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Ground Zero

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Remember the cross-shaped beams pulled from the wreckage at the World Trade Center on 9/11? The symbol of faith and hope that inspired rescue workers and 9/11 families is being moved from the site. Making the cross part of the official memorial or museum display would be a wonderful idea--though I'm sure lawyers for the... Read More
Debra Burlingame exposes the squandering of 9/11 memorial funds: The American people, watching the horrific scenes in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania, voiced nary a peep of dissent when the federal government handed over $21 billion in disaster relief--$18 billion in rebuilding bonds and tax credits, and $2.8 billion in immediate cash grants--to the state... Read More
The fight to protect Ground Zero from the Blame America crowd continues today with a rally tomorrow in NYC beginning at 930am EDT. Go to Take Back the Memorial for more details, and the latest news on the 9/11 families efforts to stop construction of the "International Freedom Center" on hallowed ground. *** Previous: Take... Read More
Good news to report in the battle over Ground Zero: one component of the Blame America building that was planned at the 9/11 memorial site in New York City will not be housed there. Via AP: The New York Post editorializes today: Send 'em packing. The next step is for oblivious memorial planners to scrap... Read More
I couldn't let this snark-itorial from the New York Times pass without note today. The paper attacks the 9/11 families who oppose turning Ground Zero into the Blame America monument, an issue covered closely on this blog since Debra Burlingame first spoke out about the plans in her whistleblowing Wall Street Journal op-ed last month.... Read More
The battle continues.
The battle over Ground Zero continues. reports that the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation is looking for alternative sites for the International Freedom Center and Drawing Center: Take Back the Memorial calls it a major victory but warns of the need for continued vigilance: We welcome the decision by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation... Read More
John Derbyshire imagines the consequences... Scott Johnson at Power Line has more. Take Back the Memorial responds to Tom Bernstein. *** Previous: Take Back the Memorial: D.C. rally Take Back the Memorial: Heat's on Take back the memorial: rallying on Take back the memorial: more voices raised Battle at Ground Zero: The IFC responds Take... Read More
9/11 families who oppose the Blame America monument planned at Ground Zero will be in Washington, D.C., today for a noon press conference and walking tour of national memorials. Check out all the latest at Take Back the Memorial.
The battle over Ground Zero continues, and the public relations master for the Blame America side is losing his cool. - Check out this must-see segment from the O'Reilly Factor Tuesday night in which Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade describes an off-air confrontation between 9/11 family member Debra Burlingame--who blew the whistle on the... Read More
The battle over Ground Zero continues. Today, at 12 noon EST, there will be a rally and press conference in NYC to "Take Back the Memorial. More comments from 9/11 families here. Thoughts from Jeff Jarvis on the left, LGF on the right. Cox & Forkum weigh in further. Good on the rally organizers for... Read More
The New York Times remains silent, but the New York Post weighs in: Front Page magazine's Jacob Luskin has an excellent follow-up piece on "How the Left Hijacked the September 11th Memorial" Cox & Forkum's latest cartoon says it all. Tim Sumner has much more and writes: Take back the memorial. *** Previous: Battle at... Read More
Dick Tofel, president of the International Freedom Center, has a smooth piece in the WSJ today attempting to counter Debra Burlingame's devastating op-ed on the hijacking of Ground Zero. He fails. At least he abandoned the tactic he used with me of trying to minimize the amount of opposition in this country to the blame-America... Read More
Robert at Lime Shurbet has set up a new "Take Back the Memorial" website with handy contact links to keep pressure on local and federal officials over the battle for Ground Zero. Meanwhile, Roger L. Simon has a proposal for Soros and Company. And check out the post--and especially the interesting comments--on the memorial fight... Read More
My new column is here, picking up on Debra Burlingame's WSJ op-ed yesterday regarding the America-bashing ACLU/human rights cabal's plans to turn the 9/11 memorial in NYC into the world's largest Blame America monument. Excerpt: The column provides a link to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's comments section, where you can leave your opinion about... Read More
Must-read. Debra Burlingame, sister of Charles F. "Chic" Burlingame III, pilot of American Airlines fight 77, which terrorists crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, has blown the whistle on George Soros and other human rights zealots who are trying to turn Ground Zero into a blame-America monument. Her piece is up at the... Read More
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