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The GOP's Orrin Hatch problem by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 Did the 2014 midterms really happen? Less than three months after a red tide rolled over the country, the Senate Republican Rollover Caucus is back to its default position in Washington, D.C.: Hands up, bow down. Last week, senior GOP supplicant Sen. Orrin... Read More
Support Claudia Tenney for Congress NY-22: Laughable lies of liberal Republicans by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 How do you spell “sidesplitting chutzpah“? In New York’s 22nd congressional district, it’s spelled: R-I-C-H-A-R-D H-A-N-N-A. He’s the liberal GOP incumbent trying to cling to public office by smearing the Marine mom, small-business owner, lawyer and conservative... Read More
Beware the left-wing-funded "Main Street" Republicans by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2013 What do George Soros, labor unions and money-grubbing former GOP Rep. Steven LaTourette all have in common? They're control freaks. They're power hounds. They're united against tea party conservatives. And they all have operated under the umbrella of D.C. groups masquerading as... Read More
UGH. Spencer Abraham won't go away. His name turned up on a Big Business GOP donor letter pressuring the House Republicans to cave on illegal alien amnesty. Joining Abraham? The usual open-borders suspects: former Bush commerce secretary Carlos Gutierrez, amnesty cheerleader Karl Rove, soft-on-enforcement former DHS secretary Tom Ridge, and other statist elites who put... Read More
Here we go again. The GOP got a drubbing on Election Day. But instead of talking about the poisonous effects of identity politics, economic illiteracy, the government school monopoly, and the Right's woeful competitive disadvantage in mainstream American culture, the usual pandering suspects -- led by GOP Sen. Lindsey Grahamanesty -- have resurrected illegal alien... Read More
How dare him. The bitter failure-in-chief campaigned in Iowa yesterday by trashing the Republican National Convention as "last century" and like watching "black-and-white TV." He whined that the Republicans offered nothing "new." This from the warmed-over, Keynesian retread with Beltway barnacle Joe Biden as his running mate. But Obama's latest swipe is not just a... Read More
You know it has been one of my persistent complaints that the Right needs to tell better stories -- among the countless real stories of American success, of American achievers, of American businesses and workers harmed under this administration -- in order to counter the incurable fabulists at the White House. Flashback: That mission was... Read More
There were several inspiring speeches delivered at last night's Republican National Convention. Talk of "unity" filled the air. Many GOP leaders praised the "grass-roots." But behind the scenes, the RNC power grab has exacerbated distrust between a diverse group of rank-and-file activists and party bosses. I have no patience for the Republican party-bots telling these... Read More
SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VERY LATEST...showdown today 8/28...Rules Committee adopts compromises, floor fight squashed as Boehner/Sununu approve rules report over massive boos on convention floor Drew McKissick is a longtime conservative activist and blogger who is in attendance at the Republican National Convention's Rules Committee meetings. He and others on the ground are sounding the... Read More
Corruptocrat Eric Holder's GOP Enablers by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2012 While calls for U.S. Attorney General Eric "Stonewall" Holder's resignation grow and the House GOP gears up for a contempt vote next week, it's worth remembering how we got into this mess. In two words: feckless bipartisanship. "I like Barack Obama and want... Read More
During the summer of 2009, conservative activists turned up the heat on Democratic politicians to protest the innovation-destroying, liberty-usurping Obamacare mandate. In the summer of 2012, it's squishy Republican politicians who deserve the grassroots flames. In case you hadn't heard, even if the Supreme Court overturns the progressives' federal health care juggernaut, prominent GOP leaders... Read More
It's Time for Beltway Barnacle Orrin Hatch To Go by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2012 Six-term entrenched incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is attacking his conservative challenger, Dan Liljenquist, over his alleged support for tax hikes in Washington. My sides ache. Liljenquist has never voted for federal tax hikes or massive entitlement spending or... Read More
I remain a Rick Santorum supporter, but I do not agree with the comments he reportedly made earlier tonight about Barack Obama being preferable to Mitt Romney. No way. Not when I think about the dire need to get rid off the corruptocrat Attorney General, job-destroying and fraud-perpetrating Interior Secretary, feckless DHS Secretary, Nanny State... Read More
Image source: Prepare for a long night. In the Arizona GOP 2012 primary, Mitt Romney has an overwhelming lead. But polls close between 8 and 9pm EST in the hot spot of the night, Romney's "home state" Michigan. Exit polls indicate that despite lower turnout, there was an increase in BOTH conservative voters and... Read More
