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Harry Reid

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The green card racket for Beltway cronies by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 Can we stop putting America up for sale to the most politically connected bidders yet? Where is our self-respect? Since 2001, I've warned about the systemic and bipartisan corruption of America's EB-5 immigrant investor visa program. The latest report from the... Read More
Asian-bashing Dems and the doormat minorities who enable them by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 Harry Reid is a bigoted Beltway corruptocrat with an interminable case of diarrhea of the mouth. The feeble-minded coot stuck his foot in that mess of a mouth again last week at the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.... Read More
Jaczko the Jerk: Harry Reid's sexist crony gets the boot by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2012 The embattled chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission resigned this week. It's a victory for Republican oversight on Capitol Hill, women and sound science. But it's also a lesson in the futility of Bush-era bipartisanship. When you... Read More
You know all that Democratic talk about getting big, dirty money out of politics? Never mind. Via Reuters: National fundraising committees for the Democratic and Republican parties, President Barack Obama, and other major politicians have declined to return campaign donations totaling $1.8 million from Houston financier R. Allen Stanford, now on trial for allegedly masterminding... Read More
Obama wanted a vote on the jobs bill NOW. The Senate GOP minority moved for an immediate up-or-down vote tonight. Harry Reid, knowing defeat was imminent and that some Senate Democrats were balking at the bill, jumped up and down like Rumpelstiltskin before Mitch McConnell moved to a procedural vote. The Reid bill included a... Read More
Hey, President Obama? How about another press conference tomorrow to condemn those playing politics, putting partisanship over country, changing the rules, and playing games with your jobs bill? No, not Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. Dirty Harry Reid and the Democrats. Here's a link round-up of all the shenanigans tonight. The GOP brought a knife... Read More
Scroll for updates...and contemplate this astounding fact: "For the first time in the history of the modern budget process, this Congress failed to even vote on a budget for next year." Whatever it takes, eh, Dingy Harry? The big buzz in Washington this afternoon is over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's warning to colleagues that... Read More
Harry "Who's the loser now?" Reid had quite the week. His DREAM Act illegal alien bailout was put on ice; his DADT deal went up in flames. Tonight,he announced that the cloture vote on the tax deal has been scheduled for Monday at 3pm Eastern. He still intends to cram shamnesty into the lame-duck session... Read More
The open-borders lobby went all in for Barack Obama, who promised them "comprehensive immigration reform" -- translation: blanket amnesty -- and failed to deliver. Then they went all in for Harry Reid (reminder: Harry Reid’s non-English-speaking voting bloc). And now, the OBL expects "payback." Roll Call reports: That proposal, of course, is the illegal alien... Read More
Nothing smells right about Harry Reid. His re-election on Tuesday has deepened the stench. Theories are flying left and right to explain the failure of polls that had consistently showed Sharron Angle ahead. The New York Times points to Latinos as Reid's hidden salvation. And not just any Latinos. It was apparently Latinos who prefer... Read More
Soon-to-be lame duck Harry Reid is promising yet another vote on the perpetually rejected DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout. Univision host Jorge Ramos crowed about it on his Twitter page, promoting an interview with Reid scheduled to air this Sunday. The Huffington Post confirmed: Don't forget: A critical number of
In style and substance, Lady in Red Sharron Angle trounced the four-term Democrat Senate incumbent and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at tonight's Las Vegas debate. He preposterously called George W. Bush "his friend" (after infamously branding him a "loser"), claimed credit for the surge in Iraq (after questioning General Petraeus's competence and character), and... Read More
Thanks to all of you who helped with Operation Buck Up Maine and phoned Sens. Snowe and Collins to hold the line against the special interest, speech-squelching DISCLOSE Act. The Senate is now voting on the do-over cloture motion. (It failed to muster 60 votes in July. Cloture vote 57-41.) GOP Leader McConnell assailed the... Read More
They won't take no for an answer. So we have to give them both barrels again. On July 27, the Senate voted down the Democrats' union-friendly, loophole-ridden, Orwellian-titled DISCLOSE Act. The bogus campaign finance reform bill was, as Sen. Mitch McConnell put it, a “transparent attempt to rig fall elections" that was written “behind closed... Read More
Scroll for updates...10:53am Eastern...Confirmed w/Ark.Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor's office...he's a NO on DREAM Act amndt...see updated phone list below for reportedly pushed back to 2:30pm Eastern...trouble in Reid-land?...12:02pm Collins is a no on is Voinovich...Biden tried to woo Collins in phone call, failed...2:58pm Eastern Cloture vote FAILS to reach 60-vote threshold, GOP sticks... Read More
The open-borders lobby is out in full force, launching a week-long campaign yesterday to pass another illegal alien amnesty-by-another-name. DREAM Act activists and Hispanic lawmakers strategized with President Obama at the White House. The "undocumented students action and resource network" has been activated. How about you? Keep track of where your lawmakers stand at NumbersUSA.... Read More
