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Desiree Rogers

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The New York Times lends more than 2,000 words to console laughingstock former WH social secretary Desiree Rogers. Bring a Kleenex to the pity party: The rise and fall of Desirée Rogers, the glamorous Harvard-educated corporate executive who brought sizzle to the State Dining Room but became a victim of a publicity stunt by a... Read More
Three words: Boo-freaking-hoo. Didn't take long to play the woman card and the race card, did it? I see an NAACP "National Treasure" Award in Desiree's future...
The Obamas' favorite bundler is leaving her job as White House social secretary in the wake of the gate-crasher scandal. But don't be fooled into thinking she's out of the Obamas' inner circle. Those Chicago ties are eternal. I love how they do the "mission accomplished" spin here. Via the Sun-Times: Er, yeah. Now, she'll... Read More
"She's glamorous."
Nope, just kidding. It's another sympathetic MSM puff piece on the Friend of Valerie Jarrett/Obama bundler-turned-White House social secretary...from the notorious lefty fashion writer Robin Givhan at the Washington Post. Shorter version: "She's glamorous!" Rogers will not show up to the House hearing on Crashergate. In an attempt to put out the security fire, the... Read More
Say cheese!
Oh, what a dilemma for White House social secretary/Chicago crony bundler Desiree Rogers! She has been asked to testify at Thursday's House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Crashergate. On the one hand, it'll be hard for the camera hog to turn down a moment in the nationwide spotlight. As I told you yesterday, she's almost... Read More
"Let the good times roll."
White House social secretary Desiree Rogers makes her grand entrance at last week's White House State Dinner... ...while grifter couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi snuck in the back and circumvented security to gain access to President Obama... Readers of this blog and of Culture of Corruption are already quite familiar with Desiree Rogers. She's the... Read More
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