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Update 9:30pm Eastern. Shannon Love at the Chicago Boyz blog called foul on the Lancet 2004 study early on and, with vindication, reacts to David Kane's new analysis of the 2004 Lancet Iraq death toll study: "Kane shows that if the Falluja cluster is included in the statistical calculations, the confidence interval dips below zero,... Read More
Yesterday, I posted the indictment of Mahamu D. Kanneh, the accused Liberian immigrant child molester let off because of a lack of a translator. I noted that there were nine counts against him involving not one, but two girls. Both are nieces of Kanneh. As other media outlets have reported, one of those girls was... Read More
Second degree rapes, second degree sexual offenses, and third degree sexual offenses against two young girls under the...
I asked the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office for the indictment of Mahamu D. Kanneh, the accused immigrant child molester let off because of a lack of a translator. There were nine counts against him involving not one, but two girls--both relatives of Kanneh. I've blocked out their names. Here's the six-page indictment:
10:43pm Eastern. Here's an easy-to-use, interactive video phone guide to the shamnesty senators who voted YEA on cloture today. 10:15pm Eastern update. A reader wants to know whether the Georgia Republican Senators' amendments are in the clay pigeon package. Yes, they are there. But remember to take all this amendment talk with a grain of... Read More
Update: New WashTimes article on the report here. This weekend, dogged Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson previewed a Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's report on the handling--and mishandling--of Flight 327. Longtime readers will remember this incident as an airline security object lesson on the need for passengers to say something when they see something.... Read More
Hey, you know Jose Padilla's al Qaeda job application, posted today by ABC News? If it looks familiar, you may recall that I posted the whole thing here back in January 2006 after reading about it in the Miami Herald and then obtaining the original document from the US Attorney's Office in Florida. All it... Read More
The Miami Herald reports today on the latest development in the Jose Padilla case: I obtained the five-page document (plus the five-page English translation) from the US Attorney's Office in Florida th
Daily Kos and other liberal bloggers are claiming that newly-released FBI documents confirm Newsweek's allegations regarding Koran-flushing (see "FBI: Newsweek was right"). It should be obvious to anyone who so much as glances at the documents being cited that the FBI was reporting the statements of detainees rather than endorsing or validating those allegations. Immediately... Read More
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