What do I keep tellin' ya? Entrenched incumbency is the disease. Fresh blood is the cure. GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe reads the tea leaves and decides it's time for her to go. On her own: The Portland Maine Press Herald reports: All together now: DLTDHYOTWO! The Maine GOP Senate race will be...interesting to say the... Read More
Call the waaaaahmbulance. Mitt Romney is railing against Rick Santorum for robocalls calling attention to his TARP bailout support/auto bailout flip-flop. Romney is decrying the robocalls aimed at Democrats as "outrageous" and "disgusting" and a "terrible dirty trick." Today's Michigan primary is an open primary. Inconvenient truth: There's nothing "dirty" and there's no "trick" in... Read More
You'll recall that I published my first round of Senate GOP endorsements last month. As I wrote on 2/15: "While fiscal conservatives remain split over the GOP presidential candidates, grassroots activists are coalescing around a stellar slate of limited-government candidates looking to reinforce and reenergize the right in Washington." Here's another. Clark Durant is running... Read More
For Liljenquist, Mourdock, and Cruz: A Tea Party Senate takeover by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2012 The tea party isn't dead. It's just looking down ballot. While fiscal conservatives remain split over the GOP presidential candidates, grassroots activists are coalescing around a stellar slate of limited-government candidates looking to reinforce and reenergize the right... Read More
Ann Coulter: Ignore my speech last year. Scott Walker: Big Labor won't break me. Bobby Jindal: Louisiana won't forget Obama's jackboot-ism. Sarah Palin: I know you want me. *** Yesterday: CPAC speeches in 20 words.
Photo source: Scroll for updates...early results in Minnesota and Missouri looking good for Rick Santorum...SWEEEEEEEEEP! You can get live, updated Colorado GOP caucus results here. Minnesota caucus results will be here. And Missouri primary results here. *** Update: Networks projecting Santorum the winner in Missouri. And he's leading early in Minnesota. What did I... Read More
Photo source: Some GOP 2012 news you might have missed over Super Bowl weekend, via the Rick Santorum campaign: Polls have provided empirical data to this trend in the key battleground states of Minnesota and Colorado, where Rick Santorum has emerged as the clear conservative alternative to moderate Mitt Romney. Public Policy Polling Minnesota:... Read More
Romney looks tired here in this CNN interview this morning. Too much post-primary partying, I guess. But it's exactly the time he needs to be on guard and on his A-game. Instead, he fumbles the post-Florida football and gives ammunition to all of his opponents on both sides of the aisle by reinforcing the perception... Read More
Word came down tonight that Rick Santorum has canceled his Sunday campaign events to be with his 3-year-old daughter, Bella, who was admitted to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia earlier today. The Santorums have spoken movingly throughout their campaign about Bella, who was born with Trisomy 18, and recently had surgery. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: The... Read More
Photoshop source: You can peruse my Twitter page for highlights and lowlights of the CNN GOP debate in Florida, but this basically sums it up: Wolf Blitzer went all Oprah/TMZ with his fishing into the candidates' wives' lives. Newt doubled down on open-borders stupid and gave an indignant defense of illegal alien grandmothers that... Read More
Jim Pethokoukis spotlights a new Health Affairs study on how Romneycare laid the foundation for Obamacare, and what it portends for the federal health insurance scene. In short: Expanded government coverage, higher taxpayer costs. Read here for details and analysis. His conclusion: No surprises, of course. We already heard from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber in... Read More
Photoshop: Reader Jimmy D. Yesterday, the SEIU and left-wing USA Action launched Spanish-language radio attacks on Mitt Romney for his support of immigration enforcement measures. One of Romney's advisers is Kris Kobach -- a constitutional law professor, Kansas Secretary of State, and staunch leader in the fight against illegal alien amnesty and ACORN-style voter fraud.... Read More
Photoshop: Reader Jimmy D. Phew. So, it turns out: Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucus. Newt Gingrich's ex-wife, Marianne, is getting her revenge. Live by scorched-earth. Die by scorched-earth, eh, Newt? And Rick Perry is reportedly set to drop out today -- removing another body from another GOP debate tonight in South Carolina and freeing... Read More
Another Republican debate showdown. Fox News Channel hosts the final five GOP in Myrtle Beach, S.C. starting at 9pm Eastern. The hosts: Bret Baier of Fox News' 'Special Report' and Gerald Seib of the Wall Street Journal. You can watch live online here. Twitter users can play "#dodge" or "#answer" . Seven more GOP debates... Read More
The 'Stache chooses.
