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Danish Cartoons

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I've been Silicon Valley Sharia-ed by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2019 Last week, the little birdies in Twitter's legal department notified me that one of my tweets from 2015 is "in violation of Pakistan law." It seems like ancient history, but Islamic supremacists never forget—or forgive. My innocuous tweet featured a compilation image of... Read More
Lan astaslem: I will not submit/surrender. The Danish cartoons Longtime readers know that nine years ago, after I helped spearhead a Mohammed Cartoon blogburst in support of the Danish cartoonists at the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, my site was targeted by jihadist hackers who launched DDOS attacks for nearly a week, along with the usual death threats.... Read More
Media cowards and the Cartoon Jihad by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 I have never laughed so bitterly as I did while reading Thursday’s lead editorial by the great pretender-defenders of free speech at the New York Times. Paying obligatory lip service to the 10 cartoonists and staffers of the Paris satirical weekly Charlie... Read More
Islamic Rage Boy rerun
With the Muslim world up in flames again as usual (if it's Friday...) and Mohammed Cartoons back in the news, I thought you might enjoy a Jihad Friday flashback. This is a clip from my Hannity & Colmes appearance in February 2006 -- calling out the feckless media and dhimmis falling for the pretextual alibis... Read More
I told you the gobsmackingly obvious at the very outset of these latest pretextual jihadi outbreaks across the Middle East: It's not about the dumb Internet movie or the marginal Pastor Terry Jones. They hated us before these excuses. They hated us before George W. Bush took office. They hated us before Israel came into... Read More
What a disgusting and disastrous, but wholly predictable, way to end this day. As you may have heard, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo chose the 11th anniversary of 9/11 to apologize for "hurt Muslim feelings" as radical Egyptian clerics stoked faux-rage over an obscure documentary attacking Islamic extremism. The Obama administration's mortifying apology, of course,... Read More
You know what I always say: It never ends. The Cartoon Jihad of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage never ends. Our latest conflagration has Egyptian (of course) sharia-enforcers (dubbed "conservatives" by BBC dhimmis) in a frenzy over a Coptic Christian businessman's tweet of what they consider a lewd photo. The offending photo was...a joke image... Read More
"Now, your children — daughters and sisters — will die like our brothers and sisters and children die."
When I last wrote in May about Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilk, targeted by the Religion of Perpetual Outrage for drawing Mohammed as a dog, I reminded you: Remember: The Religion of Perpetual Outrage hates all infidels. The targeting of Mohammed cartoonists is a lingering pretext to demonstrate that centuries-old, Koran-inspired hatred. If it isn't cartoons,... Read More
In retaliation for wackadoodle pastor Terry Jones's Burn a Koran Day on 9/11, a British Muslim activist has called for an international "Burn the Stars and Stripes Day." Choudary's co-religionists have already gotten a jump start: Hundreds of angry Afghans burned an American flag and chanted "Death to the Christians" on Thursday to protest plans... Read More
Lars Vilks, 2007 13th Century Persian depiction of Mohammed, artist unknown, via Mohammed Image Archive I noted the other day that Internet jihadists were leaving death threat comments on the Facebook page of the "Draw Mohammed Day" organizer. Now, the Internet jihadi sympathizers are crowing this morning on Twitter about Facebook taking the DMD page... Read More
"Draw Muhammad Day" is in two days. Check out the spate of profanity-laced death threats against the organizer on Facebook from Internet jihadists. A bloodthirsty sample: Related: The latest on the threats to Lars Vilks' life...Swedish Mohammed cartoonist in hiding after arson attack. Remember: It's in the Koran. In their own words. Not ours.
This crude drawing of Mohammed as a pig, published on Facebook and in a Norwegian newspaper, drew a protest of some 2,000 Muslims in Oslo today. The usual fatwas and threats of violence have followed. Rusty at The Jawa Report has been tracking the bubbling Religion of Perpetual Outrage outrage and sums it up: "They... Read More
How about kicking off the New Year with a stark reminder that jihadists don't just hate us because of Iraq and Afghanistan? The Religion of Perpetual Outrage hates all infidels. The targeting of the Danish Mohammed cartoonists is a lingering pretext to demonstrate that centuries-old, Koran-inspired hatred. If it isn't cartoons, it's always something else.... Read More
Scroll for updates...Obama's assuaging message to the Muslim world... There is a reason we call Muslim mau-mau-ers the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. They will never give up until you give in. Three years after the Mohammed Cartoon conflagration, the grievance-mongers are still trying to extract contrition out of the Danes and others who stood up... Read More
"Repent or die!"
