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Dick Cheney

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It's now being reported that former VP Dick Cheney suffered a mild heart attack last night. He is expected to be released from GWU Hospital in the next few days. Please join me in sending your best thoughts, prayers, and well wishes his way. In case you missed it, here's VP Cheney's surprise appearance at... Read More
Scroll for updates... It's the Obama-Cheney showdown this morning. I, for one, am gratified to see this White House forced to put national security on the front burner. If not for the forceful public defenses by Vice President Cheney of the aggressive, proactive measures the last administration took to keep us safe, the current commander-in-chief... Read More
Comedy Central.
Doing some multi-tasking tonight, I half-listened to coverage of the annual media lovefest-the Washington Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner. Comedy Central's Mo Rocca gave a cringe-worthy performance. No, not cringe-worthy for any notable left-wing diatribes. Just cringe-worthy for its awfulness. He seemed to have just given up by the end and fizzled out. Mumbled a... Read More
***update:*** The Washington Post blasts the Pelosi plan. Writes the editorial board: "It makes perfect sense, if the goal is winning votes in the United States." Wow. There's more: THE RESTRICTIONS on Iraq war funding drawn up by the House Democratic leadership are exquisitely tailored to bring together the party's leftist and centrist wings. For... Read More
From my column today: How many times have you sat in front of the TV over the last four years, watching anti-war activists march on Washington, chase the ROTC off your local college campus, vandalize war memorials, insult the troops and wreak havoc under the surrender banner? How many times have you thought to yourself:... Read More
***update: HuffPo has closed its comments section after receiving 437 mostly unhinged messages...a reader saved a PDF file of the entire comment thread for posterity...posted here...*** ***update ii: exclusive photos from the operating room at Bagram added below*** ***update iii: i've been notified by military officials that DVIDS should not have released the photos. i've... Read More
The Sheehanistas are turning on Sen. Patty Murray in Washington state over the war. Allah's got the video of Murray getting chewed out by Evergreen State lefties, who are pushing impeachment legislation. My old Seattle Times colleague David Postman reports on the panic the measure is causing among Beltway Democrats: Sen. Patty Murray and Congressman... Read More
Audrey Hudson at the Washington Times investigates the Minneapolis Six and gets feedback from air marshals. We take a closer look at Omar Shahin over at Hot Air. Discussion on O'Reilly last night here. HA affiliate Charles Ryder has more video and spotted another hate-spewer at the praying imams' protest yesterday at Reagan National. Scott... Read More
I don't like to mud wrestle, but sometimes the slime-flingers need to be held accountable. All week, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and his left-wing vassals have tried to blame female conservative commentators for one nutball's fake anthrax letter attacks. Reportedly, the suspect was a Free member whose pseudonymous profile noted that he "worshipped" Ann... Read More
Harold Ford's wearing a camouflage hunting cap in his last-minute campaign flurry. Glenn Reynolds videoblogs Corker supporters in his neck of the woods, who are probably not impressed with Ford's panderwear. Real Clear Politics has Corker up by six in final numbers. Speaking of hunting, Dick Cheney's doing the real thing.
Byron Calame: NYTimes' lapdog tucks tail I am sure that the New York Times public editor, Byron Calame, is hoping we will all go away now. Fat chance. Three months after defending his paper's decision to blow the cover of a top-secret terrorist banking data surveillance program, he issued a weasel-worded retraction yesterday in his... Read More
Over the weekend, I pointed to a story in the blabbermouth NYTimes about the vacation homes of Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld and VP Dick Cheney as a news hook to talk about the Left's selective apathy towards reckless, unnecessary invasions of privacy. The reactions were predictable: the usual moonbats accused me of hypocrisy by dredging... Read More
Video at Expose the Left. *** James Joyner at OTB: More AP lies in Scalia/AEI story Reader KT e-mails: I was at AEI yesterday and saw Scalia speak and was, I am not sure you could call it heckled and I thought of your book. First, Justice Scalia was excellent, especially on the main issue,... Read More
Insane. Unhinged. Scott Johnson: "Deranged sophomoric hysteria." I'll let Alan Simpson, interviewed on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, have the last words: SIMPSON...Dick Cheney has become the hate symbol from the beginning. He was the hate symbol when he was with Halliburton. He was the hate symbol when he came in and the votes... Read More
Via Drudge/WCBS: Via AP: How about a moratorium on the jokes from all sides, please? Reader O.R. in Austin: I agree with your call for a moratorium on the jokes. Harry is one of the finest men I have ever known. You or almost anyone wou
