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John Kerry

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John Kerry, jihad coddler by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2013 The myth of the poor, oppressed jihadist never dies. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest Obama administration official to peddle this odious narrative. Cue John Lennon's cloying "Imagine," don your plaid pajamas, and curl up with a warm cup of deadly... Read More
John Kerry throws freedom-seeking women under the bus by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2013 It's confirmed: The "F" in John. F. Kerry stands for "Feckless." Women around the world no longer need to wonder whether America's secretary of state will stand boldly with them in defense of their basic rights. He won't. On Monday,... Read More
I first wrote about the progressive infrastructure bank boondoggle last September. Today's column revisits the recycled government slush fund recipe now being offered by Jawn Kerry. Politico says the costly idea is "gaining steam." The GOP needs to stop this runaway gravy train in its tracks. Guess who's enabling the Left? GOP Sen. Kay Bailey... Read More
The question isn't why Sarah Palin is helping John McCain. The question is: What are you doing to stop him from cementing his Big Government Republican legacy? *** Conservatives: Beware of McCain Regression Syndrome by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2010 Pay attention: In the afterglow of the Massachusetts Miracle, there are flickers of peril... Read More
Reporting for duty.
So, who does a beleaguered Democrat Senatorial candidate turn to when her elitist, diffident, listless, aloof campaign is collapsing? Why, she goes to one of the Senate's most elitist, diffident, listless, aloof members to connect with the little smearing them all as violent Barbarians. Just when you think Martha Antoinette Coakley and her "helpers"... Read More
Man, the updates to Culture of Corruption just keep piling up. Here's another one for my Clinton and Money Men chapters: The U.S. attorney in New York on Tuesday charged a New York investor and major Democratic fund-raiser with a $74 million scheme to defraud Citigroup Inc (C.N). Hassan Nemazee, 59, was charged with one... Read More
Oh, what might have been.
Runners-up. Guffaw. During questioning just a bit ago at her SecofState nomination hearing, Sen. Clinton mistakenly called Sen. Jawn Kerry "Mr. President" instead of "Mr. Chairman." Kerry warbled: "I'll take that." Hillary grinned: "It was a Freudian slip." Kerry warbled back, "We're subject to a lot of those on this subject." Soak up the rueful... Read More
Instead of sneering about Palin as the "former mayor of a town of 9,000," Team Obama should have taken the high road it always pats itself on the back for traveling. This is a historic moment. Palin is an extraordinary American woman. Geraldine Ferraro gets it. Obama: Clueless. And, as Lorie Byrd points out, classless.... Read More
The "F" stands for frolic.
Change that works for them.
A good read and a good photoshop from American Elephants on the gall of John Flippin' Kerry: "The spatula has passed from one world-class flip-flopper to another." *** Related video from the RNC: "Change that works for him." *** Patterico keeps track.
"I was wondering: Do you have any advice for the new group of activists who are organizing Winter Soldier II?"
Cross-posted at Hot Air...scroll down for updates... Grab the popcorn. We've got another joint YAF/Hot Air TV production for you, just in time for the anti-war confab known as "Winter Soldier II" that kicks off in Washington, D.C. tomorrow and runs through Sunday. YAF's Jason Mattera, our intrepid special correspondent who cornered Jack Murtha in... Read More
To set the record straight.
A Christmas gift for John Kerry. Order yours at To Set The Record Straight.
The rest of the story.
Update: Heh. Here it is...the police report detailing goofball University of Florida student Andrew Meyer's taser stunt during John Kerry's visit (thanks to Tyler Antar). I've redacted Meyer's personal information from the first two pages. My sources were right all along about this putz being a professional taunter and publicity-seeker. Take away: "Meyer was laughing... Read More
"What did I do?"
Update 7:30am Eastern 9/19. Just like my sources said yesterday, Meyer is a publicity-seeking stunt boy: Putz. Andrew Meyer, Taser Provocateur: Don't taze me, bro Update 830pm Eastern. The mugshot in case you haven't seen it: I'm sure it'll be printed on "FREE ANDREW MEYER" t-shirts and sold right next to the "FREE MUMIA" hoodies... Read More
"There once was a phony named Jawn..."
A few days ago, The Hill noted John Kerry's nasty mocking of Sen. David Vitter's D.C. Madam-related woes. Kerry was speaking at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fund-raiser last week: Lucianne's rhyming readers have responded with their own verses. A sample: Reply 13 - Posted by: Mo Gumbo, 7/23/2007 9:22:58 PM A snawb'ly gaunt eater... Read More
The Democrat campaign to stifle conservative dissent in the name of "fairness" continues.
