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Haleigh Poutre

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My Christmas Eve column today brings together several unforgettable stories over the past year that will be familiar to readers of this blog. It's enriching, inspiring stories like these that keep me going when Washington politics wears me down -- and remind me of how truly blessed we are. *** God's Gifts by Michelle Malkin... Read More
Almost three years ago, I started blogging about beautiful Haleigh Poutre. She's the miracle child who was nearly beaten to death by her barbaric stepfather. Hooked to a ventilator in a comatose state, she was then nearly condemned to death by Massachusetts medical experts and the state's criminally negligent child welfare bureaucracy, which hastily declared... Read More
Miracle child.
I've written thousands and thousands of blog posts over the year and 16 years' worth of newspaper columns. Some of the stories enter your heart and never leave. Haleigh Poutre's story was one of those stories. Longtime readers will remember Haleigh from two years ago. She was the 11-year-old girl in Massachusetts who had been... Read More
Since January 1, I've published nearly 2,400 blog posts of all shapes, sizes, and subject matter. Many readers have asked for follow-ups on stories that especially touched their hearts, boiled their blood, and otherwise piqued their interest in a lasting way. Here are a few updates: What ever happened to Haleigh Poutre? The state of... Read More
The state of Massachusetts almost murdered her. They deemed her "virtually brain-dead," in a "vegetative state," and not worth saving. Now, she is "bright-eyed and smiling," responsive, and speaking a few words. Update from Child abuse victim Haleigh Poutre, once deemed to be "virtually brain dead" by medical experts, continues to improve and is... Read More
Typical bureaucratic answer: Everyone and no one. Report: State let Haleigh Poutre down Agencies' failure cited in girl's case Probe has no justice for Haleigh: Gov panel clears DSS in tragic beating case ProLife Blogs rounds up the finger-pointers and blame-avoiders. *** Previous: Haleigh Poutre: Making progress Happy Birthday, Haleigh Haleigh's story continued: hope lives... Read More
The latest on little Haleigh from the Boston Globe (hat tip: Pundit Review): A nurse told the mother of Haleigh Poutre during a hospital visit on Tuesday that the severely beaten Westfield girl, whom officials once wanted to let die, has been able to eat scrambled eggs and cream of wheat, and has tapped out... Read More
Haleigh Poutre turns 12 years old today. Keep her in your prayers. *** Previous: Haleigh's story continued: hope lives Haleigh vs. Tookie Blogging for Haleigh Haleigh wants to live
My syndicated newspaper column today looks at the government junkets you fund. I'll have more documents and background material in coming days. Not Dead Yet, the national disabilities rights group, "is calling for an investigation into what they characterize as the "shoddy medicine" that led to a court order for the removal of life-support from... Read More
Haleigh Poutre, 11 The Boston Herald stays on top of Haleigh Poutre's fight for survival, and reports on the dedicated staff at Boston's Franciscan Hospital for Children, where Haleigh is beginning rehabilitation: Doctors at Franciscan Hospital for Children say hope is never lost. As evidence, they point to kids like Nick Prefontaine, a Shrewsbury teen... Read More
Debbie Schlussel has a report on an alleged bomb found on a flight at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Dianne Feinstein reneges. Here's her announcement on her plans to vote no on cloture for the SCOTUS nomination of Sam Alito. Gateway Pundit has a massive round-up on rioting in Gaza and violence between Hamas and Fatah. Glenn... Read More
My latest column covers the Haleigh Poutre case and challenges Hollywood's "Save Tookie" crowd to apply their "err on the side of life" standard to an innocent child for once. Meanwhile, some sneering pundits seem quite upset that conservatives they disagree with are writing and talking about Haleigh's fate. Cathy Young, for example, accuses me... Read More
Haleigh Poutre, 11 The latest on Haleigh Poutre: Gov. Mitt Romney has announced an independent investigation into the state's abominable handling of the case. Here's Romney's full statement (via the Boston Globe): "One cannot look at the life of Haleigh Poutre without being overwhelmed with sadness. My heart goes out to her. "Now I ask... Read More
Haleigh Poutre, 11 Here's the latest in Haleigh Poutre's fight for her life: The Massachusetts Department of Social Services, which last week won court-ordered authority to remove Haleigh's feeding tube, is now under fire for failing to detect and act on signs that Haleigh was abused: Even as the Department of Social Services defended its... Read More
This is Haleigh Poutre: Last fall, Haleigh was hospitalized after her stepfather allegedly burned her and beat her nearly to death with a baseball bat. Haleigh, in a coma, was kept alive by a feeding tube and ventilator. Doctors said she was "virtually brain dead" -- in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of... Read More
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