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John Edwards

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The comeuppance of one of Capitol Hill's crappiest crapweasels is here. John Edwards -- a.k.a. Silky Pony, Breck Boy, Seabiscuit -- will now face formal prosecution for alleged violations of campaign laws while he tried to cover up his extra-marital fling with flaky Rielle Hunter. ABC News has the story: Aaron Worthing at Patterico offers... Read More
News breaking from WRAL in North Carolina that Elizabeth Edwards passed away this afternoon. She was gravely ill with breast cancer and announced yesterday that she had stopped medical treatment. She leaves behind three children who deserve all the prayers that you can muster to lift them up, no matter what your politics are. More:... Read More
Scroll for updates... He already admitted he had lied repeatedly about his affair with Rielle Hunter. Then in August 2008, after admitting he had become "increasingly egocentric and narcissistic," he told the press he "will have nothing more to say." Then came "Game Change" revelations published in the New York this month by journalists who... Read More
Babies, lies, and scandal: The lost issue.
Reader Dave L. sends the Us Weekly cover that somehow didn't make it to print:
"Behind every great man, there‘s a woman trying to kill him."
People magazine puts Elizabeth Edwards on the cover this week to spotlight her anguish over Silky's adultery. We learn that there was much "tension" behind the scenes. I remember that tension breaking through in public. And it's interesting to go back and watch it now that everyone knows what John Edwards didn't want his wife... Read More
Follow the money.
Overlawyered continues to probe the financial entanglements between "Love Lips'" lover, Rielle Hunter, and John Edwards' political/legal operatives. Smells fishy to me, too.
Who is Fred Baron?
In case you are an inquiring mind wanting to know, Overlawyered has the lowdown on Fred Baron, the Edwards' legal crony who paid for his lover Rielle Hunter's relocation and housing expenses. See here, here, and here.
Silky, cynical sanctimony.
There will be a lot of sifting through Silky Pony's public statements and family campaign photo-ops in the quest to find out when exactly the Edwards family knew about the Rielle Hunter affair (before, during, or after Elizabeth fell ill with cancer?) -- and what it says about the failed candidate and erstwhile nutroots Democrat... Read More
Admits affair, denies fathering love child, but hasn't taken paternity test.
Well, the shoe has dropped. Does this mean he'll get to speak at the DNC now? The other big Democrat liar/cheater's already secured his spot, you know. ABC News has the scoop: John Edwards repeatedly lied during his Presidential campaign about an extra-marital affair with a novice film-maker, the former Senator admitted to ABC News... Read More
The Congressional Black Caucus forwarded two names to Barack Obama's veep team: Sam Nunn and John Edwards. (Story at Townhall.) The Nunn pick is in line with what I wrote about the veepstakes in February: Nunn would bring weight and gravitas to the ticket. John Edwards would bring what? Hairspray? Seriously? What's the Congressional Black... Read More
Sayonara, Silky.
He exulted in being the "minority white man" in the Democrat presidential race, but the jig is up and the gig is over. John Edwards is dropping out. He won't be missed. Not the cloying, braying sanctimony. Not the hypocritical Fox-bashing. Not the oleaginous class warfare. Not the odious politicization of Memorial Day. And not... Read More
First in the South.
Update 7:45pm Eastern. A Billy Jeff backlash. Keep talking, Billy Boy! Update 7:11pm Eastern. Obama is the runaway winner. Hillary has left SC for Nashville... *** Polls close at 7pm Eastern. South Carolina media outlets are reporting record turnout. The State: Good weather and an attractive slate of candidates have South Carolina Democrats expecting record... Read More
If you thought gender card-wielding sisters Chelsea Clinton and America Ferrera were dumb, get a load of John Edwards and Tyra Banks commiserating on what it feels like to be a "minority white man" and a black woman. Identity politics: It's stupefying!
Misty, water-colored memories.
Here are a few choice screenshots from the Hillary-Barack exchanges during the SC debate. It's a caption contest bonanza. Have at it! Battle of the Death Stares. Talk to the hand. No, you talk to the hand. Can't let mom see me in my Obama For Change t-shirt. Damn you. *** Meantime, CNN readers are... Read More
Silky smooth.
Snort. The hairspray is getting to his brain. *** Flashback: John Edwards’ definition of “charity:” Murdoch book money went to…his daughter and political aide Flashback: For taking Murdoch's money before he was against it. Flashback: Elect me because I hate Fox News most.
Kiss of death?
Update 12:28pm Eastern: The rally has begun. John Kerry's endorsement recycles his "healing" rhetoric. Silky reacts. Update: Ha. *** I'm not sure why it warrants a Drudge siren, but the Associated Press is reporting that John Kerry will endorse Barack Obama: "Kerry, a senator from Massachusetts, plans to announce his support Thursday at a rally... Read More
Horse hockey.
