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George W. Bush

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Death be not loud by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2018 Question: What is more cringe-inducing than a celebrity funeral? Answer: Two back-to-back celebrity funerals. The ghoulish twin spectacles last week memorializing Aretha Franklin and John McCain brought out the worst in family, friends and frenemies. No matter your partisan affiliation, these vulgar exercises in... Read More
The green card racket for Beltway cronies by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 Can we stop putting America up for sale to the most politically connected bidders yet? Where is our self-respect? Since 2001, I've warned about the systemic and bipartisan corruption of America's EB-5 immigrant investor visa program. The latest report from the... Read More
Photoshop: Reader Jimmy D. Yes, I'm still struggling. Like many of you, I am still carefully weighing all the costs and benefits of each declared GOP candidate. As the candidates continue highlighting each other's unsavory left-wing alliances, I thought it might be helpful to compile a Hold Your Nose Tracker of the current top four... Read More
As you all know, President George W. Bush is on his book/rehabilitation tour -- hitting every MSM and cable news show from the Today Show to Hannity, plus Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, and beyond. His candor, decency, self-effacement, and clear love of country stand in stark contrast to the current antagonist-in-chief at the White House, so... Read More
How would the Founding Fathers react to the fall of the constitutional republic and the rise of Barack Obama? Artist Jon McNaughton puts it on canvas. Watch the video (I especially appreciate the criticism of Obama's predecessor implicit in the clip and painting. As I've observed many times, the Big Government Republican paved and pre-socialized... Read More
President Obama is headed to New Orleans this weekend to mark the 5th anniversary of Katrina. The papers and airwaves will be clogged with all sorts of retrospectives. My column today reminds you of the ugly racial demagoguery by leading Democrats and "civil rights" leaders from Jimmy Carter to Charlie Rangel to Malik Zulu Shabazz.... Read More
I'm not the only one with misgivings about the Bush "Miss Me Yet?" billboard. Reader W.E. Messamore came up with some new and improved "Miss Me Yet?" billboard photoshops, including my favorite: Bull's-eye. Definitely want to see someone put this one up for real!
Let me count the ways...
Sorry to be a wet blanket, but someone has to do it. The "Miss Me Yet?" billboard (inspired by Jonathan Maney's t-shirts) is cute. But let's not get carried away with nostalgia. President Bush put America on the proper war footing after 9/11 and deserves much credit for doing so, but he also: 1) joined... Read More
It wasn't Rush Limbaugh who ruined conservatism over the last eight years. Diana West says what 99 percent of Republican talking heads and strategists and self-designated defenders of conservatism won't say. Read her latest post to see who the real problem has been. Hint: It's the guy who said this... And the guy who did... Read More
Update: And right on cue, Bush agrees to collaborate with Obama on TARP... *** President George W. Bush gave his final press conference this morning, but he already wrote his domestic policy epitaph on Dec. 16 and there's not much more to say: He re-worded it slightly today: Last week, I caught grief from some... Read More
A Christmas Eve Emily Litella moment from the White House: Bush Rescinds Pardon to NY Developer. Neeever mind. Hey, while you're at it, how about taking back that open-borders pardon, too?
Kosovo shows its appreciation by naming a street after President Bush. It's better than a sewage plant. Sorry to be a Grinch, but with his massive government bailout legacy hanging overhead, perhaps someone should name a bottomless pit after W. Your suggestions?
"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system." -- George W. Bush Stop me before I hurl a shoe.
"You fight like a woman."
Har. Thanks to Doug TenNapel on Twitter for the reminder. Austin Powers didn't duck as fast as President Bush, but he was quick with the return insult. Would have been grand to see Bush tell the Iraqi journalist he fought/threw like a girl:
Allah's got the video.
Update: Bush..." "Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century," Bush said a hastily announced statement at the White House." *** A press event is scheduled in the Rose Garden, according to USAT and other news outlets. An... Read More
The rest of the story. wouldn't know it from the Obamedia coverage of the story because the man also threatened to kill The One. Bob Owens breaks down the whitewashed reporting.
Meet the press.
President Bush will meet the press at 10:20am this morning to push the Dems on offshore drilling (after finally lifting the executive ban his dad signed), pressure them on spending bills, and attempt to calm world markets about the state of the US economy. What would you ask him? *** AP reporter Mark Smith wants... Read More
Throwing down the gauntlet.