At least five are dead in a car bombing outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. It never ends. Via the Jerusalem Post (hat tip - JWF): In related news: "Muslim hard-liners intolerant of tolerance rally." slamic hard-liners broke up a religious-tolerance rally Sunday in Indonesia, beating demonstrators with bamboo sticks and calling for the... Read More
"Hate crime!"
The sharia creeps in Canada are making noise again. The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes anew. As usual, they're up in arms over a truth-telling cartoon--which makes this a natural entry for our Stuff Muslims Don't Like Series. Because if there's one thing they really, really don't like, it's Western cartoons that force them to... Read More
Buy Steyn stash for free speech.
Mark Steyn is having a book sale to help raise money for Canadian bloggers under siege by the sharia brigade. Warman Wednesday is named after the lawsuit-happy tool, Richard Warman. Go get some Steyn stash and support free speech. Ezra Levant has all your latest updates on the case. The defendants are: • Ezra Levant... Read More
Cartoon dhimmitude revisited.
Nothing you didn't already know, but at least they're on the record.
Fight sharia. Support Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle, Free Dominion, Kate McMillan, and Jonathan Kay.
Last month, I told you about the coming attack on Canadian conservative bloggers by speech-squelching Richard Warman--the same sharia-promoting tool who went after publisher Ezra Levant. Well, the bloggers have now formally been hit with lawsuits. Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury is one of the defendants. She reports: Richard "The Boy Named Sue"... Read More
Go here. A reader tells me that the Dutch word for solidarity is "Solidariteit."
Fitna fits of perpetual rage.
Allahpundit and Lawhawk note that Liveleak has restored "Fitna." It's symbolically a good move, but 1) They shouldn't have taken it down in the first place and 2) thanks to the proliferation of video-sharing sites and the ubiquity of Torrent downloads, the restoration of the video on their site is sort of moot. When the... Read More
Scroll down for updates... It's like the American media and the Danish cartoons all over again. US-based Network Solutions was supposed to have hosted Dutch politician Geert Wilders' anti-Islam mini-documentary due out tonight. Now, via Allahpundit and many readers, there's this message currently running on the site where the "Fitna" movie should be: What the... Read More
"We will take action." ('s "Death to Infidels" day. March madness over the Mo cartoons and the upcoming release of "Fitna" continued today after the mosques stirred up the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. Peace be with you: Some 5,000 Afghans chanted "death to Denmark" and "death to the Netherlands" in Kabul on Friday, protesting against the reprinting of a... Read More
It never ends.
Sammenhold. So, the "new" bin Laden tape is threatening a "reckoning" with Europe over the Mohammed Cartoons. The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes again: Probably because the "new" tape is old. Rusty at The Jawa Report concludes: This is an old audio, probably from 2006, of bin Laden. As Sahab
Religion of Perpetually Misspelled Outrage.
From the Religion of Perpetually Misspelled Outrage: Snort. Hat tip: Brian at Snapped Shot. Thanks, Brian. I needed a laugh this morning.