Let's face it: The scariest outcome in Iowa by far was John Edwards' second-place showing. Thirty percent of Democrat caucusgoers were suckered by this faux populist's whinnying. Now, gazillionaire Silky Pony and his wife are likening him to...working-class Seabiscuit. Via CBS News: John Edwards returned to New Hampshire today and embraced his position in the... Read More
Two Americas.
Photo credit: Tigerhawk Via reader Jon Ham, Don Carrington at the Carolina Journal has an update on Monty Johnson, the Giuliani-supporting neighbor of John Edwards whom Elizabeth Edwards derided back in April as as a "rabid Republican" with "slummy" property. Johnson's moving: Win or lose in the presidential campaign of 2008, John Edwards will have... Read More
The lefty blogs are buzzing over the latest Lee Enterprises Iowa caucus poll showing a virtual dead heat among the top three Dem candidates: Don't worry, Denny K. The Pizza Hut ad referencing your UFO quip isn't going to make a dent. Are you all surprised at Obama's four-point drop? Will he drag Oprah around... Read More
Allah linked John Edwards' cinematic campaign ad yesterday, but I hadn't looked closely enough to catch this sniggeringly snigger-ful moment when Edwards responds to a voter's question about his readiness for the job. (Hat tip - Ray Robison). Asked the voter/actor/plant/whatever: "You're going to have to be Wyatt Earp. Are you up to it?" Here's... Read More
Who said it? Make a guess before you click. "Republicans scare me." I can think of a few people who should scare her more. Like these goblins. And these ghouls. You want frightening? AGH! EEK! Positively spine-chilling:
Mr. Imaginary Tough Guy...or Mr. Emily Litella?
Oooooh, watch out. John Edwards has a new ad and he's threatening to take away health insurance from members of Congress unless they pass his Hillary-style universal health care plan: Except there's a little catch. According to ad watchers, Edwards wouldn't have any power to make good on his threat. The superpowers are all in... Read More
Welcome to John Edwards' America, a land where Democrat presidential candidates demonize the businesses that made them rich. Via the WSJ today, a fresh look at silky hypocrisy. Headline: "Edwards, Foreclosure Critic, Has Investing Tie to Subprime Lenders:" As a presidential candidate, Democrat John Edwards has regularly attacked subprime lenders, particularly those that have filed... Read More
Do as I say.
Ah, Silky Pony. He's the gift that keeps on giving. According to Politico, naughty John Edwards wasn't telling us the whole truth about where all his Dirty Filthy Fox News Funds for his coffee table book, "Home," went: Every dime, huh? "Every dime of the money they gave to me has gone to charity," Edwards... Read More
He was for taking Murdoch's money before he was against it.
Johnny's Rupert Murdoch-funded book. Photoshoppers, have at it. Yep: John Edwards was for taking Murdoch's money before he was against it. What else is there to say? Bwahahahaha: Haircuts? More dirty Fox News money: Oh, dear. *** Meanwhile, at Fox News Haters Central, King Kos declares:
Feeding the nutroots.
John Edwards is on a nutroots roll (hat tip: William Amos): Looks like he's rehearsing his speech for the Yearly Kos convention. The campaign timed the challenge to come two days before Edwards, Clinton and other candidates are scheduled to appear at a convention of liberal bloggers, who applauded Edwards' revolt against the Fox-sponsored debate... Read More
Silky: The haircut story lives.
Danny Glover at Beltway Blogroll reports that John Edwards and his loyal campaign staff refuse to let the haircut story die. Now, they're using it to--snort, snort--raise money: Since the first round of campaign finance reports went public almost three months ago, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has been ridiculed mercilessly in the blogosphere and... Read More
The American Legion smacks down John Edwards for his plans to politicize Memorial Day: I wouldn't put it past Edwards and his ilk. The American Legion's full statement is on its website. Conclusion: We Americans need to remember why Memorial Day is special. It’s not about picnics or trips to the beach. It’s not about... Read More
Well, this will get people to forget about his $400 Beverly Hills haircuts... First, Harry. Now, Silky. The Middle Eastern media sends its thanks and praise. Meanwhile, the president tries to counter the defeatists: President Bush said Friday that sectarian murders have dropped by half in Baghdad since the U
I noted yesterday that the Dems were flocking to Al Sharpton's annual demagogue-a-thon this week. The photo above comes via the Boston Globe with the following caption: Feel free to send your own caption suggestions... *** John Perazzo reviews the 9 lives of Al Sharpton. Previous: Look who's propping up Al Sharpton Factor highlights--and the... Read More
The "rabid Republican" neighbor Elizabeth Edwards reportedly fears is going to be on Blog Talk Radio.