You'll remember that I took the White House to task for its "You go first!" games on lifting the offshore drilling ban. See here. There's an executive order ban that his dad signed and there's the congressional ban. Back in June, I highlighted the Institute for Energy Research's open letter to President Bush pressing him... Read More
You go first. No, you.
You'll notice that I didn't blindly, wildly applaud President Bush's remarks yesterday calling on Congress to lift its offshore drilling ban. (Full speech text here.) Better late than never, of course. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that this is leadership. Or that the Democrats bear 100 percent of the blame for inaction. There... Read More
Kinder, gentler, lamer.
On his farewell trip in Europe, President Bush distances himself from...himself. Not the first time. And won't be the last. He's putting the lame in lame duck. Paul Mirengoff quips: "President Bush seems determined to drive his approval rating down to roughly zero percent."
Reflecting on the McClellan moment. Plus: What McClellan said about Richard Clarke's tell-all.
"...talking about the good old days and his time as the Press Secretary. And I can assure you I will feel the same way then that I feel now, that I can say to Scott, job well done." -- President Bush bidding a fond farewell to departing WH press secretary Scott McClellan, April 2006. Well,... Read More
Say cheese.
Ok, you know you want to, so go ahead: caption the Bush-McCain endorsement photo op. Channel your frustration, depression, etc., constructively! "Don't Stand So Close To Me" is already taken. And the lefties have already called dibs on "McSame." Here's the WH transcript of the press conference and here's the vid.
Costume party.
Which bothers you the most? A) (Via Drudge et al.) B) (hat tip - Robert Spencer) C) D) E) F) G)
America second.
A reader asked me to check into information that President Bush was pushing a massive foreign-aid package to Mexico to help them secure their southern border against the flow of illegal aliens from Central America. "We can’t even get our own border straight, and we are going to provide Mexico with funding so they can... Read More
Update 6:15am Eastern 2/8. President Bush will undoubtedly get a kind reaction to his speech this morning at CPAC, but there's widespread unhappiness with Bush among Republicans. The latest AP/Ipsos poll shows it: *** 8:12pm Eastern 2/7. President Bush speaks bright and early tomorrow at CPAC -- 7:15am -- in order to get down to... Read More
And look who has front-row media seats.
Last update: Video here, here, and here. Scroll down for updates...Democrat Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sibelius responds blandly to SOTU...McCain skips out, gives advice from Florida...Sen. Jim DeMint gives conservative response...Obama disses Bush... Nancy Pelosi final blink count: 1,002. Dick Cheney final blink count: 2. *** I'll be liveblogging the State of the Union Address at... Read More
Yeah, that's me.
Deja voo-doo.
Interrupting post-Iowa caucus coverage for a depressing Lame Duck Watch bulletin... Someone pinch me. Am I dreaming? Is it 2008...or 1993? Because the last time I recall the words "economic stimulus" wafting out of Washington, Bill Clinton was in office and Hillary was, you know, risking her life on First Lady superhero missions. Gack. Now,... Read More
"You can't be the president unless you have a firm set of principles to guide you."
Scroll for updates... President Bush will give a year-in-review press conference at 10am. Here's my 10-second version: The good: The surge, the S-CHIP vetoes. The bad: Abdication on earmarks, submission to the global warming alarmists and enviro-meddlers, the Annapolis folly. The ugly: Shameful shamnesty. Add your own to the list. On the upside, he didn't... Read More
Scroll down for updates... President Bush will hold a news conference at 10am to discuss spending battles and other legislative conflicts with the Dems. The Iran nuke NIE will also be a hot topic. Stay tuned for the show. (Update: All the dinosaur networks will be covering.) Meantime, how about this fair and balanced Associated... Read More
Just in: Here's the bill.
What do they do? Keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Plus: Pelosi's waterfront earmark.
I praised President Bush's veto of the pork-laden water projects bill last week. As expected, it's business as usual. The House overrode the veto earlier this evening. Triumph of the trough-stuffers:
Swimming in pork.
