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Condi Rice

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Condi Rice is so wrong. She thinks what the State Department needs is skin-based diversity. Here she is, counting racial beans the way the Left always does -- and talking like Bill "Looks Like America" Clinton. Wrong, wrong, wrong: Who cares what they look like? It's what they think like that matters. As I've blogged... Read More
"Show me that. I'll be surprised to see that."
Liberal racism? What liberal racism? How clueless and out-of-touch is CNBC Washington chief correspondent and NYTimes writer John Harwood? This clueless (hat tip -Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters): OK, here's your assignment. John Harwood asked for it. Please help educate him. E-mail him a link to this blog post (or just use the handy 'send to... Read More
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Turkey discussing the Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq: Speaking after meeting with both Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, Rice said she had emphasized that the United States is "committed to redoubling its efforts" to help Turkey in its struggle against the rebel... Read More
Fer cryin' out loud. Will she pull a Pelosi and put on a hijab, too? Just a reminder of what Vice President Cheney said a few weeks ago about Pelosi's meeting with Syrian president Assad: Talk about sending "mixed messages." Cripes. *** Background: State Dept reports on patterns of global terrorism
Well, here's the first name in the "D.C. madam" probe that has Washington in tizzy: Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias. Make that former Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias. Here's the State Department statement: Ambassador Randall Tobias informed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today that he must step down as Director of... Read More
The verdict against Kareem is in: three years in prison for insulting Islam and inciting sedition and another year for insulting Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Kareem will appeal. Help him. President Bush? Condi Rice? Promoters of democracy in the Middle East? Hello? Hello? Previous Free Kareem blogging.
I clicked through to the story linked on Drudge about the Hillary skirt featured on the runway in Rome. The designer is Gattinoni. In addition to Hillary, the other women featured are French presidential wannabe Segolene Royal, the British great-grandmother wannabe Queen Elizabeth and the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Hillary, Royal, and the... Read More
Audrey Hudson at the Washington Times investigates the Minneapolis Six and gets feedback from air marshals. We take a closer look at Omar Shahin over at Hot Air. Discussion on O'Reilly last night here. HA affiliate Charles Ryder has more video and spotted another hate-spewer at the praying imams' protest yesterday at Reagan National. Scott... Read More
Remember this Arabic-speaking State Department clown, Albert Fernandez, who went on al Jazeera TV and trashed the U.S. as arrogant and stupid? Well, speaking of arrogant and stupid, guess what? Charles Johnson notes that the State Department has decided to give Fernandez an award. Via Brit Hume's Grapevine last week on Fox News: No surprise.... Read More
A macho show of firepower: Israel is right--this is everyone's problem: In Israel, Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said he was not surprised by the missile tests, and warned that to leave Iran unchecked would pose a risk to the world. "Iran is following a direct line after North Korea. Therefore this problem is not Israel's... Read More
Meet Alberto Fernandez: State Dept. apologist for jihad Alberto Fernandez, director of public diplomacy in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the US State Department, is al Jazeera's favorite pet tool. He has been praised as "sassy" and is a fixture on Arab TV. From a Newsweek profile published in August, which proclaimed him... Read More
Christian convert Abdul Rahman: Still a marked man Remember Abdul Rahman, the Christian convert who fled Afghanistan and found safety in Italy after Muslim mobs demanded he be killed for abandoning Islam? Well, while the rest of the world has forgotten about Rahman, the sharia-embracers and Koran-thumpers who believe all apostates should be murdered have... Read More
Via Yahoo! News/Reuters: An effigy of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is burned by South Korean protesters at a rally in Seoul, denouncing North Korea's nuclear weapon test October 9, 2006. (Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters) ***scroll for updates...U.N. has no immediate comment; emergency meeting scheduled Monday morning...Australian PM John Howard condemns NoKo test. ""North Korea is very... Read More
***originally posted 752am...bumping this back to the top...11am Eastern - White House says it is considering declassifying the NIE...1210pm new update: Bush will release parts of the*** President Bush on Tuesday said it is naive and a mistake to think that the war with Iraq has worsened terrorism, disputing a national intelligence assessment by... Read More
First, take a look at mob scenes across the Muslim world this weekend, ostensibly--ostensibly--in response to the civilian deaths in Qana, Lebanon (via Yahoo! News). Angry Muslims from Beirut to Gaza to Lahore are setting fire to American and Israeli flags. Burning effigies of Western leaders. Raising their voices in death chants: (Tigerhawk has more... Read More
Yesterday, I mentioned the wild mob of "peace" activists in Australia who kicked, punched and fired projectiles at PM John Howard's car to protest his support for Israel. Today, there's this from Lebanon: Lebanese protesters broke into the United Nations headquarters in Beirut on Sunday, smashing windows and ransacking offices, after an Israeli air strike... Read More
Headline: Arab Group To Sue U.S. Government I'll believe my own eyes.