I've been covering the bipartisan open-borders push for the illegal alien DREAM Act since 2004. Quick legislative recap: Senate Republicans beat back the attempt to give special in-state college tuition preference to illegal aliens in 2007. It fell eight votes short of cloture in 2008 and was reintroduced in the House in 2009 to no... Read More
When Dingy Harry last opened his mouth to spout off about race, he was blabbing to left-leaning journalist/authors about Obama's "light skin" and lack of a "Negro dialect." Masochistic minority Democrats rallied around Reid at a dog-and-pony rally, though at least one person spoke truth to power. Flashback: Harry didn't listen. His latest racially/ethnically divisive... Read More
From the man who described millions of illegal alien border crossers and visa-overstayers and deportation fugitives as "undocumented Americans" comes a new set of open-borders nitwittery, via Las Vegas 8NewsNow reporter Nathan Baca. Watch Harry Reid claim that there are no illegal aliens working in the construction business in Nevada. Nada, says Dingy Harry: Reid... Read More
Photoshop: Leo Alberti Some cold water thrown on the cramdown, ram-through, promise-we'll-amend-it-later plans of the Democrat ruling majority. Curses, foiled again: The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that President Barack Obama must sign Congress’ original health care reform bill before the Senate can act on a companion reconciliation package, senior GOP sources said Thursday. The Senate... Read More
He is not a useful idiot. He's just an idiot.
Scroll for updates... Ew. As I mentioned this afternoon, Democrat Rep. Eric Massa owes much of his career and political success to anti-war nutball Gen. Wesley Clark. Massa served under Clark and worked on Clark's doomed presidential campaign. Clark provided the cash-strapped Massa critical PAC support, nutroots help, and funding for Massa's congressional bid. Gen.... Read More
H-A-R-R-Y-R-E-I-D. "Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good." *** Commenter jsr: "With any luck November 3 we will be able to say: 'Today is a big day in America. Over 300 congressmen lost their jobs today, which is really good.'" *** Update: Obama says... Read More
This is what desperation looks like, via the Washington Times: A bipartisan group of senators forged agreement on a jobs bill that drew the White House's blessing Thursday - but hours later Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scuttled the deal and replaced it with his own Democrat-written measure. Scrambling to show Democrats are taking action... Read More
In his State of the Union Address, President Obama purported to reach across the aisle by endorsing a "new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants"...before pushing cap and trade. The nearly $4 trillion budget he released today exposes his nuclear lie. It zeroes out funds for the besieged Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility in... Read More
Obama was supposed to set a "new tone" in Washington tonight. Don't think he meant the tone to sound like snoring. Janet Napolitano should have brought her Snuggie to the State of the Union Address. Here she is putting the "nap" in Napolitano: (hat tip: Cristy Li) Harry Reid forgot to drink his Red Bull,... Read More
Aw, how sweet. Looks like the minority dog-and-pony show for Harry Reid went off without a hitch. Everyone sang from the "Hail, Harry" hymn book in acceptable dialect. Well, almost:
The Nevada News Bureau catches Dingy Harry fibbing to voters about Demcare math and reduced doctor reimbursements. Joe Wilson moment: It is now old news that Senator Harry Reid extolled the virtues of his health care bill before a packed house at UNLV’s Judy Bailey Theater in Las Vegas last Thursday night. Reid said the... Read More
As a dark-skinned American, let me say in the most urban dialect I can muster: Awwww, yeaaaaah! Via the Rothenberg Political Report, Harry-Kiri is here: That "African Americans for Reid" event should be quite a doozy, eh?
Reid's "Macaca" moment.
It was just last month that Dingy Harry Reid likened Republicans who oppose the government health care to proponents of slavery. Who's the real RAAAAAAACIST? Go ahead. Blame Bush for this, buddy. Go right ahead. Tea Party-basher Janeane Garofalo and her ilk spent the last year lambasting conservatives as racists. Where are they now? Time... Read More
Harry Reid thinks you're a racist for opposing the government health care takeover. He's using your money to pay off Demcare wobblers. Nevadans are getting sick and tired of him. His fellow Democrats are dropping like flies. And tomorrow, Dingy Harry will be in Las Vegas for a health care event. Organizing for America is... Read More
It's official. The Hill reports this morning that the Dems have formally agreed to bypass the formal conference committee process to ram the government health care plan through for Barack Obama: "Aides said the agreement was reached during a Tuesday evening meeting at the White House with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and... Read More
When last we left the Senate chamber, Harry Reid had dragged himself onto the floor after an hour delay to recess until 12:01am Eastern. An hour after midnight, the Dems brought the defense authorization bill up for a cloture vote. This after months and months of delay on the bill, which has been used by... Read More
Wasn't it just the other day that Harry Reid was roasting obstructionist Republicans for delaying a historic vote on health care takeover legislation? You know - slavery, suffrage, civil rights, and all that? Yeah, it was. Now, Hurry Up and Wait Harry wants to take the weekend off...for a New Orleans fund-raiser to help him... Read More
Plus: "I guess I'm a racist!"