Just across the AP wire: "Increasingly confrontational." Let's have more of that. Gotta love that AP bias (Jennifer Loven alert). How about "Decreasingly capitulationist?" More: "...a friend to conservatives who demand a tighter rein on federal spending." Yes, that would be nice for a change. *** Related: Want some water with that pork?
Bush and the U.N. vs. American sovereignty.
I mentioned the Senate’s push for the Law of the Sea Treaty a week ago. It's a sovereignty-undermining measure that would, as Frank Gaffney puts it, place "the U.N. on steroids by assenting to its control of seven-tenths of the world’s surface." Quin Hillyer weighs in today and urges conservatives to rally against the ill-advised... Read More
President Bush to make a "personnel announcement."
Update 1047am Eastern: The president is holding a wide-ranging press conference. He's addresing the S-CHIP legislation right now. You can watch it live at the White House webcast: I'm not going to be able to liveblog the whole thing. Leave any noteworthy exchanges in comments if you happen to be watching. Will be interesting... Read More
Topics: Economy, Pakistan, Tillman, Iraq, housing market. Plus: GWB puts up his dukes. Plus: No gas tax increase.
Update: Here's the full official transcript. Update: Video of GWB's "19 kids" remark. I had heard it when I was liveblogging, but I thought I heard it wrong. Ugh. Update: Photo op of the presser... *** Fox News reports: "I was wrong to push shamnesty?" No, no. Looks like the remarks will be related to... Read More
The Founding Fathers: They meant what they wrote President Bush attacked immigration enforcement proponents for engaging in "empty political rhetoric"--and the NYTimes was all too happy to report on it: President Bush, meet the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution: President Bush, meet
So much for anti-Americanism, says the Examiner:
What goes around, comes around. A new documentary unmasking Michael Moore debuts today at the South by Southwest film festival: More details: In "Manufacturing Dissent" Caine and Melnyk — whose previous films inc
Taking a stand College students in the Middle East protest a world leader by shouting "Death to the dictator!" And for once, they are not talking about George W. Bush. Jim Hoft has more. Allah's got video of the brave dissidents.
Oh, say, do you remember how the Dems huffed and puffed when President Bush warned before the midterms that "The terrorists win and America loses" if the Dems prevailed? Well, the Dems triumphed and the terrorists may indeed win--the "restoration of habeas corpus rights for enemy combatants:" I can hear the
I'm really trying to keep my spirits and yours up, but stuff like this ain't helping: More of what we're in for, via AP's summary of Democratic priorities for Congress: _Military: Force an immediate drawdown of troops in Iraq and conduct oversight hearings on
Set for 1pm. How do you spell illegal alien amnesty? Reuters:
***Watch the vid*** Michael Steele is burning up the campaign trail and the airwaves. The GOP Senate candidate and Maryland Lt. Gov. took his clue-by-four to the Washington Post on Fox News Sunday. Responding to a WaPo editorial attempting to paint him as the "establishment" candidate, Steele upbraided the smug punditocracy with his trademark anti-establishment... Read More
Saddam Hussein, the tyrant who gassed and tortured his own people en masse, will be sentenced on Sunday. Instead of seeing the conclusion of the trial as an instrument of justice, Bush critics have put on their tinfoil hats to ply more nutball conspiracy theories: A verdict in the first criminal case against Saddam Hussein... Read More
***10/31 7:35am updated with more reax below... ...909am update San Gabriel Valley Tribune/Pasadena Star News reports on the Angelides campaign event at Pasadena City College where Kerry trashed the troops..."Kerry then told the students that if they were able to navigate the education system, they could get comfortable jobs - "If you don't, you get... Read More
Bush Derangement Syndrome fizzles in movie theaters: The provocative film "Death of a President," which imagines the assassination of George W. Bush, bombed at the North American box office with a meager $282,000 grossed from 143 theaters in its first weekend. The pseudo-documentary played at 91 U.S. theaters and 52 Canadian cinemas during its first... Read More
Well, I guess the Jihadist News Network does have some standards: Now, if the snipers depicted in the movie had been Iraqi terrorists, I suppose it would have been quite a quandary...
Here's a bit of a report by Candy Crowley at the Jihadist Sniper News Network putting people to a Democrat word association test (here's the link, but you don't need to click): Wanna play? Feel free to chime in.
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