...not Newt Gingrich, who said he'd name the former U.N. ambassador as his Secretary of State. Bolton is going with...Team Romney. Via the WSJ: Former U.N Ambassador John Bolton is set to endorse Mitt Romney and will join his top team of foreign-policy advisers, according to people close to the campaign. Video of his announcement... Read More
Romney and McCain: The GOP Frenemies’ Club by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2012 Michael Corleone said to “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” But what, pray tell, do we do with our frenemies? This is the awful, election-year quandary of movement conservatives. And everything you need to know about our heartache can... Read More
Place your bets, cross your fingers, hold your breath, clip your noses. Whatever it takes. Most polls will close shortly at 8pm Eastern. According to this tweet from the NYT's Brian Stelter, "Network execs privately say they expect to be able to call NH for Romney at 8pm sharp. The race for 2nd will take... Read More
Out: 9-9-9. In: 23-23-23. That's where Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum currently stand as the results come in tonight from Iowa. Via @politicalmath, a graphic that says volumes about grass-roots discontent: If you're an Iowa reader, tell us how you voted. The politicos on tee-vee are all predicting that Huntsman, Bachmann, Gingrich, and... Read More
As we wait for election results to come in tonight, enjoy my reflections on the snobs and sore losers exposed by the Iowa caucus process. Update: Results thread is here. Gingrich was true to sore-loser form, blaming super PACS and negative ads for his 4th place finish. *** Iowa-bashing snobs and sore losers by Michelle... Read More
Phew. Are you ready? There are an estimated 614,000 active registered Republicans in Iowa. A small fraction of them will turn out tonight to vote in the first-in-the-nation GOP presidential caucus. The anticipated top three placers are a toss-up. Sunday's PPP poll had it 20/19/18 for Paul, Romney and Santorum. Election Projection's Scott Elliott posts... Read More
Scroll for updates... En fuego. Big Government's John Nolte has a term for Rick Perry's devout adherents -- "Perrykrishnas." Tonight, after Perry's latest mortifying GOP debate gaffe in which he can't remember the name of the third government agency he would cut and gazes helplessly at Ron Paul to bail him out, Nolte tweeted: "Currently... Read More
Photoshop: Reader Jimmy D. Yes, I'm still struggling. Like many of you, I am still carefully weighing all the costs and benefits of each declared GOP candidate. As the candidates continue highlighting each other's unsavory left-wing alliances, I thought it might be helpful to compile a Hold Your Nose Tracker of the current top four... Read More
Photo credit: Cumberland County GOP Not that it's any surprise. Back in May, Gov Chris Christie gave Romney cover after his Obamneycare walk-back speech. In May 2009, Romney campaigned for Christie in NJ. Now: Just making it official today: Fire away...