Well, yes, that's exactly what it is: KnightHawk at PoliPundit notes the blame America meme. Alcibades at KesherTalk is waiting for the "diplomacy" tut-tutters to do their thing: I can't see that Israel has many options to get the soldiers back, except to bomb some site in Syria; as Sharon's government did, to much success,... Read More
Ian's got the video of Murtha on Meet The Press. Transcript here. After criticizing Karl Rove's "fat backside," Murtha put forth his fat-headed Okinawa plan: MR. RUSSERT: You say redeploy. Again, Mr. Rove challenges that comment. Let’s listen and give you again a chance to respond to the White House. (Videotape, Monday): MR. ROVE: Congressman... Read More
***update: thread here*** You've read the story of the day, all day, on Drudge: Ann Coulter is antagonizing the Left with her comments about the liberal 9/11 widows known as "The Jersey Girls." Hillary Clinton is going ape. TV producers of all partisan stripes are ecstatic. So are Ann's publicists and publisher. Unfortunately, lost... Read More
***update: The professor hangs up on John Gibson*** A moonbat professor at Boston College quits over Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's scheduled graduation address: An open letter to William P. Leahy, SJ, president of Boston College. DEAR Father Leahy, I am writing to resign my post as an adjunct professor of English at Boston College.... Read More
***scroll for updates*** The Department of Homeland Security is working overtime to quell citizen outrage over the Border Patrol/Mexico/Minutemen story. The contradictory spin doctors are not doing a very good job. I'll have more in a moment. But now is a crucial time to step back and look at this disturbing episode in a larger,... Read More
House Democrats are bashing the Bush administration for its lack of "diversity." Via WaPo: Yeah, just ignore this inconvenient reality: What the report does not mention, however, is that Bush has established a record of diversity in his Cabinet. Bush's Cabinet, which includes the vice president and the heads of 15 executive departments, currently has... Read More
Secretary of State Condi Rice says that, unlike her boss, she has no problem with the radicalized illegal alien national anthem: Rice, unfortunately, is speaking from pure ignorance on this matter. "Nuestro Himno" is not merely a straight translation of the "Star-Spangled Banner" into Spanish. It's a politicized rewrite for the purposes of galvanizing pro-illegal... Read More
Two days ago, I reported on an idiotic math question crafted by a Bellevue (WA) Community College professor that took a racist swipe at Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Today, the Seattle Times follows up: In keeping with the CYA mentality of the education establishment,
I've been getting lots of e-mail about an idiotic math question reportedly crafted by a Bellevue (WA) Community College professor that takes a racist swipe at Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Here's a message forwarded to me from Rev. Wayne Perryman of Mercer Island, Wa.: Dear Friends: The following sample math problem was given to... Read More
AP reporting this morning: Not good. His family members are the ones who wanted to see him prosecuted for converting to Christianity. Over the weekend, Secretary of State Condi Rice denied that Rahman's sanity was an issue in Afghanistan's retreat from prosecution. But: The
***scroll for updates...Video: Condi Rice thinks Afghanistan has "come a long way" because when the Taliban ruled, they "wantonly" executed people for playing music (as opposed to now, you know, where executions of people for abandoning Islam are contemplated in a much more civilized, non-wanton manner.)...Kofi Annan dodges...*** Abdul Rahman: Still not safe Just in...But... Read More
Mark Steyn: The fragile Afghan state is protected by American, British, Canadian, Australian, Italian and other troops, hundreds of whom have died. You cannot ask Americans or Britons to expend blood and treasure to build a society in which a man can be executed for his choice of religion. You cannot tell a Canadian soldier... Read More
Following in Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's footsteps, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice phoned Afghan President Hamid Karzai seeking a "favorable resolution" of the Abdul Rahman case. Not sure why President Bush wasn't on the line. But at least someone called. Fox News has the story. More details from the NYT: Secretary of State Condoleezza... Read More
The latest... The Washington Times weighs in. Tony Perkins has an open letter to President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and to Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) and Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), the respective foreign affairs committee chairmen, over at Human Events: On behalf of Family Research Council and the families we represent, thank you... Read More
The Islamists' Bogus Blasphemous Cartoons (Large images here, here, and here) I just received a tip from a reader in Denmark with more info about the lying delegation of Danish imams who fabricated anti-Muslim artwork and pinned it on the Jyllands-Posten in December to stoke the jihadists. (See Scott Johnson's round-up at Power Line.) In... Read More
Yesterday, I mentioned the Washington Post's smelly little article on an unpublished study purporting to associate conservative support for President Bush with bias against blacks. Newsbusters' Tim Graham noted that the reporter who penned the piece had also mentioned the same researchers and the same study in a Washington Post magazine piece (titled, ironically enough,... Read More
