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Jimmy Carter

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President Obama is headed to New Orleans this weekend to mark the 5th anniversary of Katrina. The papers and airwaves will be clogged with all sorts of retrospectives. My column today reminds you of the ugly racial demagoguery by leading Democrats and "civil rights" leaders from Jimmy Carter to Charlie Rangel to Malik Zulu Shabazz.... Read More
When the Carters snubbed the Clintons. Brrrrrr.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions -- and, apparently, the homes in the neighborhoods along that hellish path are built by Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity. The Times of London reports on one of the celebrity charity's biggest showcase projects in Jacksonville, Florida, Fairway Oaks, where residents claim their houses are... Read More
My column this week looks at the Dems' Dhimmi Carter problem. Even the left-wing SF Chronicle is advising him to stay home. The Palestinians deride the Postman. Samuel Segev fills in the blanks of what Carter left out of his progress report. Jay Ambrose jibes: "Carter has demonstrated that one determined individual can do harm... Read More
Move over, fancy ham. Here's Obama's new favorite food. First Read has a video snippet of Barack Obama's new question avoidance strategy: Stuffing his mouth with waffles. No signs of any arugula on the plate. But the waffles worked. He never did answer the question about his thoughts on jihadi postman Jimmy Carter meeting with... Read More
Jimmy Carter is touting his Hamas-hugging accomplishments. The jihadi do-badders have generously allowed kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to write a letter to his parents, which Carter has gallantly volunteered to deliver it. Shalit's father responded appropriately by deriding Carter as a postman for Hamas. What a tool. Carl in Jerusalem recommends this vid clip... Read More
Chickens coming home to roost. (Photoshop hat tip:
Will anyone hold Jimmy Carter to account for his hugs-for-Hamas sabotage? Bloggers have watched and waited for several days for signs of life in Washington. And it looks like someone woke up: GOP Rep. Sue Myrick issued a press release earlier today calling for his passport to be revoked (hat tip - WZ): Today, Rep.... Read More
Will anyone in Congress take up the cause? Senate contact info is here. *** LGF: Carter: 'I've Been Meeting with Hamas Leaders for Years'
Smearing America. Again.
Who is America's worst president? Jimmy Carter reconfirms it every time he opens his mouth. Here he goes again, smearing America while abroad--this time at an NGO forum on human rights in Ireland where he sang a Bush-bashing tune for his lucrative supper: [Irish] Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern has signed an agreement to... Read More
Jimmy Carter says he has signed more than 100,000 books during his book tour. Book publishing insider Brad Miner's B.S. detector has been activated. Update: Whoops.
The New York Sun weighs in on "The Axis Bomb:" Bryan Preston has a p
Watch Ed Peck, chief of the U.S. mission to Iraq under Jimmy Carter, if you can stand it.
Jim Hoft notes that Iran threw itself a party celebrating 27 years of Mullah-cracy--and millions boycotted. Publius Pundit has more on the sit-out. Clark Mountain Musings has a FlashPoint greeting card for the mullahs, with special guest appearances by Jimmy Carter and Jacques Chirac. Regime Change Iran has the Monday daily briefing on Iran. Winds... Read More
Babalu Blog has the scoop. Here's the ABC News write-up: Hundreds of thousands of Cubans marched by the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana to protest a U.S. ticker tape flashing messages. President Fidel Castro charged that the Bush administration was not only trying to torpedo relations but that the United States was also coddling anti-Cuban... Read More
- Using racial slurs against each other during legislative debates over flying the flag. - Getting convicted for election fraud in East St. Louis. - And starting to dislike themselves more than Republicans do: Go figure. *** Update: Polling guru Gerry Daly of Daly Thoughts shares some non-glib feedback on the Greenberg survey... I am... Read More
Bob Novak visits California and finds "surprising and substantial opposition" among Democrat elites to nominating Hillary Clinton for President in '08: At a dinner party in a private room of a Los Angeles restaurant attended by eight Democratic politicians (including City Council members and a county supervisor), I was asked to assess the political scene.... Read More
At his May 31st press conference, President Bush's response to reckless claims about Guantanamo Bay was inadequate and superficial at best. Unfortunately, that performance was Reaganesque compared to W.'s interview last night with FNC's Neil Cavuto. Here is the full transcript. This is the relevant portion (with a few of my comments in brackets): CAVUTO:... Read More
Here's the "news quote of the day" from Chris Matthews, which is featured on Don "Execute the Swift Vets" Imus' website: Matthews broke down in tears in 2000 during Al Gore's concession speech. Prepare for...Sniffleball.
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