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Never forget: CAIR's dirty deeds by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2019 The Council on American-Islamic Relations is having a banner month. The militant Muslim group never lets a crisis go to waste. That means Americans should beware. When unappeasable CAIR is ascendant, our free speech rights, religious liberty and national security are at risk.... Read More
John Brennan will be nominated today as President Obama's next director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Brennan currently serves as national security/chief counterterrorism advisor. He has made several appearances on this blog over the years -- none of them reassuring. He has downplayed Gitmo recidivism... Brennan has also echoed Obama's bleeding-heart rhetoric about murderous jihadists,... Read More
CAIR is beside itself over homeland security drills in Minneapolis that used actors playing jihadists who -- Allah forbid! -- looked like actual jihadists. The Star Tribune reports:
When will we learn? Paul Sperry, veteran investigative journalist, Hoover Institution fellow, and author of the explosive "Muslim Mafia," reports on yet another security-undermining scandal at Gitmo. Must-read in the NYPost today: A number of Arabic and Pashtu interpreters at the terror-war detention center at Guantanamo Bay are under active investigation for omitting valuable intelligence... Read More
This latest Los Angeles Times report serves as an official CAIR dog whistle: As I mentioned last week, the flying imams' lawsuit against airport/homeland security officials was cleared for take-off earlier this summer. Fasten your seatbelts for another. *** Update: Officials say there was no threat on the LAX flight.
I know. It's a shocker. The crapweasels at CAIR act like...crapweasels. And Arlen Specter still smells like one. Via Philip Klein at the American Spectator: Tolerance of dissent is not a CAIR value. Fortitude is not a Specter value. They deserve each other.
Just in from DMN. Counting down until CAIR Islamophobia cries begin. In 3, 2, 1... A jury on Monday determined that the Holy Land Foundation and five men who worked with the Muslim charity were guilty of three dozen counts related to the illegal funneling of at least $12 million to the Palestinian terrorist group... Read More
CAIR attacks.
It's always a badge of honor to be attacked as a threat by CAIR.
Just fireworks...not.
What will CAIR say now? Ahmed Mohamed pleads guilty to providing material support to terrorists. Just an innocent kid on a joy ride with fireworks? Not: has the PDF of the plea agreement. Excerpt: All the background on the Goose Creek Two here.
Here's an update on the Texas school that failed to inform parents about a mandatory Islam presentation taught by CAIR officials (background here). The principal who allowed it has been reassigned. Via the Houston Chronicle blog: Take it with a grain of salt. CAIR hopes to give their presentation at other public schools. You've been... Read More
At a Texas public junior high school, students get mandatory lessons in Islam from...CAIR. More here. Yoo-hoo, ACLU?
Sharia creep, sharia creeps.
As I have reported over the years, there are many good reasons to be wary when CAIR and other Muslim grievance groups start banging the drum about being victimized by Islamophobia. Now, the usual suspects seem engaged in the usual tactics to distract from the controversy over the Minneapolis tax-funded Muslim school exposed by Star-Tribune... Read More
Bought and paid for.
When I lived in Seattle, he was well-known as "Baghdad Jim McDermott" and the name has stuck over the years. With good reason. Back in 2002, Stephen Hayes reported on how Baghdad Democrats David Bonior, Jim McDermott, and Mike Thompson took a trip to Iraq in the run up to the invasion and followed up... Read More
ABC News: Americans Broadcasting CAIR.
Steve Emerson weighs in on the ABC News staged Muslim bigotry stunt that I spotlighted yesterday: The ABC story was linked to a Primetime broadcast in which an actor posed as a bakery shop worker who berated a Muslim customer wearing a hijab with intense bigotry. The stunt was a test to see how other... Read More
In April 2006, I reported on an attempt by NBC News's Dateline to stage an Islamophobia sting on NASCAR fans. In November 2007, I called attention to an attempt by ABC News's Primetime Live to stage a homophobia sting in Birmingham, Alabama. Now, Primetime Live is replicating the Islamophobia stunt thing in Texas (hat tip... Read More
Another battle in the free speech wars that the ACLU doesn't want to fight.
Mark Steyn's not alone. Stateside, Cinnamon Stillwell has a comprehensive overview of radio talker Michael Savage's battle with CAIR--placing it in the important context of the jihad apologist group's long war on many other conservative critics, scholars, and investigative journalists who have dared to raise their voices against the speech-stifling organization. Stillwell concludes: You know... Read More
Myth-piercing pictures of the day.