Paging the Department of Homeland Security. Hello? Hello?! *New* via the San Diego Union Tribune : Two tons of pot found inside Mexico-U.S. border tunnel Meanwhile, the southern border incursions continue: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on Wednesday demanded the Department of Homeland Security investigate a border standoff between U.S. lawmen and about 20 heavily armed... Read More
Via Reuters: The governing board of the International Atomic Energy Agency will hold an emergency meeting on Iran's nuclear work on Feb. 2 at the request of European Union powers, an IAEA spokesman said on Wednesday. France, Britain, Germany and the United States are expected to push at the session to have Tehran referred to... Read More
My column takes on Monday's Day of Demagoguery led by Hillary Clinton and Ray Nagin. Intro: The freaks come out at night. The demagogues came out on Martin Luther King Day. Democrat N.Y. Sen. Hillary Clinton perhaps looking to distract attention from those pesky Code Pink protesters who've been dogging her over the Iraq war,... Read More
Harry Belafonte and Hugo Chavez: Best buds (Hat tip: Shawn Wasson) Barking moonbat has-been Harry Belafonte travels to Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez's side and calls President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world." From ABC News: Why don't you spare us all and make your trip to Venezuela one-way-o, Harry? *** Previous Belafonte moments: CNSNews... Read More
**scroll for updates...Condi Rice cancels Asia trip to keep watch on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's fight for life...Sharon will remain in medically induced coma until Sunday*** Jim Geraghty notes various reports on Sharon's condition--one outlet saying he has died (unconfirmed)...UPDATE: Via Breitbart/AP 1040am EST "Stable but serious." Austin Bay weighs in on the death... Read More
On page A25 of the print edition of today's Washington Post (can't find it online...maybe that's deliberate - update: here it is), reporter Robin Wright has one of the snottiest, narcissistic pieces I've read this year. It's a 977-word whine about journalists and State Department bureaucrats who don't like the food served on Air Force... Read More
Just sick. Hat tip: Mike Talley at Wunderkraut Question: Is there a newspaper cartoonist working in the MSM today who doesn't have Bush Derangement Syndrome? *** Previous: Pat Oliphant: China's favorite political cartoonist Captain's Quarters: Oliphant Rolls Into Ted Rall Territory (smearing the Swift Boat Vets) American Digest: The Most Offensive Racist Cartoon Published In... Read More
***see updates*** Ok, just got home and have been deluged with e-mails asking for comment and more info on the Drudge Report's big story tonight about CNN's X-tra special treatment of Vice President Cheney. It's seemingly reminiscent of the MSM photo doctoring of Condi Rice's eyes and the Netscape/ editors' post-election photo pranks on images... Read More
Straight from the headlines, here's exactly the kind of unhinged liberal hatred and bigotry against minority Republicans I talk about in my book-- via the Washington Times today: This is how low the Left's political discourse has sunk: I'm a banana and a coconut and a whore and worse. Michael Steele is an Uncle Tom... Read More
***scroll for updates, reax, and spoofs another explanation from USA Today with new details...*** Hat tip: Tony J The doctored photo of Condi Rice has been removed from USA Today's website with this editor's note: More photog feedback from Brad: And Jason R... USA
***scroll down for updates...345pm EDT flash: THE PHOTO HAS BEEN REMOVED from USA Today's site with an editor's note...reax from readers here...I'll be talking about more unhinged examples of Condi hatred next week. More details here.*** Check out the photo of Condoleezza Rice that was published by USA Today last week: Notice anything peculiar about... Read More
Via Paul Mirengoff at Power Line, more bad news: Paul points to an excellent and depressing column on Jones and other woeful Bush decisions by the Washington Times' Diana West:
As you've likely read, the Pentagon blocked members of the Able Danger data mining project from testifying today before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee: One of the those who had been scheduled to testify, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, reportedly said the gag order came at the behest of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. It seems... Read More
Via Kim at Musing Minds... Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly asked Secretary of State Condi Rice on The Factor this evening if she was hurt by Bush haters calling her a shill. Answer: Update: Ian Schwartz has the video.
The blogosphere is buzzing with excellent commentary and analysis of the Operation Able Danger revelations and the 9/11 Commission's CYA act. Jim Geraghty has a comprehensive review of what we know and don't know over at TKS. Then head over to Captain's Quarters, where Ed Morrissey has created a new category for his invaluable posts... Read More
Can the New York Times--yes, the New York Times--make this any clearer to the Democratic tinfoil hat-wearers who cling to "Ohio was stolen" election conspiracy: In Ohio Vote, Woes, Yes, Fraud, No David Limbaugh spells it out further: Black voter suppression? No. Exploitation? Yes. Meanwhile, most of the MSM are ignoring the story of Iranian... Read More
Ugh. The 9/11 Commission is back for another round of self-aggrandizement, armchair general-ing, and Bush-bashing. Winfield Myers at The Democracy Project has predictions and some advice: If you were worried about a dull season ahead, the media feeding frenzy that would result from the reconstitution of this committee should relieve you of those worries, albeit... Read More
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