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Christian pastor Yousef Nadarkhani still faces the death penalty in Iran because he refuses to renounce his faith. The vigilant defenders of religious freedom at the ACLJ continue to monitor the case and work for Pastor Nadarkhani's freedom. Here is the very latest -- word is that the execution order has been officially handed down:... Read More
Via Mediaite and RCP, the U.S. delegation walked out on Ahmadinejad's address to the U.N. Assembly in New York this afternoon after he pushed the 9/11 Truther button: Glad to know the Obama administration draws the line somewhere. WWVJD: What would Van Jones do?
The Guardian details the latest on the new wave of arrests in Iran amid another round of regime complaints that the homegrown protests are Western-fomented: Authorities in Iran intensified their drive to snuff out the opposition movement overnight by arresting the relatives of prominent activists, including the sister of the Nobel laureate and human rights... Read More
Wishing you all a joy-filled Christmas! "Gloria in excelsis Deo" - King's College Choir: Please keep our troops in your prayers. In Afghanistan, our soldiers are hard at work: "A Soldier's Christmas Poem," written by LCDR Jeff Giles, CS, USN, stationed in Al Taqqadum Iraq: A Christmas video from the soldiers of the Dragon Brigade:... Read More
Here we go again. The Iranian mullahcracy has reportedly attempted to choke off the Internet and reportedlysurrounded Tehran University to stifle anti-Ahmadenijad student protesters today: Why today? In brief: Once again, Twitter
Interesting. Not sure whether this is the Obama White House response to criticism that it has been soft on jihad, but the timing is noteworthy. (Okay, thought about it. Yes, I'm pretty sure it is p.r.-driven.) Continuing an investigation it -- ahem -- inherited from the Bush administration, Obama officials have moved to seize four... Read More
Words, just words.
World "leaders" will meet with Iran to "talk" about its rogue nuclear activities. The "leaders" say this will not be talk for talk's sake. But the Obama administration says sanctions are not on the table. Just really, really tough talk. Iran gets taken to the woodshed. But there's no paddle. Just chit-chat. Michael Ledeen is... Read More
Where's everyone else? Via the National Post: A Joe Wilson-style calling out would also be welcome.
Is the world still watching? Jim Hoft is. Here's his latest round-up of developments today -- with details and links on a reported new massacre at Baharestan Square in Tehran. More from Ed Morrissey. Twitter: #iranelection. Liveblogging/Twitter aggregation at The Lede.
I noted on Twitter and in my live-blog of Obama's press conference that the president called on/coached HuffPo's Nico Pitney in an obvious, pre-planned question on Iranians communicating through social media and the Internet. The question itself was unobjectionable and Obama's response was so bland and rambling I don't remember it. But what was noteworthy... Read More
At around 12:30pm Eastern, Barack Obama will put down his ice cream cone and boldly condemn repression in Iran. Why now? Andrew Malcolm explains the timing: You don't need to be a basketball-loving president of the United States to know that if you're trying to block opponents' shots in your end, you sure aren't increasing... Read More
Life magazine reports in a special online feature gallery of Iran protest photos: See the whole photo gallery here.
Her name was Neda, which means "voice" in Farsi. According to numerous online accounts picked up by media outlets worldwide, she was shot in the streets by Iranian state police while protesting today. This is what repression looks (warning: graphic//update: vid link fixed): Iranian blogger Madyar has a chilling still photo of the dying girl.... Read More
The world is watching.
Scroll down for updates...Reported 30-40 dead in Tehran after civilians clash with Basij...Obama finally gets off the fence and opens his mouth... U.S. media are relying on state TV to figure out what's going on today in the streets of Iran. And, like everyone else, they are relying on Twitter to ferret out the truth.... Read More
The Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, delivered 100 minutes of blame the Jews/Death to the U.S. bile mixed with a veiled threat to the hundreds of thousands of protesters who've taken to the streets the last week to oppose voter fraud and fight for freedom from the mullah-cracy: The "Zionist" media did not make... Read More
Ross Kaminsky, a recent convert to Twitter, has a nice overview for newcomers on the medium and its role in the Iranian uprising. Excerpt: The impact of Twitter on events in Iran has been noticed by our usually dictator-compliant State Department, which risked insulting the ayatollahs by contacting Twitter to request they postpone a scheduled... Read More
(Via DoublePlusUndead) Details via JPost:
Information providers and their conduits, like people, just want to be free. No matter. Outmaneuvered by dissidents on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, Iran has declared war on the Internet. It's a war the Luddite mullahs will lose:
Photo via #iranelection twitterer maydar Michael Ledeen weighs in: What’s going to happen?, you ask. Nobody knows, even the major actors. The regime has the guns, and the opposition has the numbers. The question is whether the numbers can be successfully organized into a disciplined force that demands the downfall of the regime. Yes, I... Read More
You can see real-time photos pouring in over Twitter/Twitpic via this PicFog page. A small sample: (Mousavi waves to the masses) *** Update: AP photog reports gunfire at the massive Tehran rally; one reported dead.
