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Another cynical Democratic "Citizenship USA" voter drive by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 There's only one time when you can depend on the chronically backlogged, recklessly inefficient Department of Homeland Security to perform smoothly: election season. While hundreds of thousands of visa overstayers and deportation fugitives remain on the loose, federal bureaucrats at the... Read More
Is your church abetting Sanctuary Nation? by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 The random, heartless murder of a young tourist on San Francisco's Pier 14 by a five-time illegal alien deportee who benefited from the "progressive" city's sanctuary policy has law-abiding Americans, law enforcement officials and political opportunists of all stripes up in arms.... Read More
The truth about Obama's "temporary" Ebola amnesty by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 When it rains, it pours. Just before unveiling his colossal administrative amnesty for millions of "undocumented" aliens and foreign tech workers on Thursday, President Obama separately ordered up to 8,000 more executive pardons and special work passes for Liberians, Sierra Leoneans... Read More
Border Patrol agent Javier Vega, Jr., R.I.P. - UPDATE - Info on how to help his family below Murder in Rio Grande Valley: "This is coming to a town near you" by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 The voice on the other end of the line is exasperated. “It’s insane,” he wants America to... Read More
Jose Antonio Vargas: The face of the entitled illegal alien by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 They've blown it again, big time. They just can't help themselves. During the Bush years, the open-borders movement won over bleeding hearts in the White House but alienated the American public with radical displays of La Raza ("The... Read More
Obama's Immigration Lawyers' Enrichment Act by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 The American Dream is dying for tens of millions of unemployed, underemployed and long-term jobless citizens. But the White House has guaranteed that one sector of the U.S. economy will thrive for decades to come: Open-borders immigration lawyers. Don't believe the fibbing D.C.... Read More
Military bases: Obama's new illegal alien dumping grounds by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 A source tipped me off last week to a curious occurrence: It seems that two planeloads of illegal aliens were recently shipped to Massachusetts. The first reportedly landed at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford. According to my tipster, approximately... Read More
The legacy of Obama's illegal alien aunt by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 Zeituni Onyango, President Obama's illegal alien aunt, died this week of cancer and other complications. I hope she rests in peace. America, however, should be up in arms. Auntie Zeituni is an enduring symbol of all that is wrong with this... Read More
What have I said ever since my first book Invasion came out in 2002? It ain't over 'til the alien wins. America's systematically refuses to enforce visa requirements, enforce deportation orders and fix our reckless immigration catch-and-release policies. President Obama's illegal alien, drunk-driving deportation evader uncle, Onyango Omar, is here to stay and Big Labor,... Read More
As if the nail had not been driven into California's coffin enough, along come a raft of new open-borders goodies for illegal aliens. Gov. Jerry Brown has now sanctioned the practice of law by law-breakers. He also signed measures that will make it even harder to detain illegal alien criminals, further endangering the law-abiding populace... Read More
As I mentioned earlier in my column today, the persistent deportation and removal abyss allows hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens -- many of them known, repeat criminal offenders -- to pass through the immigration court system and then disappear into the ether because we have no determined will to track them down and kick... Read More
Amnesty Gang Throws Law-Abiders Under the Bus by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2013 President Obama and the bipartisan Gang of Eight in Washington who want to create a "pathway to citizenship" for millions of illegal aliens have sent a message loud and clear to those who follow the rules: You're chumps! Have you patiently... Read More
We have learned nothing since America's worst illegal alien catch-and-release nightmare, the Angel Resendiz case (go here for a refresher course). The latest victims of the feds' refusal to fully fund detention space and stop the deportation revolving door? Victims of an illegal alien drunk driver in Prince William County, Va., who had been, as... Read More
Here we go again. I've long reported on the danger of illegal alien sanctuary city policies embraced by woefully misguided (at best) and criminally reckless public officials seeking to appease the open borders lobby. One of the countless casualties of this deadly pandering was Houston PD officer Rodney Johnson, who shot and killed during a... Read More
Club Fed for illegal aliens by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2010 Thanks to their international "human rights" advocates, Gitmo detainees receive art therapy, movie nights and video games at their U.S. taxpayer-funded camp in Cuba. Now, the left's bleeding heart lobby wants to provide similar taxpayer-sponsored perks to illegal alien detainees on American soil.... Read More
Josie Bluhm, age 4. R.I.P.
Here we go again: Serial drunk driver. Countless trips through the revolving door. Immigration status ignored. Now, a four-year-old girl dead. Her mother and brother hospitalized. The community is outraged. Politicians claim to be perplexed. And the pro-illegal alien amnesty group is ready to pounce on anyone who dares talk about this case as a... Read More
Scroll down for updates... My syndicated column today reports the rest of the deportation fugitive Aunti Zeituni Onyango story that both Barack Obama and George Bush would prefer to keep covered up. God save us from bipartisanship. *** Obama’s illegal alien auntie: The rest of the story by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2008 I... Read More
The wheels on the bus go thumpity-thump.