***scroll for updates*** White House press secretary Scott McClellan is getting mauled over the delay in the public disclosure of Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident. NBC's David Gregory is fuming (I know, what else is new). Other reporters are shouting and interjecting. More to come... *** Ok, here's a taste of the MSM hunt:... Read More
Fox News is reporting that VP Dick Cheney was involved in a hunting accident yesterday. Breitbart/AP: I'm very thankful Whittington is doing fine. Unfortunately, this is very bad news for the White House--and not just because of the inevitable late-night jokes that will inundate the airwaves over the next week. The Dems will exploit this... Read More
Scott McClellan is holding his daily White House press briefing and VP Dick Cheney is speaking at the Manhattan Institute. McClellan: Cheney: Cheney calls for renewal of the Patriot Act and defends the NSA program: Another absolutely vital requirement in the War on Terror is that we use whatever means are appropriate to try to... Read More
Following up on my column and post yesterday about Hillary Clinton's exploitation of the body armor issue, here's the latest push back from the Pentagon (via ABC): The Pentagon is pushing back hard against allegations soldiers' lives have been lost in Iraq because they were not issued adequate body armor. "There is nothing more important... Read More
***scroll for updates...12:41pm EST. Cloture fails. Senate votes to block the defense spending bill 56-44..1020pm EST: ANWR provision dropped....*** Just in: "The Republican-controlled Senate passed legislation to cut federal deficits by $39.7 billion on Wednesday by the narrowest of margins, 51-50, with Vice President Dick Cheney casting the deciding vote." Unfortunately, the LA Times points... Read More
Here we go, kids. Via AP: WASHINGTON - The proposal to drill for oil in an Alaska wildlife refuge will create the most environmentally friendly oil field in the world, Interior Secretary Gale Norton said Tuesday - a claim disputed by drilling opponents. They said the legislation before Congress could allow oil companies to skirt... Read More
***scroll for updates...The ACLU wants a special prosecutor (but not for the leakers)...Some on the Left aren't happy with the Times, either...Arlen Specter says the Judiciary Committee will investigate (the Bush administration, not the leakers)...12/17 Bush fights back...*** This morning, the Drudge Report--HUGE RED FONT and all--chose to aid and abet the civil liberties Chicken... Read More
John Hawkins at Right Wing News kicks things off with The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes For 2005. A sample: 40) "I took a poo in the woods hunched over like an animal. It was awesome." -- Drew Barrymore 39) "I think (the NBA's dress code is) a racist statement because a lot of the guys... Read More
Vice President Dick Cheney is set to give a major speech this morning defending the Iraq war at the American Enterprise Institute. The Washington Times editorializes: Ever since Mr. Bush's Veteran's Day speech rebutting the canard that he lied the country into war, congressional Democrats and parts of the mainstream media have responded by coming... Read More
***scroll for updates*** Democratic temper tantrum taking place behind closed Senate doors via Breitbart/AP: Byron York hits the nail on the head: Perhaps the best explanation for the Democrats' decision to virtually shut down the Senate today can be found in one passage from CIA leak prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's news conference last Fr
Drudge is headlining an ABC News story on a deeply disturbing espionage case at the White House involving a naturalized American of Filipino descent who worked for Vice President Dick Cheney (and also Al Gore). Both the FBI and CIA are calling it the first case of espionage in the White House in modern history.... Read More
Guess it's too late... *** 130pm EDT. Dick Cheney just finished an interview with Rush Limbaugh. Cheney pleads for Rush to "trust" him. First caller after the segment is a Republican woman who is "so disappointed" with Bush and the GOP...they don't seem to care about their base...we fought hard to get a Republican majority...I... Read More
Via Editor and Publisher: The Inquirer piece requires registration. Here's an excerpt:
I spent the afternoon at Sheehanapalooza in D.C. under overcast skies, in a haze of hemp-scented paranoia, steeped with fetid Bush hatred. Am uploading a bunch of photos of moonbats in action at my Flickr site. Here's a sample: The face of the anti-war movement: YEARRRGH! A stylish member of Code Pink Grieving anti-war mom... Read More
From the "Bias? What liberal bias?" files... On Saturday, had a piece [9/12 clarification carried by Reuters] titled "Firms with White House ties get Katrina contracts:" The Baton Rouge-based Shaw Group, CNN tells us, is a major corporate client of Joe Allbaugh, President Bush's former campaign manager and a former head of the Federal... Read More
FEMA head Michael Brown is history. Via Breitbart/AP: *** Question #1: Does this make President Bush a member of the "bed-wetting right," too? Answer: No. It makes him someone who has put accountability over cronyism in a time of crisis. Good for him. *** Question #2: While the president is getting rid of dead wood,... Read More
The Associated Press is reporting this evening: The Smoking Gun has posted the petition here. I referenced the filing in a straightforward post on Sunday here. Unhinged critics have gone ballistic over the fact that I linked to this news, which was first broken by another site called Dang If I Know over the weekend.... Read More
According to the Denver Post, "journalist Bob Woodward predicts [Vice President] Dick Cheney will be the Republican Party's presidential nominee in 2008." Fred Barnes commented on this possibility a few months ago. How's Helen Thomas taking the news?