Via Raymond Jahan on Twitter (h/t Allahpundit), tens of thousands of anti-A-jad protesters have taken to the streets in Iran (click here for full-size). Tracking #iranelection on social media: Mashable has a handy guide. And keep refreshing Hot Air for up-to-date, comprehensive coverage. Report: 100,000-plus marchers defy crackdown.
Ready for some unhinged liberal math equations? Karl Rove = Ahmadinejad. George W. Bush = Ahmadinejad. And, of course: Rove x Bush = Fox News + Tea Parties + Talk Radio + Right-wing blogosphere = Ahmadinejad (squared).
Here's video of the riots and police beatings in the streets of Iran as citizens bravely stood up to protest election fraud by the mullah-cracy: There will be public protests in Toronto and Berlin in solidarity with the reformists. Latest from the wires on the winds of change: Best and most up-to-date coverage: Fol
US journalist Roxana Saberi turns 32 today in an Iranian prison. After an hour-long trial, she was sentenced to eight years behind bars for "espionage." She was initially told she was arrested for buying bootleg wine, and then because she was working as a journalist without a license. She's now on day five of a... Read More
Hope. Change. Lighter fluid.
Guess that whole moving-forward-with-the-Arab-world thing President Obama talked about today hasn't reached the streets of Tehran yet: Pro-Gazan Iranian demonstrators carrying a British flag, burn a photo of US President-elect Barack Obama, during an anti-Israeli, anti-US and anti-British protest in front of the former US Embassy in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Vahid... Read More
One Dear Leader sends his best regards to another. Can't wait for the chai-sipping session (via LAT): Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today posted a congratulatory message to President-elect Barack Obama on his official website. But his lengthy note also cautioned Obama to change America's ways and to reverse policies based on what he described as... Read More
If you happen to be in NYC tonight, you can raise your voice against the American apologists for terrorism who'll be breaking bread with The Littlest Jihadist. Protest details: On Thursday, Sept 25, at 6pm in New York City at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, The American Friends Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee, Quaker UN Office,... Read More
Talk talk.
Barry O, alert your scheduler!.Via the Jerusalem Post, A-jad is heading to the Big Apple again in September: See-Dubya suggested in May that Obama go to Iran to shake hands with A-jad. Now, A-jad can come to Obama! Tea and sympathy in NYC. Go ahead. Take the lead. *** Here's a topic for discussion:
"Maybe that's a way of killing 'em."
I can hear it coming already: faux outrage, MSM feeding frenzy, Worst Person in the World designation, and a 24-hour cycle of cable TV teeth-gnashing over McCain's off-handed joke about cigarette exports to Iran. Here we go. In 5, 4, 3, 2... Compare the disproportionate attention McCain's remark will receive vs. Obama's truly bone-headed and... Read More
Because the other two rounds worked so effectively! Indonesia abstained on the 14-0 toothless vote: Allahpundit noted last week: "Worrying about whether their program is dormant or already up and running is like worrying about whether the gun pointing at you is loaded or about to be loaded. You’ve got a tiny bit more time... Read More
Support Denmark and the Netherlands.
Iran and its bloodthirsty minions are ramping up the pretextual Mo Cartoon outrage. While Iranian lawmakers call for cutting off trade and political ties to Denmark and Netherlands over republication of the Mohammed Cartoons, jihadis are wielding their machetes again: In a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, some 215 lawmakers of Iran's 290-seat assembly said... Read More
"We pay the enemy and America’s corporations profit."
Debra Burlingame lambastes GE's See No Evil corporate policies on Syria and Iran: Read the whole thing and watch the related video.
Curiouser and curiouser.
This incident in the Strait of Hormuz just keeps getting weirder. The Navy Times has a fresh story out this afternoon on the existence of a mythical radio troll that has been hecking ship drivers in the Middle East (hat tip - reader Dan): The threatening radio transmission heard at the end of a video... Read More
Plus: First "Gulf of Tonkin" cry from the nutroots.
