in the wake of 9/11. The Dems are having a hissyfit over the comments, as if stating the obvious is... Read More
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