Are you ready for March Madness? As I noted at Hot Air last month, the Religion of Perpetual Outrage is gearing up for the debut of Dutch politician Geert Wilders' anti-Islam mini-documentary, "Fitna"--which is reportedly set for completion sometime today. (Go to the Fitna The Movie site for more info.) Combined with the recent re-publication... Read More
Solidarity. Via Weasel Zippers comes news that jihadi-targeted Danish artist Kurt Westergaard's Mohammed cartoon is up for sale. The WSJ reports: Kurt Westergaard is in hiding from Islamic militants who want him dead. Now, the Danish cartoonist says he's ready to part with the source of his travails, a small ink sketch of the Prophet... Read More
Pay attention. This is the thanks you get: President Omar al-Bashir said Wednesday that he would bar Danes from Sudan and told tens of thousands of people at a government-backed rally that the Muslim world should boycott Denmark because of a reprinted cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. "We urge all Muslims around the world to... Read More
AllahTube. (Photoshop credit - Jawas)
What goes around, comes around. After earning a notorious reputation in the blogosphere for stamping out videos critical of Islam and the Danish cartoon debacle because they contained "inappropriate content" and threatening to suspend accounts of anti-jihad video creators, YouTube got gagged by Pakistan over...a video critical of Islam and the Danish cartoon debacle. The... Read More
"I'm going to fight like Hell."
The Cartoon Jihad never ends. Canadian publisher Ezra Levant, who staved off an attempt by a Muslim critic to haul him up on "human rights" violations for printing the Mohammed Cartoons, faces another new lawsuit. Levant writes: In 2006, I was hit with two identical human rights complaints because I published the Danish cartoons of... Read More
Burn, infidel, burn.'s a Day of Rage. Brian at Snapped Shot spotlights some of the early outbreaks of fire and fury at Denmark, America, and Wikipedia. Check out his full photo gallery. Here's a sample: What's next? Watch out: They're going to be burning snack foods. Lawhawk:
Support Denmark and the Netherlands.
Iran and its bloodthirsty minions are ramping up the pretextual Mo Cartoon outrage. While Iranian lawmakers call for cutting off trade and political ties to Denmark and Netherlands over republication of the Mohammed Cartoons, jihadis are wielding their machetes again: In a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, some 215 lawmakers of Iran's 290-seat assembly said... Read More
More cartoon dhimmitude.
Reader Sylvia sent me this photo that ran in Norway's leading newspaper, Aftenposten. The headline? Norwegian press won’t touch "Mohammad" cartoons. Check out the pixelated Mo cartoons. Yes, they pixelated the cartoons as if they were porn. Ridiculous, right? Reminds me of...the American media. Remember when CNN and the Dallas Morning News did the same... Read More
Eternal flame.
Scroll down for updates... The "youths" are baaaack. In Denmark, 17 "youths" were arrested for rioting over the re-publication of the Mohammed Cartoons. A photographer for the Jyllands-Posten, the brave paper that published the cartoons two years ago and re-printed them again this week after the arrest of jihadi plotters who targeted one of the... Read More
"Alien events."
Update 11:24am: Fresh photos for the Valentine's Jihad (via Snapped Shot). Call it heartburn: *** Remember this photo from two years ago? First, they came for the cartoonists. Next, they came for Valentine's Day: Caption - An activist of the radical Kashmiri Islamic group, Dukhtaran-e-Millat, or daughters of the community, burns a Valentine card outside... Read More
Sammenhold. Plus: Muslim bully drops lawsuit against Ezra Levant.
Two years ago, the Mohammed cartoon conflagration consumed the world and the blogosphere helped lead the way in fighting back. Longtime readers will remember that this site hammered the issue in support of Denmark. "Sammenhold," you may recall, is the Danish word for solidarity. With the arrests this week of five jihadists accused of plotting... Read More
Insulting Islam = death.
Lessons we learned from the first Mohammed Cartoon riots: It's never over. There's always a pretext. Somewhere in the world, someone will end up dead for "insulting Islam." Via Jihad Watch, three were killed in riots last week in Nigeria after Christian students disseminated caricatures of the Big Mo: Three persons including a police officer... Read More
Read "The Race for the American Mind" by Selywn Duke. It's a manifesto for the conservative blogosphere. Here's the intro: Last year's scamnesty bill had widespread support among the powers-that-be, with the president, the Democrat majority and mainstream media all singing its praises. Yet it went down to defeat, slain by a new-media coalition of... Read More
"We don’t joke about that any more."
I'm afraid that British teacher Gillian Gibbons doesn't quite appreciate how her ordeal fits into the big picture of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage: Actually, it's all too imaginable: They worked up Soccer Ball Rage , Rushdie Rage, MoCartoon Rage, Burger King Ice Cream Cone Rage, Koran Flushing Rage, Valentine's Day Rage, Veil Rage, Pope... Read More
Plus: The silence of the feminists.
