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Jamil Hussein

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Priceless: "AP Threatens Blogger for Unauthorized Reproduction of Photos . . . Then Reproduces Photos Without Authorization." But of course, this self-exempting journalism is par for the course for the AP.
Wow. Just wow. The Associated Press puts its advocacy spin and institutional arrogance on naked display in a story hot off the wires. You know those four mosques that AP reporter Qais Al Bashir and AP source Capt. Jamil Hussein claimed had been "destroyed" and "torched" and "burned and blew up"? The ones we showed... Read More
My report on our investigation of the Associated Press's four destroyed mosques/six immolated Sunnis story is up at the New York Post. We'll have video and audio, including comments from Dagger Brigade members about the AP's faulty coverage and rumor-based war reporting, at Hot Air tomorrow morning. Excerpt: WELL, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior says... Read More
On December 26 and December 27, I linked to a photo publicized by radio talker Scott Hennen and Power Line of Sen. John Kerry in Iraq. Milblogger Ben of Mesopotamia, an Army Captain in Iraq, had posted the photo and recounted on Dec. 18: After TPM Muckraker wrongly accused milbloggers and conservative bloggers of faking... Read More
***updates: Eason Jordan weighs stringer found dead**** Just received this from Linda Wagner of the Associated Press: The following news story about your recent inquiry has just moved on the AP wire. BC-Iraq-Jamil Hussein,1116< Iraq threatens arrest of police captain who spoke to media< By STEVEN R. HURST= Associated Press Writer= BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP)... Read More
Paging Kathleen Carroll My blogging has been lighter than usual the past few weeks due to family time, Fox News duties, holiday chaos, holiday illness--and, yes, planning for a trip to Iraq. As you know, ex-CNN newsman Eason Jordan extended an invitation to me three weeks ago to go to Iraq to investigate the Associated... Read More
Yesterday, I contacted the AP about the "Jamil Hussein"/Jamil Ghdaab Gulaim/Ghulaim findings and asked these simple questions: Here is the response I received yesterday from AP media relations officer Linda Wagner: I also cc'ed my questions to AP exec editor Kathleen Carroll. She did not respond. In the meantime, I did hear back from my... Read More
After receiving initial reports from a Civilian Police Advisory Training Team (CPATT) source two days ago and investigating further, here's what I can tell you: According to two CPATT officials--one in the U.S, one in Iraq--there is no one named "Jamil Hussein" working now or ever at either at the Yarmouk or al Khadra police... Read More
A few minutes ago, I posted an update to the Jamil Hussein story. My source just informed me that he had incorrect information. I'm removing the post. I'll update as soon as I know more. Update: Marc Danziger reports the results of his investigation.
***10/16 update...Marc Danziger at Armed Liberal claims there may be a "Jamail Hussein in the Yarmouk police station in Baghdad"...See-Dubya is skeptical...I have contacted CENTCOM for comment...stay tuned...*** Eason Jordan has further comment on his invitation and my acceptance: There are people on both sides of the blogosphere who think this is some kind of... Read More
My new travel partner? Eason Jordan reports on his new website, Iraqslogger, that his team is in Baghdad looking for Jamil Hussein. They have not found him yet--which is newsworthy in itself--and get this: He has offered to pay for me to join the search in Iraq and accompany me: Who is Jamil Hussein? Michelle... Read More
Well, this should be interesting. I'm sure bloggers will be checking in to see what defamatory statements and rumors former CNN head Eason Jordan will be posting on his new website, Iraqslogger: For the past four years there has been no shortage of news and views on Iraq and the long-running war there. What’s been... Read More
Don't you love farce? Eric Boehlert has a post titled "Michelle Malkin fiddles while Baghdad burns" that's making the rounds on the moonbat side of the blogosphere. Bob Owens has a takedown of the Media Matters bloviator here: In Michelle Malkin fiddles while Baghdad burns, Boehlert dishonestly addresses the continuing Associated Press scandal surrounding the... Read More
"Who is Jamil Hussein?" is becoming the new "Who is John Galt?"--a blogospheric refrain that both summarizes and challenges MSM apathy about its questionable war reporting. Townhall's Mary Katharine Ham is the latest to pose the question in the Washington Examiner. Historian and Army infantry officer Robert Bateman, using the latest AP scandal over its... Read More
The Associated Press controversy over its six burning Sunnis story is not just about AP. It's a burning credibility crisis that stretches from Pallywood to the Fauxtography scandal and beyond. Milblogger Greyhawk takes on the Times' Ed Wong and his reporting in Hurriya. Greyhawk zeroes in on this paragraph: Apparently a separate incident from the... Read More
***update: video - Jules Crittenden on Fox*** The controversy over the Associated Press' coverage of the alleged burning of six burning Sunnis in Hurriya, Iraq last month continues--even if most of the media refuses to confront it. This morning, the New York Times' Tom Zeller--one of the few on the case--follows up his blog coverage... Read More
***scroll for updates...NYTimes blogger Tom Zeller Jr weighs bloggers note the significance of the capture of Mazer Al-Jubouri, aka the Baghdad Sniper, and his group...103pm Eastern...Curt has posted the AP's non-response response...802pm Eastern update on the source list...see below...*** I've been following up with CENTCOM on the Associated Press/sketchy sources brouhaha. Just heard this... Read More
***update: Action item...Bruce Kesler has contact info for the AP Board of Directors*** My column and Vent today cover the Associated Press controversy over the six-burned-alive-Sunnis story. Shortly after I filed and taped, the AP released its statement (which I finally received this morning after my Gmail problems) and a new story on the incident,... Read More
***scroll for updates...(fyi, my gmail is still down. if you are trying to reach me, use this temporary address: below for AP tinfoil hat, read Mary Katharine Ham's very useful reconstruction of how the AP story moved and evolved on the wires...*** ***940pm Eastern update. This is really dishonest. Yahoo! is now featuring... Read More
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***4:30pm Eastern update: when it rains, it's a third must-read from milblogger John Noonan raising questions about AP stringer Bassem Mroue...more from Lorie Byrd on media malpractice...*** ***8:58pm Eastern update: more questions for the AP...see Allah and See-Dubya: "Who is Qais al-Bashir?"...more here...still no word from AP in response to my query this morning...***... Read More
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