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Jessie Macbeth

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One of the advantages of having fought conservative battles in the blogosphere for a decade and in traditional media for more than two decades is that I never forget a fraudster. Many gullible gun-rights activists have been promoting a July 4th armed march on Washington organized by Adam Kokesh. Just stop it. I'm also flabbergasted... Read More
There's more on "Rick Duncan/" Rick Strandlof, the fake Marine anti-war activist who managed to dupe Colorado politicians, leftists, and the local media for years. First, "Duncan's" veterans' group has disbanded. Next, the Denver Post, which had quoted him extensively, now jumps on public officials who happily pimped "Duncan"/Strandlof: Dems red-faced over veteran imposter Democrats... Read More
Truly unhinged.
Scroll down for updates... You remember Jessie MacBeth, don't you? He was the fake "Army Ranger" thug who lied about serving in Iraq and was promoted by the Iraq Veterans Against the War until milbloggers exposed him as a total fraud. Well, meet a guy who makes Jessie MacBeth look like a choir boy. And... Read More
Totally unhinged.
Important update here. *** Documenting the war on military recruiters that no one else will document, I turned my special blog report from last week into today's syndicated newspaper column. The nutball who threatened to bomb the Gathering of Eagles has upped the ante: And then there's this (via LGF): March 19 War Anniversary Protest... Read More
South Jersey's own Jesse MacBeth.
The Atlantic City Press, my hometown newspaper, has been all over the story of Democrat AC mayor Bob Levy--accused phony military benefits claimant and Special Forces fraudster. Levy disappeared from public view 12 days ago. The city has no clue on his whereabouts. The Crush Rush Democrats are silent on the matter. Here's the latest... Read More Democrats.
Democrat Rep. Mark Udall is spearheading the resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh. It apparently has 19 co-sponsors now. Meantime, Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar has started a censure bandwagon: Guess he's trying to get back into the nutroots' good graces after signing onto the resolution condemning MoveOn. The Daily Sentinel also points out that Salazar's brother is... Read More
Shooting the messenger.
Update: Rush vs. Dingy Harry. Update: Moonbats continue to push to kick Rush off the Armed Forces Network. More here. *** So, word is that the Democrats will introduce a House resolution Monday condemning Rush Limbaugh for his remarks about phony soldiers. Brian Maloney points out that ABC News aired a report on phony soldiers... Read More
Follow the bouncing ball: The newspaper that was hoaxed by Jayson Blair covers the magazine that was hoaxed by Stephen...
Update: More shenanigans. Update: Ace catches the NYTimes changing its story. It is definitely flaming skull time. *** The newspaper that was hoaxed by Jayson Blair covers the magazine that was hoaxed by Stephen Glass, and which is now under tough scrutiny over the work of pseudonymous soldier "Scott Thomas." From the NYTimes: Just who... Read More
Who wrote "Shock Troops?"
Let me make one thing clear at the outset: To question the veracity of a soldier's accounts of war atrocities in Iraq is not to question that such atrocities ever happen. They do. But when such accusations are made pseudonymously, punctuated with red flags and adorned with incredible embellishment, the only responsible thing to do... Read More
He's baaack Got a tip from Tacoma, Wash. that our old friend Jesse MacBeth, the fake Army Ranger who was briefly a poster boy for the anti-war movement, has been arrested. My source says he was released from the Pierce County Jail--for assaulting a woman--and then taken into custody by federal law enforcement officials. He... Read More
Who is Amorita Randall? She's not who the New York Times said she was last week in its profile of troubled women soldiers who have served Iraq. Welcome to the Jesse MacBeth/Micah Wright/Jimmy Massey liars' club, Ms. Randall. And chalk up another embarrassment for the anti-war fable enablers at the New York Times. *** Jim... Read More
Bogus moonbat behind bars Remember Jesse MacBeth, the fake Army Ranger propped up by anti-war moonbats and exposed by sharp-eyed bloggers as a lying liar? Sweetness and Light reports he's in jail--apparently in custody in Pierce County, Wash. on assault charges. All he is saying is give peace a chance... *** Previous: The fables... Read More
John Kerry's "botched joke"/habitual troop slander has soaked up most of the blogosphere and MSM's attention the past week. But under the radar screen, another embarrassing controversy involving the Democrats and the military has been brewing. Two separate Democrat ad campaigns--run statewide by Missouri Senate candiate Claire McCaskill and run nationally on CNN and FOX... Read More
Did you know the moonbats have declared today a "National Day of Action" in support of military "resister" Lt. Ehren Watada, who refused to deploy to Iraq last week after volunteering to join the military in March 2003? Shouldn't it be "Inaction?" My vent here. Note that fake Iraq vet Jesse MacBeth's publicists are the... Read More
***update: McQ says he has a copy of Macbeth’s real Form DD-214...more updates at Hot Air...*** Allah Pundit posts a new document that raises more questions than it answers. Check it out. If you have any expertise with Army discharge forms, take a look and give us a holler. *** Smash analyzes. John Noonan at... Read More
John Kerry + Jesse MacBeth = (Photoshop credit: Hot Air affiliate Sanctuary) Yikes! Vent spotlights the lies of Jesse MacBeth (featuring disgraceful clips from the MacBeth video that has been yanked from the Peace Films website). My syndicated column today covers blogs vs. anti-war frauds. Iowahawk brings the funny. Jesse MacBeth on MySpace? McQ at... Read More
The Iraq Veterans Against the War bail on Jessie/Jesse MacBeth (hat tip: Nighthaven): MacBeth last appeared with IVAW members on May 17th: Halliburton On The Run! Teach In / Press event WED, MAY 17TH, 2006 5:30pm-7:00pm Mayflower Congregational Church 3901 NW 63rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) Event to present &... Read More
***scroll for updates...Just Citizens blog reports that Army has no record of service from Jesse/Jessie MacBeth...more below...(hat tip: LGF )...12noon update: I just talked to the Army spokesman as well. Paul Boyce told me: "At a minimum, this appears to have been concocted" and "some sort of hoax." Special Ops Command and State Department have... Read More
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