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Hey readers, As you have noticed, we have migrated to a new environment. It was way past time to modernize. We're now using the WordPress VIP platform, along with Disqus for comments. "Change is hard," as You-know-who says. The tech team is still ironing out bugs and kinks, so please be patient. Your readership,... Read More
Hey, readers. You may have noticed the link at the bottom of our posts to the newsletter recently. Our fabulous newsletter editor, Sarah Desprat, collects the best of my posts and Doug's posts from the blog -- plus a round-up of the best newsworthy links from across the web, PLUS my best tweets and... Read More
Thanks to all of you who've let us know that comments can't be viewed by un-registered readers on current posts. Tech team has been alerted and hopefully it will be fixed soon!
Hi, readers. Earlier today, the site was maliciously attacked. Many of you were either unable to access the site or received an intrusion message. The tech team is on it. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we get the site back up and running.
Happy Presidents' Day, readers. For a limited time only, by popular demand, comment registration is open. Click here to sign up. Acquaint yourselves with the terms of use. E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any problems. Put "COMMENT REGISTRATION" in the subject line. And welcome to the fold! *** Update: If you haven't received... Read More
Believe it or not, I maxed out on my 80 GB gmail account last night. It took a full day for the added storage to kick in, and it looks like all the e-mail I received over the past 24 hours bounced back and into oblivion. Please try and re-send if you really need to... Read More
Do you use an Android-based cell phone? We are looking for some beta testers to give our Android app a spin. UPDATE: Thanks for the overwhelming response. The beta signup is now closed. If you missed it, don't worry - you will not have to wait too long before we release the app to... Read More
A big thank you to Doug Powers for all the great guest-blogging. As I mentioned several weeks ago, Doug is pitching in regularly throughout the summer as I spend time with family and take care of personal business/other obligations. I'm back in the saddle today. Last week, I spoke at the Wendy McCaw Roundtable at... Read More
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I've been spending a bit more time away from the blog as family time and summer planning have taken precedence. One of the big projects I've been organizing is something I've always dreamed of: a great American road trip. We're renting an RV (first time!) and we'll be... Read More
If you are a parent like me, end-of-school-year madness and summer planning are upon us. You've also probably noticed a decrease in my blog posting over the weekends. As I spend time with family and take care of personal business, guest-blogger Doug Powers will be joining us and pitching in more regularly to keep you... Read More
Apologies if you haven't been able to access the site over the weekend. We've been undergoing maintenance and are in the middle of some server upkeep. Update: Should be back in business. Let me know if you encounter any problems, glitches. Thanks!
Thanks to all the readers who alerted me that some disgusting ads are appearing on this site. I have alerted my ad representative, who handles all the ads on the site, and hope to have it resolved soon.
Failure to communicate.
My e-mail box overfloweth and I'm waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a storage upgrade to kick in. If you're trying to contact me, please use this temporary address: malkintemp -at- If you've tried e-mailing me since about 1pm yesterday afternoon, you might want to send your message again. Thanks! Update: writemalkin -at- Read More
Update: Bumping this post to the top in case folks missed it. Registration is still open for a little while longer. *** Originally posted 8:51am Eastern. It's been a while since we last opened up comment registration. Lots of new readers have been asking to get in on the action. Now's your chance. Click here... Read More
Gather 'round.
Happy Monday morning. Been getting deluged with requests, so I'm opening up comment registration today. (Update: closed at 5:00 am April 15, 2008.) Go here to sign up. Acquaint yourselves with the terms of use. And welcome aboard!
On the road.
Just a programming note. I've been on the road today and gave a speech earlier tonight in Harrisburg, PA to the wonderful folks who run and work for Real Alternatives. It is an amazing, life-affirming program that offers true hope and change to young women facing crisis pregnancies. I'll have much more to say about... Read More
Welcome aboard, Captain.
Over at my other blog, we've got an exciting new addition: Ed Morrissey of the excellent Captain's Quarters will be joining us full-time (his CQ archives are here). As I wrote in my announcement: Ed has been a friend and kindred spirit since I entered the blogosphere. He brings keen political insights, boundless energy and... Read More
Update: Here's more on the Rackspace outages. Update 11:05pm Eastern. Don't want to jinx it, but it looks like Hot Air's back up. Maybe this post was the trick! Check out Allah's latest post on more Plantmania and a Democrat's taste for "Buckwheat." *** Yes, Hot Air's down. Been down for a couple of hours.... Read More
Yes, my site's been down most of the day because of a Rackspace server outage. Grrrr. Welcome back!
Update 7:52pm Eastern. Comment registration closed. *** By popular demand, I'm reopening comment registration again today for a limited today. Go here to sign up. Email comment moderator Rick Moran if you have any problems, questions, etc. He's at And welcome!
FYI: I'm in Santa Barbara today to speak to student leaders at the Young America's Foundation. Then I'll head up to the Reagan Ranch--my first trip to the site. Guest-blogger See-Dubya will drop in to keep things fresh here throughout the rest of the day, and I'll keep posting when I have down time. Happy... Read More
Talk amongst yourselves. Plus: Who are your favorite people on the right?
Update 8:20pm Eastern: Comments now closed. *** I've opened up comment registration temporarily for those of you who've been wanting to join. Go here to sign up. And welcome aboard! *** If you run into problems, e-mail comment moderator Rick Moran at Rick tells me that those of you who are AOL users should... Read More
Osama uncut. Michael Moore challenged. Goose Creek Two. And more.