It's all Bush's fault, of course--via Reuters: More info: *** Allah asks: "Which nutroots blog will be the first to scream 'Gulf of Tonkin!'?" Answer: Democr
If you haven't already read the nine-page National Intelligence Estimate on Iran's nuclear intentions and capabilities, it's here. What's not making headlines (the certainty that Iran indeed had a nuke program) is as telling as what is making news (the halting of the program in 2003). This chart outlines the changes over the past two... Read More
Dissent at Stanford.
Stanford University student Tristan Abbey challenges a mindless moonbat mantra: Read the whole thing. Send it to your favorite misguided left-wing student. Also check out the comments at the Stanford Daily site. Hang in there, Tristan. Your dissenting voice of diversity is needed!
Caption call.
Hugo and A-jad got the anti-American hots for each otha. Thug love: Not allowed in Iran, but apparently okay in Venezuela.
"Frightened by the polarity."
A left-wing screed by one Rick Perlstein, accusing conservatives of creating a "bed-wetter" nation and decrying the uproar over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to Columbia, got a bit of buzz yesterday. McQ at Q&O takes apart Perlstein's argument that America was more "mature" and "well-adjusted" when it welcomed Nikita Khrushchev in 1959, but has regressed because... Read More
Update 6:00pm Eastern. This is probably one of the most powerful signs I snapped photos of today at Columbia University... Absolute moral authority. Meantime, no sign of the Iranian nutjob here at Ground Zero. It's possible he squeezed in his visit this morning when the protesters were cleared up. If so, though, why would he... Read More
Update 9:40pm Eastern. Need another reason to get off your duff and join one of the protests in NYC or DC tomorrow. Check out Allahpundit's summary of the Iranian nutjob's talking points from his 60 Minutes' appearance, which was taped in Iran on Thursday. Meantime, filed tonight by the Associated Press, charges from the US... Read More
Update 7:50pm Eastern 9/22. Video: Yes, says Columbia official John Coatsworth, we'd invite Hitler. Because, of course, as I linked to yesterday, they already did. Transcript of Dean John Coatsworth's comments on Fox News: Reason number 9,991 not to send your kid to Columbia University. Update 1:23pm Eastern 9/22. Bill Kristol calls for a boycott.... Read More
All-points bulletin.
Update 9:30pm Eastern 9/20. Dogging Mahmoud, via WCBS: Still waiting. Update: 7:35pm Eastern 9/20. Columbia goes back and forth and back and forth on whether to cancel the Iranian nutjob's appearance. Get me a Dramamine. Update 5:20pm Eastern 9/20. The nutjob tells his friends at 60 Minutes that he is
Insane. Plus: Vote on Ahmadinejad's itinerary.
Update: Wow. I was just joking about the campus visit in my poll. And now this: I'm sure he'll get a warmer welcome than Columbia gave the Minutemen. Update: Request denied. Oh, holy hell. The NYSun reports: In a move that has stunned New York, the Bloomberg administration is in discussions to escort the Iranian... Read More
I wanna hold your hand.
Via Yahoo! News, this is the photo-op one of the journalists at today's White House press conference was referring to this morning: Yes, President Bush should be concerned: Meanwhile, in Sadr City: An American raid and airstrike killed 32 people in the Shiite stronghold of Sadr City on Wednesday, in what American military officials described... Read More
Iran is burning.
There's rioting over gas rationing in Iran. Bloggers covering the turmoil here , here, and here. Iran is blaming--who else?--the U.S. for the unrest. Meanwhile, human rights groups are paying attention to Iran's execution of minors: In a troubling report on the execution of minors in Iran, Amnesty International said yesterday that at least 71... Read More
Updated and bumped Originally posted June 24, 2007 @ 06:30am Today I am joining blogs Gateway Pundit, Ali Eteraz, and Iran Focus in reprinting the latest batch of Iranian repression photos being distributed by the regime's state-run FARS News agency and ISNA. The innocent young men in the photos were beaten, humiliated, and arrested for... Read More
I can't get this woman's cry for help out of my head: Jim Hoft and Robert Mayer both sent the video and have extensive posts on the ongoing spring crackdown by the Iranian mullahcracy. Fausta notes that it's not just women being targeted. It's men with Western hairstyles. Tourists. Foreign journalists. And even mannequins: Though... Read More
The Brit hostage debacle continues to unfold. Yesterday: The American soldier's code of conduct
Free, but humiliated, says the London Telegraph. And the episode isn't over: Video: The sailor who didn't smile.
Meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, newly-crowned champion of women's rights. Jim Hoft has more feel-good photo-ops. Roger Kimball: "I am glad the hostages are to be released. Their emancipation is no gift, however, but merely the bitter codicil of this latest instance of Iran's criminal insolence."
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