You know, it's really funny. Last week, when I noted that the left-wing Center for American Progress report on talk radio was a clever part of the Dem campaign to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine, the nutroots scoffed. Fairness Doctrine? Who said anything about the Fairness Doctrine? Who did? Dennis Kucinich did. Dianne Feinstein did. Now,... Read More
***update: video of milblogger Chuck Ziegenfuss on CNN discussing conditions at Walter Reed...*** I gave my opinion about the WaPo series on the mess at Walter Reed this morning. Here's some diverse feedback from milbloggers and readers: Smash: Injured Iraq vent/blogger J.R. Salzman, who is recovering at Walter Reed: I have read what is definitely... Read More
***update: attention, military folks and weapons experts...please help Michael Yon identify a weapon he photographed and which troops he has talked to haven't been able to peg*** The Democrats may not want to hear about Iran, but our troops in Iraq have an earful to say about it. In both formal briefings and informal conversations... Read More
The Left's definition of a "hero" Just in tonight from Ft. Lewis via the Seattle P-I: The court-martial of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada ended in a mistrial Wednesday. The case's judge, Lt. Col. John Head, declared the trial over after a day of wrangling over a stipulation of facts that Watada had signed before the... Read More
Advantage: Blackfive. *** Update: Allah links to Johnny Dollar's audio of Arkin on John Gibson's radio show. You really have to listen the whole thing as Arkin gets shriekier and shriekier, but here's my rough transcript of the exchange half-way through the segment... GIBSON: The general tone of this piece is that the troops owe... Read More
The World Economic Forum in Davos is a sanctuary for America-bashers. John Kerry was the star there yesterday. In case you missed it, Allah's got video and the lowdown. All I can say is: Thank God for the Swift Boat Veterans. *** Davos is getting feedback. LGF'ers are leading the charge. Matt at Blackfive notes... Read More
A couple of convictions just handed down (via the Cleveland Plain Dealer): Rick Moran takes a closer look and concludes: To try and single out one party or another for disapprobation for the way they handle elections locally or state wide is ridiculous. This is a national problem that cuts across party lines and regions.... Read More
I'll be on Fox and Friends this morning a little after 7:30am talking about our trip to Iraq. We bumped into quite a few Fox fans--including a Lt. Col. who was reading Bill O'Reilly's book when we met (and served as a guardian angel when we were stranded at Baghdad International Airport near the beginning... Read More
On December 26 and December 27, I linked to a photo publicized by radio talker Scott Hennen and Power Line of Sen. John Kerry in Iraq. Milblogger Ben of Mesopotamia, an Army Captain in Iraq, had posted the photo and recounted on Dec. 18: After TPM Muckraker wrongly accused milbloggers and conservative bloggers of faking... Read More
***see update here on questions about the photos*** I linked to this photo of lonely John Kerry spurned by the troops in Iraq last night via Power Line, but the photo is going viral and it's worth re-posting as a stand-alone. Thank radio talk show host Scott Hennen for sharing the image. He tells Power... Read More
Following in John Kerry's footsteps, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) flew to Damascus to play footsie with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad yesterday. The Bush White House, which supported Specter over conservative challenger Pat Toomey, had no comment.
I'm up in NYC tonight guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor. Catch the show on Fox News tonight at 8pm or 11pm Eastern. *** Update: Speaking of O'Reilly, check out Power Line's report on how O'Reilly's reception in Iraq compared to John Kerry's--photographic evidence included.
Syrian President Bashar Assad's American tools and fools in the U.S. Senate: Bill Nelson, John Kerry, Christopher Dodd and Arlen Specter.
The Hill reports that Hillary Clinton has hired a "faith guru" and that other Dem prez contenders are also rushing into the pews: Burns Strider, one of the Democratic Party’s leading strategists on winning over evangelicals and other values-driven voters, will join Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as she prepares to launch her 2008 presidential... Read More
I haven't been overly thrilled with the GOP presidential candidates so far, but it looks like the other side has it worse. Wes Clark seems like he's ready to jump in again--prompting James Joyner to observe: That's for sure. Word's out this morning that one Democratic governor has jumped in: Iowa's Tom Vilsack: Democratic Gov.... Read More
Photoshop via Stubborn Facts They just can't help themselves. In case you needed to be reminded which party puts playing politics with the war above serious solutions, here's the video of Rep. Charlie Rangel on Sunday resurrecting the draft--as a way to deter the White House and Congress from launching wars. And for those who... Read More
I'm hanging it up for the night, er, morning. Unlike Michael Moore in 2004, however, I will not be staying in bed for three days in a catatonic state. I will not need PEST shock therapy. I will not move to Australia. A moonbat reader e-mailed a taunt earlier this evening: The GOP lost. Conservatism... Read More
John Kerry has been found! I don't why this came into my mailbox this morning, but it did. Reprinting for the snort-worthiness of it: Dear Friend, We've been working hard to get to this moment. And, here we are -- we can see the finish line. But, if we want to produce the Democratic victories... Read More
I wrote last week that we'd see more outbreaks of anti-military vandalism leading up to Election Day. In upstate New York on Halloween eve, "(expletive) Bush" and a depiction of a penis were scrawled on the 20-by-40-foot flag and similar pictures in the same shade of green were painted on the American Legion Mohawk Post.... Read More
***updated with more info*** The Wall Street Journal reports on a "new breed" of poll watchers who will be out in full force tomorrow. Beware. Behind the civic-minded facade are far Left radicals whose main conern is not in ensuring a fair election process--but in preemptively undermining and delegitimizing it: When Americans go to vote... Read More
John Kerry's "botched joke"/habitual troop slander has soaked up most of the blogosphere and MSM's attention the past week. But under the radar screen, another embarrassing controversy involving the Democrats and the military has been brewing. Two separate Democrat ad campaigns--run statewide by Missouri Senate candiate Claire McCaskill and run nationally on CNN and FOX... Read More
A reader sent Matt at Blackfive another classic banner message from the troops to John Kerry, on display at the Army-Air Force Game last night: Photo from Blackfive Another soon-to-be viral photo you won't see in the MSM! *** Related: Gold Star Families go to Iraq.
