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Geraldo Rivera

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Open borders and the Beltway.
An illegal alien who had been deported twice before was convicted this week of the brutal murder of a restaurant worker who was employed by the popular Old Ebbitt Grill restaurant near the White House. The victim's skull was crushed after the two-time deportee bashed him in the head repeatedly with a baseball bat. Despite... Read More
Crime and punishment.
You'll never guess who came to the defense of an HIV-infected criminal who repeatedly threatened police officers in Dallas. Actually, you'll have no problem guessing his identity. It's the spit-speckled clown himself! Watch as he indignantly turns the story -- about a convict who intentionally tried to infect police officers with AIDS and posed a... Read More
(L) Illegal alien drunk driver Juan Manuel Juarez Reyes, Boone, NC, accused of killing a man in a Thanksgiving holiday crash; (R) Jacklin Munguia-Herrera, 5, killed by an illegal alien drunk driving suspect over the Thanksgiving holiday in Oakland, CA Last week, an illegal alien in the desert rescued a boy who was stranded after... Read More
Unfair. Unbalanced. Unhinged.
Update: John Gibson calls out Neal Gabler as a "lowlife" and a "coward." For starters. *** It looks like it's a new trend now: Fox News liberals threatening and wishing ill on Fox News conservatives. And Fox News liberals getting away with it. Left-wing hater Neal Gabler tries to do his best Geraldo Rivera imitation... Read More
I've been writing newspaper columns for 15 years, writing books since 2002, and blogging since 2004. I've lost track of how many times the nutroots have gleefully declared my demise. Oh, how they wish, wish, wish it were so! The latest moonbat tempest in a teapot concerns an e-mail response I sent to readers over... Read More
"I've been man enough to apologize."
Geraldo Rivera should really learn to keep his mouth shut. Here he is, via Johnny Dollar, demanding that Rush Limbaugh be "man enough" to apologize for his incontrovertibly true statements about phony soldiers propped up by the moonbat movement. (Forward the audio to 2:30 in.) Yup, more chutzpit from the Rosie O'Donnell of Fox News.... Read More
Chutzpah. Or rather, chutzpit.
This man has some nerve. Here he is, the insane man who threatened to, you know, spit on me, last night, complaining that the "extremes" on both sides of the political debate are guilty of "coarsening the debate." Thanks to Allahpundit for clipping the unstomach-able clip: "Coarsening the debate." Un. Freaking. Believable. Geraldo Rivera: The... Read More
Guess who's banned?
You've probably noticed the new "Notable Quotable" feature on my blog. I think it's important not to let Geraldo Rivera's hate speech disappear down the rabbit hole. I am not surprised that he's gotten away with it. I am not surprised by the almost universal refusal in the MSM to condemn his disgusting threat. Nor... Read More
Outrage: "A 3-year-old girl was found abused and bleeding Thursday night, and officials have arrested her uncle, an...
Geraldo Rivera thinks I should be spit on because I believe citizens should inform law enforcement authorities if illegal aliens are living in their neighborhoods. If only someone had picked up the phone to let authorities know that criminal illegal alien Salvador Luna was living in their neighborhood, this monstrosity would not have taken place:... Read More
Spittingly insane.
Update 9/9: The idiocy continues. Update 9/6: Liberal logic. Rivera threatens to spit on me. Ergo, I am the Worst Person in the World. The Boston Globe has a fawning Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous-ish profile of Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera. In between musing about his favorite pair of soft Uggs ("I've worn... Read More
More open-borders bullcrap from Fonzie Rivera.
Here's Geraldo Rivera on Fox and Friends this morning responding to my comments yesterday about his open-borders bullcrap (thanks to AllahPundit for the vid and heads-up): Geraldo says he "cringes" whenever I'm on Fox. I'll tell you exactly why. It's not because of any principled objection he has to the arguments I've made in my... Read More
GERALDO: "At this point, I have to point out how in my view, this awful case was distorted by anti-immigrant radicals...
Update 9/1: Geraldo Rivera is insane and unhinged. He has threatened to spit on me. *** If you want ignorant ranting about immigration and the Zina Linnik case, go watch Geraldo Rivera (thanks to readers for e-mailing me about it over the weekend and AP for clipping the vid). Utterly shameless. Geraldo teased his Saturday... Read More
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