Bait and switch NYPost reports: Wash Post blogger Mary
Ruh roh. Waiting for the nutroots to issue their "action alerts" to bully the CBC into pulling out... Update: Here you go... NYTimes notes: "This isn’t the first time the C.B.C. has paired with Fox. It did so in 2003 as a runup to the 2004 election cycle." Here's the official Fox News announcement: NEW... Read More
Millions of viewers won't watch the Democrats debate on Fox News, according to This is victory? *** Will the Congressional Black Caucus cave, too? Update - ICN has a statement: *** Previous: John Edwards will skip Fox News debate Nutroots action alert Fox News Derangement Syndrome Alert
World yawns. Kos crows. *** Previous: Nutroots action alert Fox News Derangement Syndrome alert
***bumped to the top...updated with police report summary*** This is Richard Reed Pannell. He's a student at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. On Saturday, he was minding his own business, taking a shower in this house he shares with classmates... ...when an unhinged stranger--a raving leftist who had tracked him down on... Read More
Obama's got it locked up. Phew. The suspense was killing me. Obama's also got the coveted Rep. Keith Ellison endorsement. And here's vid of him smoothing out the ruffled feathers with Hillary. At an Obama-less forum, the rest of the Dems talk amongst themselves. Bitterness, backbiting, backstabbing, and backtracking ensue. More from the NYTimes: wo... Read More
The other John Edwards nutroots shoe drops. As usual, guess who's getting blamed. More blame-the-messenger hysterics and hyperbole at--where else?--HuffPo. Bryan Preston responds to McEwan's claims of hate mail and death threats: Once again, the Associated Press plays spin doctor for the nutroots--blaming conservatives for turning "Christofascist"-basher Melissa McEwan into a victim while ignoring increasing... Read More
All is not well in Ponyville. *** A blogger at John Edwards site wonders: I think we know the answer. Dean Barnett underlines it:
"Blogmaster" Amanda Marcotte has resigned from the Edwards' campaign (the site is currently down). Of course, it's all the right wing's and Catholic activists' fault (a blame-avoidance strategy I highlighted on The O'Reilly Factor tonight before news of Marcotte's resignation broke). Writes Marcotte this evening: I was hired by the Edwards campaign for the skills... Read More
Terry Moran: Defending his brother's honor ABC's Terry Moran has taken heat from conservatives in the past. Now, he's getting flak from left-wing critics for questioning the wisdom of John Edwards' blogging staff. Those critics have also been attacking his blogging brother, Rick (hat tip: Greg Tinti). What's so admirable and deeply moving to me... Read More
From John Edwards' blog: I'm with Allah: And with Bryan: Meanwhile, the
Jason Mattera reports. Well, that'll cheer up John Edwards' "godbag"-bashing anti-Catholic bloggers.
***3:00pm Eastern update - Report - Edwards fires bloggers?...Salon - "The right-wing blogosphere has gotten its scalps — John Edwards has fired the two controversial bloggers he recently hired to do liberal blogger outreach, Salon has learned. The bloggers, Amanda Marcotte, formerly of Pandagon, and Melissa McEwan, of Shakespeare’s Sister, had come under fire from... Read More
Pablo at Protein Wisdom reports. Meanwhile, Kathryn Lopez looks at the anti-Catholic hatred of John Edwards' blogmaster. At least one feminst law professor is happy. The nutroots are not so happy about our Masterpiece Theater spoof of Marcotte. Check out their comments at YouTube. They really are a humorless bunch, aren't they?
Enjoy our Hot Air Theater presentation of the wit and wisdom of Amanda Marcotte, the official blogmaster of the John Edwards for President campaign: Walter Olson follows up: Part of what lends the Marcotte episode such a comic aspect, however, is the timing and nature of her post and later revision. Her vitriolic rant asserting... Read More
Guess good fences don't always make good neighbors. And about that brand spanking new Edwards' manor, MKH has a few things to say:
Amanda Marcotte: A bleepin' embarrassment Last week, far left-wing blogger Amanda Marcotte began her stint as Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards' "blogmaster:" This is both my first post to the Edwards blog and my announcement that I'm joining the presidential campaign for John Edwards for 2008. I'll be taking over the job of Blogmaster (mistress?)... Read More
I haven't been overly thrilled with the GOP presidential candidates so far, but it looks like the other side has it worse. Wes Clark seems like he's ready to jump in again--prompting James Joyner to observe: That's for sure. Word's out this morning that one Democratic governor has jumped in: Iowa's Tom Vilsack: Democratic Gov.... Read More
I don't like to mud wrestle, but sometimes the slime-flingers need to be held accountable. All week, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and his left-wing vassals have tried to blame female conservative commentators for one nutball's fake anthrax letter attacks. Reportedly, the suspect was a Free member whose pseudonymous profile noted that he "worshipped" Ann... Read More
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