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The crowded GOP field in Colorado's U.S. Senate race needs a new flavor. I promise to build walls around Denver and Boulder and leave everyone else the hell alone.
Originally posted 2/24/13, 12:28am. I'm bumping this post up for Fox viewers who are hearing about it for the first time on Hannity tonight 2/27/13 9:55pm Eastern. Enjoy. Hey, who needs Saturday Night Live?! It's been a while since I was inspired to post a YouTube parody. Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama provided the perfect... Read More
Hey, who needs Saturday Night Live?! It's been a while since I was inspired to post a YouTube parody. Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama provided the perfect opportunity. On Friday, the late-night comedy duo collaborated on an "Evolution of Mom Dancing" video that has the lib media swooning. Here's their video (which parodies the classic... Read More
What? You were sleeping last night instead of tuning in with the rest of the world's space/science fans to the livestream of the NASA/JPL Mars landing of rover Curiosity?! Have no fear: Twitchy provided comprehensive live social media coverage of the event. More importantly (for the ladies...and a few men), Twitchy Team diagnosed the late-night... Read More
You know that gaffetastic United Nations photo-op of President Obama earlier this week? The one where his beauty pageant wave blocked another foreign dignitary and elicited gigglesnorts heard 'round the world? Well, photographer/videographer extraordinaire Michael Deppisch memorialized the moment with an animated .gif that I just had to share. This should be the U.N. Christmas... Read More
Yep, I turned the big 4-0 today. Thanks for all the great e-mail birthday messages and tweets! Moving out of D.C. after a decade of Beltway swamp life and settling in Colorado was one of the healthiest decisions I've made. Although most of you know me from TV, books, and the blogosphere, I have been... Read More
A few weeks ago, many of you helped out as beta testers for the Android app. My website tech guru Ed Burns informs me that our free blog app is now up and running. Just go to the Android Market on your phone and search for "Michelle Malkin." If you have a smartphone with... Read More
My friend Lisa De Pasquale writes a fun feature for Human Events called "De Pasquale's Dozen." It's an offbeat, up-close-and-personal interview series she conducts with conservative writers, public officials, and other neat people on the right side of the political aisle. You can find her archive here. This week, she got me to reveal my... Read More
Do you use an Android-based cell phone? We are looking for some beta testers to give our Android app a spin. UPDATE: Thanks for the overwhelming response. The beta signup is now closed. If you missed it, don't worry - you will not have to wait too long before we release the app to... Read More
Hope you are all having a wonderful Independence Day. So: What's cooking on your grill this weekend? I made Filipino-style BBQ chicken and pork (secret ingredient: Sprite!) and corn on the cob with hoisin sauce (if you don't have siracha sauce, use red pepper flakes). Share your favorite recipes and enjoy the rest of the... Read More
Head out on the highway... As I mentioned last week, I'm with my family on our first ever RV trip. (Thanks to readers and e-mailers for sharing your wonderful travel memories.) Internet and phone access on my trek have been quite spotty - blissfully so. Doug Powers will continue to hold down the fort here... Read More
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I've been spending a bit more time away from the blog as family time and summer planning have taken precedence. One of the big projects I've been organizing is something I've always dreamed of: a great American road trip. We're renting an RV (first time!) and we'll be... Read More
Dried pressed flowers. A pastel crochet chain. Thumbprint art on a homemade bookmark. Simple things from my two munchkins for Mother's Day. Simple, cherished, pure and wonderful morsels of love: *** A Mother's Day story you will never forget: Read this before you start your work week. The Briseno family page on Facebook is here.
We are big game-players in my family. If it's a board game or a card game, we've got it -- from the classics to the latest fads: Scrabble, Boggle (the original 5x5 grid!), Life, Monopoly, Sorry, Sorry Sliders, Bananagrams, Apples to Apples Jr., Guesstures, Blokus, Pictionary, Scattergories, Risk, Battleship, backgammon, etc., etc., etc. As soon... Read More
Just returned to Colorado this evening after a fun-and-sun-filled vacation with my family. As wonderful as the trip was, I'm glad to be back in the Springs. California is still a fiscal basket case. Big Labor and the Open-Borders Lobby still rule the collapsing roost. I still have 1994 Northridge earthquake PTSD. And the traffic... Read More
Today is a baking day. I'm attempting to make a Bakugan birthday cake for my son. (Here's last year's Pikachu cake.) Gulp. I need the Cake Boss! Wish me luck and talk amongst yourselves. *** Update: The (lopsided!) Bakugan Ball cake is done. Pix here.