Over the weekend, the Associated Press reported that Barack Obama's beloved Aunti Zeituni Onyango -- a Boston public housing resident -- was an illegal alien deportation fugitive who was ordered to leave the country by an immigration judge four years ago. Despite her illegal absconder status, she not only obtained federal housing benefits, but also... Read More
Double standards and unanswered questions.
I predicted the totally predictable last night. And so it has come to pass: The left-wing fairweather friends of privacy are all over the leak of Aunti Zeituni's immigration info -- while Joe The Plumber remains persona non grata. Democrat Rep. John Conyers has already called for a federal investigation. The WaPo is already up... Read More
Scroll for updates...Obama to return donations...for once Well now. Turns out Aunti Zeituni Onyango, one of Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama's many relatives made famous in his memoir, is an illegal alien. And not just a run-of-the-mill illegal alien on welfare. She's one of the hundreds of thousands of deportation fugitives -- absconders -- whom... Read More
Fishing for Pulitzers.
Hey, boys and girls, it's time for another Pulitzer fishing expedition by the Washington Post. I just finished wading through the paper's hype-inflated series on the federal immigration detention system's shoddy health care. WaPo purports to expose a "hidden network" of immigrant prisons and pretends to blow the lid off Abu Ghraib-like and Gitmo-esque conditions... Read More
Sanctuary no more.
Update: Here are the suspect photos: *** If you can get past the nauseating euphemisms, this report is worth reading: Three undocumented immigrant men remain jailed today in the brazen sexual assault of an unconscious woman in Fairview, an outdoor attack interrupted by law officers early Tuesday, authorities said. Police reported the men, all undocumented... Read More
Terapon Adhahn charged with kidnapping, raping, and killing 12-year-old Zina Linnik.
Update: Prosecutors not seeking the death penalty. Murder charges filed this afternoon against Terapon Adhahn:
The criminal alien revolving door and the death of Adre'Anna Jackson.
Update: This will make you sick... Update: Adhahn has been charged...50-plus counts of child rape...
Our campaign begins.
If I were a member of the nutroots, I'd label this an Important Action Alert (TM). But that's trademarked by the nutroots, so let's just call this a call to arms. During and after the shamnesty debacle, I got tons of e-mails from readers asking, "What can I do?" Here's my answer: Go to,... Read More
The battle to stop the criminal alien revolving door is being waged in the heartland of America. Washington, are you...
Bumped (original post 7/16/ 11:34am)... 11:00pm Eastern update. Late-breaking update...despite heavy open-borders pressure, the city of Waukegan will proceed on its partnership with the feds to deport criminal aliens. The Sun Times reports: Officials will not reconsider a proposal that could lead to local police enforcing federal immigration laws, a measure that has galvanized activists... Read More
GERALDO: "At this point, I have to point out how in my view, this awful case was distorted by anti-immigrant radicals...
Update 9/1: Geraldo Rivera is insane and unhinged. He has threatened to spit on me. *** If you want ignorant ranting about immigration and the Zina Linnik case, go watch Geraldo Rivera (thanks to readers for e-mailing me about it over the weekend and AP for clipping the vid). Utterly shameless. Geraldo teased his Saturday... Read More
Zina loved Fruit roll-ups, swimming, and tetherball.
7/16 7:29am Eastern update: Zina loved Fruit roll-ups, swimming, and tetherball. 7/16 12:00am Eastern update: Thousands gather to say goodbye to Zina Linnik *** Via the Tacoma News Tribune, here's how to help the family of Zina Linnik. Three accounts have been opened for donations fto memorial funds: • The Zina Linnik Memorial Fund at... Read More
We need to stop the criminal alien revolving door.
7/14 7:27am update. Via the AP..."Adhahn, a legal permanent resident of the U.S., could not have been deported for the incest conviction because it was not an aggravated felony and it was his first offense, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice said Friday. But a 1992 conviction for intimidation with a dangerous weapon... Read More
A suspected illegal alien rapist is let go. The feds say they'll deal with him "later." Meantime, he is accused of...
Update: Don Surber takes the media whitewash/coverage of this story to task and asks,"Is it too much to ask AP reporters to quit dancing around the fact that illegal aliens may be violent criminals? Apparently." *** The Commercial Appeal reports: Paging Michael Chertoff...paging Michael Chertoff...
***Bumped with video update: Watch me get smeared by Geraldo Rivera. I wear it as a badge of pride. Pay attention to his answer about deporting criminal aliens. John Lennon?!?!*** I'll be on The O'Reilly Factor tonight for a quick "Week in Review" segment. Tune in at 8pm Eastern. The topics were immigration and, yes,... Read More
Patterico has launched a series of case studies that your members of Congress should hear about: "Deport the criminals first." Part One is here. Part Two is here. Guess he's just another member of the "Foaming at The Mouth" mob. Someone should make a T-shirt.