It was the GOP that fought slavery and the Democrat Party that battled to preserve it. It's the Democrat Party, not the GOP, that boasts an ex-Klansman among its senior leaders. But don't confuse Harry Reid with history while he invokes slavery to lambaste the GOP for opposing the government-run health care takeover. Details? Bah!... Read More
A few weeks ago, intrepid Harry Reid was telling us he wouldn't be "bound by any timelines" and wouldn't rush the government health care takeover through the Senate on a White House-imposed schedule. Neeeever mind: Yes, by all means, keep heeding Bill Clinton's advice and may Obamacare/Pelosicare/Reidcare go the way of Clintoncare: Straight to the... Read More
The man is really something else. Really something else. He still doesn't have a health care bill to show the American people, but he's whining that Republicans don't have sufficiently "comprehensive" alternatives of their own -- when, in fact, Republicans have had plenty of legislative proposals on the table. The chutzpah of Harry Reid knows... Read More
FNC's Major Garrett tweets that Democrat Sen. Evan Bayh is "uncommitted" on Harry Reid's "public option" plan announced yesterday. Politico's Manju Ranu reports that Joe Lieberman supports a GOP filibuster: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Tuesday that he’d back a GOP filibuster of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care reform bill. Lieberman, who caucuses... Read More
Capitol Hill awaits a 3:15pm Eastern press conference from Harry Reid, who is reportedly set to announce his public-option plan amid uncertainty over Democrat support: Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln is "non-committal."
Signs of real Hope and Change from Nevada! Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Cue "Had a Bad Day:" Reid also flubbed statements on Robert Byrd's health and the Senate Dems' position on Gitmo detainee funding: Most competent Congress ever! *** Previous today: They're sick of Harry Reid, too
Dingy Harry Reid's home state constituents are growing as weary of him as the rest of us. Hope for change lives: Nearly half of Nevadans have had enough of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as the powerful Democrat heads into his re-election campaign, a new Las Vegas Review-Journal poll finds. About a third of the... Read More
I want to remind you of what Harry Reid said just a few years ago in response to Republican calls for Social Security and Medicare reform. Reacting to GOP warnings in 2005 about the impending insolvency of both programs, Reid sneered: "Today's report confirms that the so-called Social Security crisis exists in only one place... Read More
President Obama lambasted businesses that use taxpayer money to visit Las Vegas. It's okay, however, to use porkulus money to build pie-in-the-sky rail lines from Los Angeles to Vegas for Harry Reid's benefit. A Hill staffer points out this morning that Reid and Obama are pushing for an $8 billion earmark in the conference report... Read More
GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions and Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson attempted several times to bring their bipartisan amendment to the floor last week. SA 239 would require local governments and businesses that receive porkulus money to use the federal E-Verify citizenship check system. On the House side, a long term extension of the E-Verify program passed... Read More
The Democrats' retreat is complete: Roland Burris gets his seat: (link) Wonder if they'll do a hush-hush middle of the night swearing-in on Friday. The fewer witnesses to Harry Reid's humiliation the better.
Harry Reid has filed S. 9, the Democrats' new shamnesty bill. Not much difference in principle between Reid's bill and McCain-Kennedy-Bush. Disingenuous lip service to immigration enforcement? Check. Path to legalization? Check. There are a few new nuggets -- most notably, open hostility to the Fence in Name Only on our southern border. Quoting from... Read More
Darn. One high drama on the Hill is about to end. It was fun while it lasted.
The good news is that conservative stalwart Sen. Tom Coburn is looking out for you. The bad news is that Dingy Harry and the Dems have wasted no time wasting more of your money. One of the first orders of business of the 111th Congress will be to pass a massive omnibus lands bill. Sen.... Read More
Silly you! Don't you know that when Harry Reid complained about how D.C. tourists reek, what he was really saying was how awesomely awesome they are: (link) Defusing a stink bomb with another stink bomb. Where is
(Photo image: Horrid Henry) Doug Powers presents the official soap of the Capitol Hill Visitors' Bureau: "Wash, peasants!" One more comment on Harry Reid's reeking insult of tourists visiting Washington, D.C.: Can you imagine the uproar if he had complained about the stench from D.C.'s homegrown homeless population? *** Previous: You reek: Letter from a... Read More
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