What not to wear.
Vote for the winner: 1) President Obama's "mom jeans:" 2) Jane Fonda wearing a Jane Fonda mugshot t-shirt: Reader Eric on Twitter: "Jane wins because she's got the two-fer: mom jeans and self-serving mug-shirt."
Things you should try once in your life: Flying on a trapeze! Checked it off the list this weekend. Yep, that's really me, conquering an abject fear of heights with help from my very dear, adventure-loving friends. Wheeeeee. What's the wildest thing you've done?
I mentioned this on Twitter last night. Today is Odd Day (5/7/9): "Three consecutive odd numbers make up the date only six times in a century. This day marks the half-way point in this parade of Odd Days which began with 1/3/5. The previous stretch of six dates like this started with 1/3/1905---13 months after... Read More
Fancy pants.
From George Will, the weirdest comment of the week: "Denim is the carefully calculated costume of people eager to communicate indifference to appearances." Er. Don't know about you, but in my case, denim is the "costume" of normal people who like wearing something comfortable and inexpensive in the home office, to the supermarket, on the... Read More
Because sometimes, you just need to stop and smell the roses. Or break into a "Sound of Music" dance number in the middle of Antwerp's Central Station! (Thank you, American Digest and Anchoress):
You won't believe how many people thought I was serious when I Tweeted that this morning! :) Did you get anybody good today? Share your April Fool's tales/favorite pranks/etc. I vote for the 1998 Left-Handed Whopper.
I'm scheduled to appear on Neil Cavuto's show on FNC at around 4:45pm-ish Eastern today. Then I'll be up to my ears in fabric working on this fantabulous color wheel quilt with my daughter. TGIF!
"Neo-Con Barbies."
Over the past several years, I've had fun participating in the annual Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute calendar. CBLPI is a terrific organization run by tireless Michelle Easton, who leads the group in keeping Clare Boothe Luce's legacy alive and "reaching out to women all over the nation to prepare them for effective conservative leadership."... Read More
I promised a photo of my son's Pikachu cake from last week. Couldn't have done it without my daughter, who happily provided supplemental icing services when my hand conked out. Not the neatest job in the world, but the birthday boy was happy:
Sorry for the light blogging. I'm frantically making that Pikachu cake for my birthday boy. Up to my ears in Wilton icing. Those Bakugan thingies arrived in the mail today (just in time!). After my search the other day, I thought of an idea. I'm buying a bunch of Bakugan thingies to donate to military... Read More
I was offline this afternoon doing a little shopping for my son's birthday. There are many industries hurting out there. But I'll tell you: The makers of "Bakugan" are doing just fine. The entire aisle of Bakugan merchandise at Toys 'R Us was cleared out. Wiped. Gone. The clerk told me they can't keep them... Read More
The kids and I toasted our pumpkin seeds, carved our pumpkins, and are monitoring our sugar levels (I'm partial to Smarties). I didn't have time to make a costume this year. For those of you who are new to the blog, check out my iphone costume from last year here. My son is currently obsessed... Read More
I'm headed home after a good trip to Tallahassee for a talk at Florida State University. The students boosted my spirits and hopes for the future of conservatism. Blogging will be light this afternoon because it's a red-letter day in the Malkin family: High School Musical 3 is out in theaters. If you've read my... Read More
Looking for something scary to put on your front porch for Halloween? Boo! *** One of my other favorite pumpkin designs:
Plus: Bonus birthday photo flashback.
I'll be on Neil Cavuto's show on FNC at 4pm Eastern to talk Palin, Obama, and socialism. Related food for thought from Stanley Kurtz and Ed Morrissey on The Spreader of Wealth's socialist New Party ties. Blogging may be lighter than usual the rest of the day. I'm celebrating the big 3-8 today and counting... Read More
Dolled up.
Thomas Frank is the conservative-bashing historian who wrote "What's The Matter With Kansas?" and parlayed the book into a pundit career. He's got a new conservative-bashing tome out and is on the circuit promoting it. He recently gave an interview to a lib Oregon rag, which asked him about one of his astute nuggets of... Read More
Life outside the blog bubble.
Blogging has been lighter than usual. But for some very good reasons. My godson T.J. was born last night. He's a whopping 8 pounds 2 ounces and 21 inches long-- a great, big bundle of joy. I was thrilled to be there for his arrival. His mom and dad are doing great. What a blessing.... Read More
"Hold me closer, Tony Danza..."
Merriam-Webster's holding a contest for the best "mondegreen." What's a mondegreen? Here: I like "Lucy in the sky with Linus."