The Osama video uncut. Watch it here. One of my all-time favorite journalists and role models, John Stossel, is taking on Michael Moore. Read about his upcoming special here. Babalu has more. The bullets in the car of the Goose Creek 2 were .22 caliber rounds. The suspects are back in Tampa. DiFi's $4 billion... Read More
My excellent comment moderator Rick Moran responds to nutroots accusations that is a "hate site" based on a few comments. Read the whole thing. I second everything Rick says, and would add a few things: If you're going to get into it, the qualitative difference between blog comments on liberal blogs and my blogs... Read More
Hot Air registration is open for a limited time.
You asked for it. You got it: Hot Air comment registration is now open for a limited time. Join here.
Talk back live.
Update: Comment registration will close at 5pm today Bumping to the top...comment registration is still open for a limited time. Okay, readers, comment registration is now officially open. Register by clicking here. I am reprinting my terms of use for commenters here so we are all clear on the rules of the road: allows... Read More
Extreme makeover.
6/19 Tuesday noon update: I'm bumping this up for readers who may just be viewing the new site for the first time. Bear with us as we resolve some transition issues. 6/18 late Monday night update: Thanks for all the feedback. My web team is working overtime to resolve glitches and address reader concerns. We... Read More
...and other things you didn't know about me are buried in a Meet the Bloggers interview I did with Jeff H. and company. Check it out.
The fishing report: Me: 0. Zip. Nada. My five-year-old daughter: 10 bluegill and crappie. No keepers. Me: A very unlucky Texas rig (lizards and pumpkin plastic worms). Daughter: Nightcrawlers under a Winnie-the-Pooh bobber (can't beat it). The fish that got away: An at least 6 lb. largemouth bass that I will be sobbing about for... Read More
Hope all you daddies had a great one.
This blog turned one last week! (BTW: Congrats to Karol at Alarming News, which turned the Big 3 today.) First, some blogiversary expressions of gratitude: Special thanks to the following people for their warm welcomes, words of advice/encouragement, and early links during's incipient days: John, Paul, and Scott at Power Line, John Hawkins at... Read More
A lot of readers want to know how my Christmas present --the Roomba 4100 Red--is working. So far, so good! I use it on the main level of our house, which has hardwood floors in the dining room, living room, and playroom, and linoleum tile in the foyer and kitchen. You won't believe how much... Read More
What's for Christmas breakfast: Apple-Cranberry Chutney with Sausages Cinnamon Toast Strata Bacon Potato Frittata What's under the tree: For the kids - Jump Dancer (yes, I'm going to try it), American Girl doll and accessories (from grandparents), Elmo videos, electronic thingamajigs, etc. etc. etc. For the husband - IOU for his Delphi MyFi, which I... Read More
For your early morning reading... TULSA, Okla. An airman home on leave from basic training jumped into the frigid water of the Arkansas River to save a mother and her 2-year-old son after their car lost control and crashed... BATON ROUGE, La.- A McDonald's worker ran to the rescue of an allegedly drunk driver whose... Read More
If you are having trouble viewing graphics on my site, please click here.
Like an increasing number of gift-givers, we've been doing most of our Christmas shopping on As in past years, there's an option before you place your order to purchase gift-wrapping for $4.99. Today, this gift for my daughter arrived in its "gift wrap"--a blue burlap sack with a cheap, day-glo green, wrinkled ribbon. Uh-uh-uh-gly!... Read More
I'm offering signed books for sale here, and am now set up to accept credit card payments. Orders received by Wednesday December 15th will be delivered before Christmas Day.
We bought our first real Christmas tree this year--a six-foot, North Carolina Frasier fir. My four-year-old daughter, a.k.a. Keeper of the Care Bears, claimed the honor of hanging the first decoration: Cheer Bear can stay, but I'm drawing the line at Bratz doll ornaments.
Hello to Seattle-area listeners in KVI-land. If you're coming to purchase signed books during my extended book sale, click here for more info and feel free to make yourselves at home. :)
I am in need of a general contractor to do some work on a basement wall in my home in Montgomery County, Maryland. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Many thanks to those of you who purchased signed books through last week's book sale. A $325.00 contribution has been made to Operation Uplink. All the books were shipped yesterday and should reach their destinations by the end of this week.
Yes, I am breathing...barely! Been sick as a dog and had to travel to Philly for a speaking engagement yesterday to address Daniel Pipes' terrific Middle East Forum. Had a great time--excellent and engaging conversation with Americans committed personally and professionally to fighting Islamic terrorism at home and abroad. Thanks to all who attended. Both... Read More
As I noted below, some readers cannot view graphics on my site. Apparently, the culprit is Norton antivirus software (and possibly several other antivirus programs). Reader David Moschetti recommends the following fix for those of you running Norton Internet Security: 1. Click on the Privacy Control option. 2. Select Configure. 3. Select Advanced. 4. Select... Read More
Reader Michael S. Sanders asks if he is "the only one who cannot download any of your graphics on your site." No, Michael, you are not the only one. It's a pretty common problem, unfortunately. Is there anyone out there who can help? If so, my e-mail address is [email protected]
Tim Layden's inspired choice gets my vote.
My Thanksgiving column is here. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday tomorrow. At the risk of offending the p.c. police, God be with you!
One of the special treats of the NR cruise was an advance screening of I Am David, a family-friendly movie that chronicles a 12-year-old boy's escape from a Bulgarian labor camp. It's scheduled for limited release in theaters on December 3. Check it out.
I am scheduled to be on Fox at 4:20am -- yes, 4:20am -- to discuss the latest goings-on.
Thanks to everyone who sent along birthday wishes and pumpkin pie recipes last week! We tried one with fresh pumpkin--using 1 medium sugar pumpkin--and another with canned pumpkin: I preferred the taste of the canned pumpkin pie, but you can't get into the spirit of the season without going through the ritual of scraping out... Read More
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