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Illegal alien sob stories

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"It's something I shouldn't have been doing."
I wonder whether the Santa Cruz Sentinel has devoted as much time and space to telling the story of American workers hit hard by the economic slump: Luis Valle eats a hard shell taco fast Monday afternoon at Taco Bell, his knee jerking up and down. It's the first thing he's eaten, he said, in... Read More
Update 12/31: Lonewacko has reax. *** The Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News carries a lengthy lead editorial extolling the "illegal immigrant" as the 2007 "Texan of the Year." The full piece is here. (hat tip - Freedom Folks and readers). I'll cut to the chase and give you the paper's rather underwhelming,... Read More
A tale of two illegal aliens.
A few weeks ago, an illegal alien crossing the border from Mexico received nationwide MSM attention after he rescued a boy whose mother had died in a desert car crash. I noted the disproportionate amount of attention the incident received relative to other open borders stories with not-so-happy endings. Here's another case to add to... Read More
Sympathetic stories about photo-taking illegal immigrants seem to be the order of the day. The New York Times gives us the sad story of Purna Raj Bajracharya of Nepal. Shortly after September 11, Bajracharya was seen videotaping a building that contained an FBI office. He was detained for three months in New York City, then... Read More
Here's the transcript of a local PBS town meeting on immigration I attended last week. It was the usual Can't We All Get Along-Celebrate Diversity-Embrace Change emote-a-thon. Frank Senso was as fair as a PBS host can be on this issue. But the panel was about as kookily unbalanced as Courtney Love teetering in stiletto... Read More
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