Did you catch the National Spelling Bee last night? As longtime readers know, I'm an avid fan of the contest. It was a terrific show last night. The students have such great poise, enthusiasm, and senses of humor to boot. The winning word this year was "guerdon." The champ is Sameer Mishra, a 13-year-old from... Read More
Love you thiiiiis much.
i. Good morning! Love you. Love you, too. Love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. ii. Make sure you brush your hair. Did you brush your hair? Gimme the hair brush. No, I’m not doing it too hard. You don’t know what too hard is. You are very beautiful today. iii. Do you need to go to the... Read More
I will be filling in as the FoxSexpert next week. While I study for my body language degree. *** In other news of the day: The April Fools' Day defense kit Top 10 April Fools' Pranks for Nerds Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks
Foolish games.
Update: It's noon and I've flipped the switch back on. Let there be light! *** Today I am going dark. We've turned out the lights at Why? To raise awareness of empty awareness-raising gestures by Gulfstream liberals, Google energy hogs, and Gore-worshiping cultists whose DAISNAID (Do as I say, not as I do) environmental... Read More
The politics of love.
I got married at 22 and haven't had to worry about these kinds of things, thank goodness. But for those of you who are single and looking for politically compatible love, John Hawkins' latest feature on conservative women and dating is an entertaining and useful read. Here's an excerpt from Sharon Soon's thoughts. She blogs... Read More
Mallowing out.
'Tis the season for Peeps. Make your own. The Lord of the Peeps. Peep Your Obama. The Wide-Stance Peep. And my favorite, from Lori Guevara, Jimmy Horn and Alycia Regan in Seattle: "Don't Taze Me, Peep."
Conservative profiling.
I have an amusing set of e-mail exchanges to share with you. But first, check out this nice profile that Jonathan Pitts at the Baltimore Sun wrote about my life as a blogger, tee-vee talking head, and, well, regular human being. It's a fair, balanced, and colorful piece--in other words, unusual treatment for a conservative... Read More
"Some questions are more equal than others."
Take the test. Hat tip: Jawas.
Geek alert.
Yes, I was a D&D geek in grade school. I admitted it publicly to Ace of Spades three years ago. Sad news for you fellow nerds out there. Gary Gygax passed away today. Wired and Slashdot have details. Mid-afternoon timewaster quiz: What kind of D&D character are you? *** P.S. If Joe Duffy, Jim Gregory,... Read More
Na, na, na, nah-na-nah na...
Sorry for the light blogging today. Was tied up with other stuff. Here's your Friday night open thread and cute kid video--she's the latest YouTube singing sensation. *** Other miscellaneous items of note: *To catch a plagiarist--bloggers expose a brazen White House prose thief. * Meet the Obamacans. *Boeing loses air tanker order to Airbus.... Read More
Winter break.
It's snowing here in Maryland. Here's the view from our living room window: Longtime readers will be familiar with our traditional family snow cream recipe. Dessert is served! Large bowl full of fresh, clean snow 1 cup of whole milk 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract 1/2 cup of sugar Mix milk, vanilla, and sugar until... Read More
...a warm batch of Christmas cookies.
I picked up a couple of boxes of this Ghirardelli shortbread cookie mix at Target. It's a great short cut if you're looking to have some holiday baking fun with your kids without all the hassle of waiting for dough to chill, etc. And they taste great. We also used striped Hershey's kisses to decorate.... Read More
Look it up.
A lady from the Oxford University Press e-mailed today to inform me that the New Oxford American Dictionary has chosen its "Word of the Year." I noted last year's winner: "Carbon neutral." Well, this year, they've gone environmentally correct again. The word of the year is...drum roll please... "locavore." The Oxford blog proudly touts its... Read More
My son's birthday party was today. He asked for a Spiderman cake. I gave it my best shot, with help from a Wilton's mold:
Spooktacular! Plus: Hagel dresses up as Biden. And the best Hillary costume of the night.
I told Hot Air readers a while ago that I was going to be an iPhone for Halloween. Here it is...dedicated to dirt-sniffing Hot Air neocon and still iPhone-less Allahpundit, it's the next best thing to the real thing for now: My daughter liked my costume so much she shared it with me today. The... Read More
Say cheese.
TGIF! I took off tonight from O'Reilly. Am scheduled to do the regular segment on Monday and guest-host next Friday. While subbing during the July 4th holiday week, I did the tourist thing in NYC. Posted a few of the photos on the Hot Air Flickr site. Ground Zero was moving and maddening. No one... Read More
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