This is Manuel Flores. He is an illegal alien fugitive from the law. He is accused of raping and sodomizing his girlfriend's nine-year-old daughter. Nine-year-old daughter. Manuel Flores is free, reportedly headed back to Mexico, because federal immigration officials screwed up, according to a local Denver report. I linked to this story earlier today, but... Read More
Yeah, yeah, DHS and the White House say they've ended catch-and-release policies for illegal aliens. Here's a reality check from a West Virginia law enforcement official: Reader Rob Ives sent me an e-mail along similar lines: Dear Ms. Malkin: For eleven of the last twenty years, including the last four, I was the elected prosecuting... Read More
Jerry Seper at the WashTimes reports that two execs of the Golden State Fence Company--hired by the U.S. government to help build a fence along the Southwest border to curb the flow of illegal aliens into the United States--have been sentenced on charges of hiring illegals for the job. The judge in the case, and... Read More
I've reported on the absconder problem extensively in Invasion and in my columns. This is nothing new: What is new--this fun fact: Despite the creation of the absconder apprehension initiative and the allocation of more than $204 million since 2003, the backlog of fugitive alien cases has inc
For most people, the Beltway-area sniper case is a distant memory. Over and done. But in Montgomery County, Md., the pain and suffering caused by convicted killing spree murderers Lee Malvo and John Muhammad is as fresh and raw as it was three years ago when the pair terrorized the area--leaving 10 dead and three... Read More
11pm EDT update: Video highlights of tonight's O'Reilly Factor in which I try to make O'Reilly see the light here. 1030pm EDT update: The only good thing about watching the speech was getting to watch it in the Fox News green room with Colorado GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo, a stalwart immigration enforcement advocate. It was... Read More
The open-borders lobby has been phenomenally successful at getting the Beltway elite in both parties and in the media to embrace its blanket overgeneralizations and platitudes about the illegal alien population. "They just come here to work." "They're all Americans, too." "Illegals aren't criminals." And so on. Those who impertinently challenge such characterizations in an... Read More
See, I told you so. This morning I told you that the immigration raid dog-and-pony show would result in most of the illegal aliens arrested being released. The New York Times reports in tomorrow' edition (hat tip Thomas Galvin): Released...never to be seen again. *** Reader H. reports from H
I speak regularly with dedicated men and women who work for the Department of Homeland Security, and especially agents from across the country who work for the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I can tell you based on my reporting over the last five years that the Bush administration's belated efforts to look tough... Read More
This is a wake-up call to the White House. On PBS this evening, GOP Rep. Jack Kingston, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, said there are enough votes in the House to override a presidential veto: I think that the House would override a veto, and I think the President will see those numbers.... Read More
The parent company of Dubai Ports World participates in the Arab boycott against Israel, The Jerusalem Post reports in an exclusive today (hat tip Thomas Rosser): "Yes, of course the boycott is still in place and is still enforced," Muhammad Rashid a-Din, a staff member of the Dubai Customs Department's Office for the Boycott of... Read More
A serious, pro-enforcement measure on border security and immigration control has just passed the House. Three years after I published Invasion, many of the policy recommendations included in the book have been embraced: The House acted Friday to stem the tide of illegal immigration by taking steps to tighten border controls and stop unlawful immigrants... Read More
More bloody consequences of lax immigration enforcement...from Dallas, Tx., via the Dallas Morning News: The Dallas Morning News does not mention in the above-linked story that Lizcano has been here illegally for the past two years, and had at least two prior run-ins with the law. According to WFAA, h
***scroll down for 9/1 updates...gun defenses tracked...*** The mayor of New Orleans has declared martial law, reports the WWL blog. I've covered the uncertainties surrounding this question several times over the past few days. Mike Wiser at Brendan Loy's blog writes: If there any experts familiar with Louisiana law, please help out and shed light... Read More
^&*$%#@$%^#! Sorry for the spleen-venting so early in the morning, but read this from the AP, headlined "Bush wants intelligence bill free of immigration provisions:" The White House yesterday asked Congress to reject an attempt in the House to place illegal-immigration measures in an intelligence reform bill. The Bush administration wants "an effective bill that... Read More
9:45ish: Finally, finally! Bob Schieffer asks about illegal immigration...but both candidates bomb. Bush's perfunctory reference to how he has sprinkled a few more Border Patrol agents across the southern border glosses over the horrendous policies instituted under his Department of Homeland Security that have resulted in undermining those agents. As I noted recently: When a... Read More
The Washington Times reports on an alleged meeting between suspected al Qaeda operative Adnan Shukrijumah and the savage El Salvador-based gang, Mara Salvatrucha: A top al Qaeda lieutenant has met with leaders of a violent Salvadoran criminal gang with roots in Mexico and the United States — including a stronghold in the Washington area —... Read More
You've heard about the two men who were busted for allegedly plotting to bomb the Herald Square subway station. You may not have heard that one of the men, Shahawar Matin Siraj, a 22-year-old Pakistani national living in Jackson Heights, New York, had run into problems with immigration authorities. According to this article, Siraj was... Read More
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