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Hugo Chavez

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Desperate to hold on to his dwindling power, Venezuelan thug-in-chief Hugo Chavez has now officially moved to seize a private farm supply company. Tuck this euphemism in the memory bank: "Forced acquisition." Via AP: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signed a decree Monday to expropriate a leading farm-supply business, promising to bring down prices of seeds... Read More
Caution: Chavistas at work.
A.M. Mora y Leon tipped me to this video last night of Chavista thugs confiscating farms across Venezuela. A.M. notes the parallels to what Lenin, Mao and Castro did: "But this time, some farmer had the presence of mind to turn on his cellphone camera and film the thuggery as it happened. This makes it... Read More
Grill, baby, grill.
Grill, baby, grill. President Obama sheepishly rescinded his July 4 party invitation to Iran's murderous mullahcracy. But some dictators and thugs are in luck: Obama's hot dog diplomacy has returned to Syria and Venezuela. Fire up the grill: The Obama administration has decided to return an ambassador to both Venezuela and Syria after a diplomatic... Read More
Click on the link for the full-size photo if you must. I can't stand to look at our president's dumb grin as he warmly greets Venezuela's thug-in-chief: Gag. And another handholding pic here: Ew. Did anyone smell sulfur during the photo op? Now, the Evil Clown (as Allahpundit calls him) can add his friendly pic... Read More
The Democrat Party's socialist fan club.
Looks like nationalization zealot Maxine Waters has plenty of company. Read and watch: Chilling. It's a short trip from railing about "obscene profits" to cheerleading Hugo Chavez-style takeovers of private industry. *** Flashback: "“And guess what this member* would be all about? This member would be all about socializing — er, uh. [Pauses for several... Read More
A tipster points me to this hilarious photo of Hugo Chavez unintentionally (or not?) Disney-fied by a Reuters photographer. Apparently, Chavez is incensed and called the photograph an act of "terrorism." My tipster e-mails: "This must be the first time Reuters ever did anything right." Noticias 24 even has a poll asking readers whether they... Read More
Say what? I missed this one the other day. The House Democrats have apparently granted tax breaks for Hugo Chavez in the energy bill passed on Wednesday. Via CNS:
"Say it with pride."
The Hugo Chavez plan for defeating American imperialism: If you can't beat 'em, ban 'em (hat tip - Reliapundit). Start with the nouns... How will he translate "stupid supermodel" and "Hollywood tools?"
"...and look how I am."
Have you ever listened to Hugo Chavez and thought to yourself: "That thug must be on something?" Well, you were right. Via the Miami Herald (hat tip - reader Craig) comes Chavez's admission that he chews coca--you know, that same stuff that gets refined into cocaine: Venezuela's controversial President Hugo Chávez has revealed that he... Read More
Thug love.
Because there aren't enough moonbat celebrity losers hanging around Venezuela: I smell sulfur. *** Doesn't Chavez know he's taking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's reject?
Hugo Chavez celebrity cheerleader Naomi Campbell can't get enough of leftist thug-o-crats. Now she's playing "investigative journalist" in Cuba--visiting housing projects and whoring for Fidel Castro. Hey, if Sean Penn can do it, why not Naomi? (Hat tip: Power Line) Actually, it's very clear what's she's doing: Making an abject global fool of herself.
How do you say "punked" in Spanish?
Awesome. Why can't more American journalists expose hypocritical, capitalism-bashing politicians and public figures the way this Venezuelan reporter exposed Vuitton-clad Venezuelan Interior Minister Pedro Carreno? You don't need to understand Spanish to enjoy the moment the journalist called the emperor naked. Punked! Reuters fills in the details: Freedom: Love it, catch it, wear it.
Thugocracy on the ballot.
Update 7:00am Eastern 12/3. Hugo loses. Voters in this country narrowly defeated a proposed overhaul to the constitution in a contentious referendum over granting President Hugo Chávez sweeping new powers, the Election Commission announced early Monday. It was the first major electoral defeat in the nine years of his presidency. Voters rejected the 69 proposed... Read More
"Nothing less than an attempt to establish a socialist state in Venezuela."
Every so often, the truth about leftist ideology penetrates the pages of the New York Times. Today, a former Chavismo explains why he parted with Hugo Chavez and exposes the dangers of the Orwellian "reforms" on the ballot this weekend. Raul Baduel writes: Hugo Chávez and I worked together for many years. I supported him... Read More
Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, and Danny Glover were unavailable for comment.
Someone should put this photo on a t-shirt and send one to every member of the Celebrity Hugo Chavez Fan Club (via Jim Hoft): Daniel at Venezuela News and Views continues his excellent coverage of the upcoming weekend vote. Fausta is tracking the Countdown to Tyranny.
Daniel at Venezuela News and Views reports on the abject intellectual failure of the chavismos and the ongoing student repression. Gateway Pundit has a round-up. Much more on the Venezuela-Colombia conflict from Bryan. Further evidence of the Chavez nervous breakdown: The paranoid thug-o-crat is going after CNN for instigating his murder. Why? Because of a... Read More
"Until the last bone of my skeleton dries out!" the polls. The latest Venezuelan survey results show the thug-o-crat losing in his bid to revoke his term limit, expand his powers, and further his socialist fantasies under the guise of "constitutional reform:" What does a thug-o-crat do when faced with increasing unpopularity? Threaten, threaten, threaten: resident Hugo Chavez warned his supp
Chavista gone wild: Beats critic with microphone, breaks glasses, overturns chair. Viva la revolucion!
Iris Varela is a Hugo Chavez stooge lawmaker in Venezuela who, as Daniel at Venezuela News and Views notes, "once considered joining the FARC in Colombia." She had a meltdown yesterday on the set of an anti-Chavez journalist's television program--and began physically attacking him. These intimidation tactics are par for the course among Chavistas. Watch:... Read More
El diablo.
Paging Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey, and Naomi Campbell: Photo
The Venezuelan National Assembly has rubber-stamped Venezeulan thug-o-crat's Hugo Chavez's power grab and socialist makeover: Can you smell the sulfur? Students continue to demonstrate against El Diablo. Alberto de la Cruz at Babalu Blog spotlights the student protests and w
The real diablo.
Via Yahoo! News, the caption reads: "A student protestor holds a placard during a demonstration against constitutional reforms in Caracas November 1, 2007. The placard reads, "The reform smells like sulphur". REUTERS/Jorge Silva (VENEZUELA)." The sulfur reference, you'll recall, is an allusion to Venezuelan thug-o-crat Hugo Chavez's unhinged U.N. speech. The "reforms" are a naked... Read More
Celebrity Hugo Chavez Fan Club.
Kevin Spacey. Sean Penn. Danny Glover. What a parade of Hollywood has-beens. Could it get any worse? How about adding Naomi Campbell, the latest celebrity member of the Hugo Chavez Fan Club: "Not going to be political?" Kissing the ring of an insane, anti-American, liberty-squelching dictator is an overtly political, overtly stupid act. We need... Read More
American Ugly.
Update 10:20am Eastern. Fox has been reporting the last 20 minutes that Hugo will be sitting out the U.N. meetings this week. Maybe all that sulfur he complained about last year is keeping him away. Or maybe he's run out of Chomsky books to pimp. Remember? *** The celebrity love affair with Venezuela's thug-in-chief continues.... Read More
Allah's monitoring the nail-biting voting rounds at the U.N. Security Council. After six passes, it's a tie between Venezuela and Guatemala. Previous today: Will Hugo Chavez buy a U.N. seat?
WSJ editorializes: But we already knew that, didn't we? *** More on Chavez's efforts to buy a Security Council seat with oil mone
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