Mark Levin asks: "Is John McCain about to do for interrogations what he did for political speech?" Sure looks like it. Be afraid. VP Dick Cheney is reportedly leading a campaign to stop the attempted micromanagement coup over Gitmo. Stay tuned...
Time and again, Washington Post Style reporter Robin Givhan hides behind fashion snarking and culture reporting to savage conservatives. She did it with Katherine Harris and Dick Cheney and John Bolton--and I'm sure you can remember many more examples of partisan mockery. Well, today's conservative-bashing Style commentary sinks to the lowest low. The piece, "An... Read More
WaPo says an announcement may come as early as this afternoon. The Supreme Court Nomination Blog has all the lowdown on rumored frontrunner Edith Clement. (Update: Rolling list of Clement's noteworthy opinions.) Jonathan Adler comments on lefty Nan Aron's wishes. Christopher Flannery likes Justice Alice Batchelder. ProLife Blogs takes a look at the two Ediths.... Read More
So, the Daily Kos has taken a bold stand against his conspiracy-mongering readers and posters: The purge, alas, did not last long: Update: I've been reinstating some of the banned accounts as they email me. Some people wondered why there wasn't any warning. There have been warnings from others -- repeated pleadings for people to... Read More
***See the update below. Arianna responds...*** Jeff Quinton sends word that the Huffington Post is reporting from Vail, Colo., on Dick Cheney's alleged hospitalization for heart problems. I wouldn't have linked directly to the HuffPuffers, but after glancing at the cesspool in the comments section, I figured you'd be interested. Here's a sample: Hasn't he... Read More
Just received this e-mail from Steve Gill: Steve writes that the full interview will be on the White House website shortly. Bill Hobbs has audio of the interview up. Meanwhile... Hugh Hewitt surveys the halls of Congress and the MSM scene. Dave Logan has an update on his polling of Senators for comment. I called... Read More
Last week, I criticized President Bush for equivocating on the Gitmo question. Rumsfeld tried to do damage control then. And Dick Cheney will be attempting to do so again on FNC's Hannity and Colmes tonight. But it's too late. A Republican anti-Gitmo brigade has been born: - Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) joined the Left's Guantanamo... Read More
President Bush's response to a question about Guantanamo Bay at his press conference this afternoon was woefully inadequate, and not just because he flubbed the word "dissemble." While he rightfully criticized Amnesty International's hyperbolic report on alleged abuses at Gitmo as "absurd," I don't think he defended our detention policies and practices vigorously or articulately... Read More
Chalk it up to sleep deprivation, but I honestly feel a wee bit sorry for John Edwards. This video of him fussing with his feathery Breck hair before a TV interview will undoubtedly be the laughingstock of the blogosphere and beyond today. Yeah, he's prissier than most. Waaayy prissier. But if you secretly taped almost... Read More
John Kerry stooped to the lowest of the low with the shameless, invasive line that will be played over and over again on the news in the next 24 hours: Um, has John Kerry talked to Dick Cheney's daughter? Has John Edwards? Has Mary Beth Cahill, who called Mary Cheney "fair game" on Fox News... Read More
Here is the opening paragraph of the AP post-debate propaganda masquerading as analysis: Can you imagine an AP report focusing on Edwards' performance that began "With gooey unctuousness, Sen. John Edwards etc..." The wire service's anti-Bush/Cheney bent has been effectively documented here and here. In any case, all four candidates claim they have what it... Read More
9PM last night: After I finished reading Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus to my daughter, she pleaded for me to read Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business. After which came prayers and 20 minutes of "Mommy, I'm thirsty...Mommy, I'm hot...Mommy, I have to go potty...Mommy, Dark Heart is in my... Read More
CBS News isn't the only one failing to disclose the political activism of purportedly ordinary Americans fearful of the return of a draft. NBC News has its own Beverly Cocco. His name is Jeremy Tor. Here's the full transcript of the draft-mongering segment that ran on NBC Nightly News last night: TOM BROKAW, anchor: One... Read More
I'm not going to bother linking to the story. It annoys me. I am still have nightmares about the dangling heads of Nick Berg and Paul Johnson and Kim Sun-Il, and all the mainstream media will be prattling on about today is Dick Cheney's use of the F word. He shouldn't have said it. He... Read More
Last week, I keyed off a Drudge headline about Time magazine's "revelation" of Dick Cheney's secret location, Site R. Turns out that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blabbed about it nearly three years ago! My bad for castigating Time. The Post-Gazette's bad for endangering the Veep. Time's bad for misleading people about not-new news. Drudge's bad for... Read More
Just got off deadline. So Drudge reports that the loose-lipped scribes at Time Magazine have divulged Dick Cheney's secret location. Funny how the hysterical privocrats - the brilliant Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald's term - shrug their shoulders at the casual disclosure of vital national security information. Who cares about the safety of the Vice... Read More
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