Update 12:55pm Eastern. Gillian Gibbons has left Sudan. Sharia, however, is still in the house. Update: Still more post-Mo Teddy Bear blasphemy fallout in Europe... *** Gillian Gibbons may be "pardoned" ...
Update 12/1 9:00am Eastern. A British Muslim member of Parliament and his delegation of dhimmis are flying to Sudan to negotiate a pardon. You know what they should be doing? Demanding the sentence be dropped and that Sudan apologize. This is charming: *** Update 1:20pm Eastern. Blade of Peace... Unbelievable dhimmi commentary of the day:... Read More
Plus: Another woman hounded for "insulting Islam."
Update: Pupil tries to save teacher. *** Photoshop credit: [email protected] Updating the latest Religion of Perpetual Outrage story I noted yesterday morning, British teacher Gillian Gibbons is waiting for a judge's ruling on whether she will be tried for blasphemy because she allowed students at her Sudanese school to name their teddy bears after Mohammed.... Read More
The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes again.
Update: Here's the poor teacher: Update: I want Rusty's new Mohammed Teddy Bear for Christmas. *** If it isn't cartoons or Western fast-food joints or Valentine's day cards or beauty pageants or books or speeches or Playboy magazines or soccer balls that have the Religion of Perpetual Outrage up in arms, it's something else. It's... Read More
Deja vu all over again: "Why can you not criticize Islam when you can criticize other religions?"
Paul Marshall at NRO looks at the latest outbreak of Mo cartoon rage in Sweden. Background from Allah and Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna, which began tracking the story in July. LGF has Sweden's response. The government told Pakistan it is sorry for "hurt feelings." Muslims gathered outside the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper in Orebro... Read More
Burn them! File this under "No good deed goes unpunished" by the Religion of Perpetual Outrage: As we've learned from Rushdie Rage, MoCartoon Rage, Burger King Ice Cream Cone Rage, Koran Flushing Rage, Valentine's Day Rage, Veil Rage, Pope Rage, Fallaci Rage, Miss World Pageant Rage, and Rushdie Knighthood Rage, they're pretty damned "sensitive" (read:... Read More
"Hot new fad on the planet." Plus: Tracking and identifying the dhimmi press.
Update: More dhimmi details in's coverage. If you haven't already been to Berkeley Breathed's website to see the first of two syndicated "Opus" cartoons that many of his newspaper clients are refusing to run because they might offend members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage, go there now. Many blogs noted this story last... Read More
The case of the Koran-flusher. Update: Criminal complaint added.
Bumped--originally posted July 29, 2007 @ 22:07 Update: LGF has background about the arresting officer. Allah has more legal analysis based on the complaint. And Christopher Hitchens weighs in: Before me is a recent report that a student at Pace University in New York City has been arrested for a hate crime in consequence of... Read More
The manufactured outrage over Britain's knighting of Salman Rushdie continues. It's Friday prayer time. Mosques in...
If it's Friday in Pakistan, it's flag-burnin' and effigy-hangin' time. Today, imams will be inveighing against Salman Rushdie, Britain, and the West's incorrigible infidels. I know: When are they not? Here's my column on Rushdie Rage from earlier this week. The conclusion: The deaf and blind will dismiss this latest episode of manufactured Muslim outrage... Read More
The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes again.
Updates: Rushdie requests police protection...Iranian group ups bounty for Rushdie's murder to $150,000...LGF: "If you think this is bad, wait until Friday, the day of prayer, when the mullahs, imams, and sheikhs of the Islamic world will work their special magic on the millions gathered in mosques. It’s gonna be a hell of a Friday."... Read More
The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes again.
Here we go again: What isn't an excuse for the Religion of Perpetual Outrage to burn flags, trample effigies, and call for beheadings? More: Oh, but of course, he was misunderstood: The minister, the son of Zia ul-Haq, the military dictator who died in a plane crash in 1988, later retracted his statement in parliament,... Read More
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