She's sorry now The blogospheric-led uproar, spearheaded by Winfield Myers, over University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann's idiotic decision to pose for a Halloween photo with a student in suicide bomber gear has yielded results. Here's her apology: Good for her for not taking the John Kerry route and blaming "assorted right-wing nutjobs." But Myers... Read More
***update: Kerry un-apologizes*** My old friend D.F. Oliveria at the Spokane Spokesman-Review sends along an exclusive photo that you will not see on the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post or the Los Angeles Times. Do you see who's signing the poster? (Hint below.) I bet the Minnesota National Guard... Read More
Roughly one in six or seven of my e-mails over the last 12 hours has included an attachment of the famous "Stuck in Irak" banner response to John Kerry. Hugh Hewitt notes MSM newspapers where you can't find the photo and wants to know if it ran in your local paper. But you know what... Read More
The Philly Daily News cover today: Right photo, wrong spin (hat tip: Richard Davis) So much for John Kerry's "joke" excuse. He meant what he said and, as Rove says, it's a lifelong habit. Someone other than Jennifer Loven at the Associated Press reports on Kerry's disparaging remarks in 1972 about America's volunteer army--which he... Read More
***9:12pm Eastern update: Video of Kerry's remarks now up at Hot Air. Notice the perfect, seamless delivery of the "botched" joke. I'm with Dafyyd: I also share Ace's skepticism about the prepared text remarks from the Kerry camp.*** And milblogger Smash hits the nail on the head: Kerry's actual remarks (as opposed to what he... Read More
***2:15pm Eastern update: Watch the press corps frenzy*** Attention, John Kerry: Here's a banner message from the troops "stuck in Iraq" that's spreading like wildfire across the 'Net. (Hat tip: Leonard and Anthony J.) Click for enlarged photo: Laffing out lowd! Update: Drudge just picked up on it. It's gone viral. Well done, troops. ***... Read More
***scroll for updates*** Dan Riehl notes that libs are rallying behind Kerry because he was just speaking "the truth." Via the SFChronicle website: (Note: Images removed 06/07/2007 to facilitate web site re-design. As of June 2007, the SF Chronicle link still works.) Chickenhawk invocation? Check. Absolute moral authority card? Check. Unapologetic elitism? Check. Check. Check.... Read More
Guess the NYTimes couldn't stand to see the Associated Press doing all the water-carrying for Kerry and the Dems. Here's the Times' contribution to the save-Kerry's-backside campaign available tonight on the Times website. The headline? Nope, not "Kerry scorns troops, Bush defends military." This: You have to read 15 paragraphs down into the story before... Read More
***update: Kerry to speak at 2pm press conference...I expect nothing less than full-throated indignance, condescension, and blame avoidance...great news for the GOP...see, what did I tell ya: Kerry: "I apologize to no one for my criticisms of President Bush..." ***update: American Legion asks for apology: The National Commander of The American Legion called on Sen.... Read More
***12:30pm update.***Kerry adviser admits to National Journal's Hotline that Kerry's smear came out "mangled." McCain to repeat demand for apology on camera at 1pm. Here's Kerry's non-apology: Digging in, blaming conservatives, condescending as ever. 11:57am update. Drudge: McCain calls on Kerry to apologize. Well now that their favorite maaaverick has spoken, I guess the MSM... Read More
Feedback continues to pour in this morning: *** Michelle, I can't tell you how much this kind of thing ticks me off. So I just relate my daughter's story, because I know she wouldn't.
***10/31 7:35am updated with more reax below... ...909am update San Gabriel Valley Tribune/Pasadena Star News reports on the Angelides campaign event at Pasadena City College where Kerry trashed the troops..."Kerry then told the students that if they were able to navigate the education system, they could get comfortable jobs - "If you don't, you get... Read More
Here's a bit of a report by Candy Crowley at the Jihadist Sniper News Network putting people to a Democrat word association test (here's the link, but you don't need to click): Wanna play? Feel free to chime in.
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