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Dennis Kucinich

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The nutroots crusade continues.
Scroll for updates... In case you've been missing impeachment mob theater, the lead actor is back. Rep. Dennis Kucinich was back on the House floor tonight introducing a 35-count resolution to impeach President Bush. Kucinich delayed introducing the impeachment resolution after speaking with House Judiciary Committee members in January. Guess he got a green light.... Read More
Beam him up.
In January, I mentioned Dennis Kucinich's call to DHS to fend off an aggressive challenger who questioned his prolonged absences from his home district. DHS can't protect him now. It's do-or-die tonight: Dennis Kucinich, the liberal Ohio politician who made two failed White House campaigns, fought Tuesday in the Democratic primary to keep his seat... Read More
Impeachment watch update.
I blogged last month about the impeachment loons in Brattleboro, Vermont who want to subject President Bush and VP Cheney to arrest if the leaders set foot in their town. The brats in Brattleboro received national attention this week after they moved their petition through the town Select Board. A vote on the BDS measure... Read More
Not that it will make any difference to the tinfoil hat crowd, but New Hampshire finished recounting a large sample of Democrat ballots at the behest of quitter Denny Kucinich and found no evidence of a fraud conspiracy: The recount of Democratic primary votes in New Hampshire that Cleveland's Dennis Kucinich requested hasn't changed any... Read More
Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the presidential race. You know why. The "new direction?" I reported it here yesterday: On Monday, before the State of the Union, he'll be swinging the impeachment noose high. The BDS bandwagon rolls on.
"The president and vice president lied and a million innocent Iraqis died."
On C-SPAN this morning, I caught GOP Rep. Cliff Stearns chastising impeachment ringleader Dennis Kucinich for offending remarks he had just made about President Bush on the House floor. What did Kucinich say? Click to watch: Railed Kucinich: "The president and vice president lied and a million innocent Iraqis died...We already know the State of... Read More
Red alert! Red alert! Dennis Kucinich has detected a threat to his homeland security. No, not a UFO. Kucinich called in DHS to investigate a pesky political opponent who came to his office to complain about the congressman and Democrat presidential candidate's absence from the district. Seriously. Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Your DHS tax... Read More
Dennis Kucinich announced today in a press release that he's demanding for the New Hampshire recount--not because it would make any difference, he admits, but basically just for the hell of it: Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, the most outspoken advocate in the Presidential field and in Congress for election integrity, paper-ballot elections, and campaign... Read More
Second choices.
Bedfellas? Dennis Kucinich is urging his supporters to throw their votes to Barack Obama on the second Iowa ballot. Second choices matter in Iowa. (Candidates who receive less than 15 percent of the vote are considered non-viable. Their followers can go home or cast ballots for their second choice. Front-runners Obama, Clinton and Edwards will... Read More
Update 7:21am Eastern 11/7. A Daily Kossack suggests that Kucinich to do it over and over and over again." Update 8:00pm Eastern: Quip of the night goes to corruptocrat Alcee Hastings. Gotta love the blue-on-blue action: Update 7:45pm Eastern. What's next? Fox is reporting that Kucinich claims House Judiciary Committee chairnut John Conyers told him... Read More
Strike up the nutroots band! Impeach-a-palooza is coming to the House floor. Dennis Kucinich announces his plans to introduce a privileged resolution that will bring articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney: Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) announced today that he will be offering a privileged resolution on the House floor next week that will... Read More
Bush = bin Laden.
Check out City Journal: Adam D. Thierer weighs in on the "media cornucopia" and the Left's attempts to snuff out abundant conservative voices. Scarcity-obsessed Dennis Kucinich has recently introduced plans in Congress to revive the Fairness Doctrine, which once let government regulators police the airwaves to ensure a balancing of viewpoints, however that’s defined. A... Read More
First, Democrat Rep. David Obey spanks "idiot liberals." Now, Democrat presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is calling out the cowards who won't debate on Fox News. Punchy! The cancellation in the past two days of two planned nationally televised debates because of candidates’ “scheduling conflicts” and unwillingness to participate smacks of “manipulation by some candidates who... Read More
This is too funny. Andrew Marcus has footage of the Nevada Democrat presidential candidates' forum that I hadn't seen before. Click to the frames at the end of the video featuring Dennis Kucinich unbound: I'm reminded of a certain puppet who performed the same song and dance...
A few days ago, I noted Jane Fonda's scheduled appearance tomorrow at a Navy Memorial protest. She'll be joined by legions of others coming to Washington, D.C. this weekend: Keep an eye out for how the MSM treats these protesters versus the tens of thousands of pro-life marchers who came last weekend. Also keep a... Read More
***update: Dems' kiss and make-up video is here...more on the Murtha redeployment...*** Pelosi's in. Now, NRO's Jonathan Martin (terrific addition to The Corner) reports, the voting for Majority Leader has commenced. He's filing from the Capitol: Allah: "Standby for the exciting, party-splitting, Pelosi-humiliating conclusion!" Update: Let the humiliation begin--Hoyer beats Murtha, 149-86.
Newly crowned leader of the unhinged Left: Via Dem Leaders Have Embraced Sen. Russ Feingold's (D-WI) Censure "Principle" "Ecstatically": "The Left Wing Of The Party Has Greeted Feingold's Censure Call Ecstatically." (Shailagh Murray, "A Senate Maverick Acts To Force An Issue, The Washington Post, 3/15/06) "[C]alifornia Sen. Barbara Boxer [D-CA] Said That She Could... Read More
I promised my daughter this Care Bear cake for her birthday party later today, so I will be mixing a truckload of buttercream icing this afternoon and attempting cake decorating for the first time. Will post a photo if it doesn't turn out to be a total disaster. (Update: Voila!) Meantime, some good Sunday afternoon... Read More
Hearing's over. Grass-roots Republicans are itching to give Sen. Voinovich a piece of their minds. But according to many readers, he has taken his phone off the hook. I'm getting a constant busy signal. Meantime, Beltway Buzz is printing letters from readers who need a place to vent. Here's a sample: I'm hearing much the... Read More
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