Sarah Palin will continue to be one of the nation's most powerfully effective voices for grass-roots conservatism. She is at her best when challenging the Beltway GOP establishment and taking on the corruption and profligacy in both parties. More power to her. *** Gov. Palin broke the news on the Mark Levin radio show --... Read More
This is a gimme. Seriously. I mentioned Rick Perry's DREAM Act debate blunder in my round-up post. It gets second place. The cringe-worthiest moment, by a hair, was when Perry botched what should have been his most potent attack on Mitt Romney's chronic flip-flopping. As I noted on Twitter when it happened, any random high... Read More
Graphic via The latest GOP 2012 debate starts at 9pm Eastern tonight on Fox news. GOP Rep. Thad McCotter dropped his quixotic, redundant bid today (really, how many pro-bailout, pro-health care entitlement expansion Republicans do we need in the race), so he's off the schedule. Taking his place: Libertarian Gary Johnson. Yep, another quixotic,... Read More
Longtime readers are familiar with our time-honored tradition of marking inevitable Senate GOP sellout moments with the head-banging-against-the-wall animated gif. Well, it is time to resurrect it again to commemorate Mitch McConnell's latest maneuver that would give President Obama new power to automatically increase the federal debt limit. It's a convoluted way of abandoning the... Read More
As readers of this blog know, I called on scandal-ridden corruptocrat GOP Sen. John Ensign to resign early and often. Flashback: John Ensign plays the victim card for cash 8/23/10 Flashback: I repeat: John Ensign needs to go away 8/2/10 Flashback: The GOP Crapweasel Club 5/18/10 Flashback: Republicans: Clean your own house 7/17/09 Flashback: Ensign... Read More
Sorry. Can't work up much interest or passion about the RNC debate that just kicked off in D.C. this afternoon. Am I the only one? You can watch it here if you care and share your thoughts in comments or e-mail. The reason it's so difficult to muster up interest in these insider horse races... Read More
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
Currently the rather familiar-sounding headline on HuffPo as of 7:30pm, November 4: Yeah, you read it here first at 3a.m., November 3: You know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Here's what GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell said that has the progs in fits: That's the spirit, GOP. Keep it up.... Read More
Scroll for updates... Great news here in Colorado and across the country, where statehouses/state legislative chambers are back in Republican hands. Via the Republican State Leadership Committee: Colorado Republican captured the state house early this morning. It is the 16th state legislative chamber to move into Republican hands. NH House NH Senate IN House [already... Read More
Making pledges is easy. Keeping them? Not so much. Just ask Mr. Hope and Change. The new GOP pledge is fine as far as it goes -- especially the upfront acknowledgment that government's powers derive from the consent of the governed, not from the penumbras emanating from the fingertips of all President Obama's czars. But... Read More
Photoshop credit: Slublog Yesterday, GOP Sen. John Cornyn said it was "pretty clear" that sore loser Sen. Lisa "Evita" Murkowski would lose her energy post: Twenty-four short hours later, the Senate Republicans backpedaled faster than circus clowns on a high wire. Via
Spread the word and send your money. Corruptocrat Barney Frank has a strong GOP challenger who needs your help in advance of the September 14 primary. His name is Sean Bielat. He's a businessman. He's a Marine. He's a young father fed up with "systemic corruption" in arrogant Washington. He opposes cap-and-tax, will fight other... Read More
GOP 8-term incumbent Mike Castle a no-show at a recent Delaware voter forum. Conservative challenger Christine O'Donnell on the right. I've said it before and Republican voters need to hear it again: Entrenched incumbency is not an argument for more entrenched incumbency. Remember these cap-and-tax Republicans? Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti Well, 70-year-old, nine-term House cap-and-taxer... Read More
Emetic of the day: Nevada Republican Sen. John Ensign clinging to his seat, begging donors to fatten up his anemic legal defense fund, and blaming liberals for all his self-inflicted problems. Pathetic: CREW may lean left, but they have indeed been equal opportunity when it comes to holding Democrats as well as Republicans accountable for... Read More
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