Remember the FBI hate crimes report released a few weeks ago that exposed the continuing myth of the Muslim hate crime epidemic? put the data in a few handy charts today: Send them to CAIR. With love. *** Previous: Muslim "hate crimes" Myth of the Muslim hate crime epidemic Fake Muslim hate crimes: Where's... Read More
CAIR brags: They taught her well: (Hat tip - American Infidels)
From the PRNewswire yesterday (hat tip - Atlas Shrugs): CAIR, FOX Co-Host 'Hollywood 101' Workshop Aspiring Muslim writers, directors, actors introduced to entertainment industry LOS ANGELES, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) and FOX Television recently co-hosted a "Hollywood 101" workshop and studio tour... Read More
Is a CAIR-backed academy coming to a public school system near you? Check out Patrick Poole's report at Frontpage: As children all over the country prepare for the annual American rite of the beginning of school, hundreds of school children and their parents from the Columbus, Ohio Somali refugee community may be getting far less... Read More
Picture worth a thousand words.
Check this out. The Counterterrorism Blog's coverage of the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas has been must-read. Aaron Maanes follows up on CAIR's gambit to be removed as an unindicted co-conspirator: If CAIR et al succeed in setting a precedent by removing themselves from this list (rather than simply increasing the threshold for public... Read More
Standing up for the West.
Our friend and Hot Air colleague Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, public enemy number one of CAIR, has a hot new book out: Religion of Peace? Why Christianity is and Islam Isn’t. If you buy just one more book the rest of this summer, make it this one. We have an interview up a HA.... Read More
Keeping an eye on the grievance-mongers.
Fresh off trying to shut down Robert Spencer's YAF speech, CAIR is back--desperately trying to defame Spencer by associating itself with a lying lunatic. Meantime, the terrorism trial in Dallas that should be front-page news continues and Steve Emerson reports on the latest CAIR-HAMAS revelations: In testimony Tuesday, FBI Agent Lara Burns reported before the... Read More
Exposing the campaign to silence John Doe whistleblowers in academia and public life.
You know that outrage you expressed over the flying imams/CAIR attempt to silence John Doe whistleblowers? Well, there are other whistleblowers--the whistleblowers exposing jihadists, their funders, and their ideological apologists--who could use some of that same public outrage and help. This week, we saw CAIR try to shut down Robert Spencer. The Young America's Foundation... Read More
"Come and kill me if you want, but I'm not going to submit."
Update: Bryan has posted after-speech remarks from YAF's Jason Mattera and Robert Spencer. Update: LGF has a video clip of Brit Hume's coverage of the CAIR vs. Spencer/YAF battle. I'm in D.C. covering the Young America's Foundation national conservative student conference. Humberto Fontova, Cuban dissident and author of Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the... Read More
"We demand...or else.."
Where are all the free-speech activists when you need them? Well, when it comes to protecting the free speech of those who criticize jihad and its apologists, the free-speech protectors are hiding under their bedcovers. Wetting their pants. Covering their ears, squeezing their eyes shut, and rocking themselves to sleep. Via Bryan Preston, read this... Read More
The grievance-mongers at CAIR have issued an "Action Alert" against Rudy Giuliani for using--gasp!--the phrase "Islamic terrorism." LGF has a reminder of CAIR's attack on Giuliani for rejecting disaster-relief aid from Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal after 9/11. Badge of honor.
Chertie has chosen to lie in bed with the very people who make a living intimidating and suing vigilant Americans who...
An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London was diverted early this morning to New York over security concerns about a Middle Eastern passenger: The crew member aboard Flight 136 questioned a passenger whom the employee had seen bypassing security by traveling on an employee-only bus from the parking lot to the LAX airport,... Read More
Diana West has the must-read column of the day on the pathetic inability of Westerners to call the war and the warriors who want infidels beheaded what they are. Too many of our political and military leaders here and across the pond are stuck, Diana writes, in a "mental no-jihad zone." Case in point: Objecting... Read More
Less than 1,700 official members, according to Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times.
Looking out for you I said it yesterday. I repeat it today: Thank you, whistleblower. Now, we know a bit more. He works at Circuit City: Indeed. From the Philly Inquirer: But remem
Lots of interesting info and tidbits coming in on the Fort Dix terrorist plot, so I'm starting a new post. Update: Clayton Cramer examines the gun law aspects of the case. As mentioned this morning, the criminal complaint states that jihadi suspect Serdar Tatar delivered pizza to Fort Dix and that his family owned a... Read More
Soldiers at Fort Dix: Targeted by jihadists Update: The names of the suspects via one of the filed complaints: Dritan Duka (illegal alien); Eliver Duka (illegal alien); Shain Duka (illegal alien) Serdar Tatar (the pizza deliverer...his family owns a pizzeria near Ft. Dix) Mohamad Shnewer; Agron Abdullahu Via Allahpundit: According to CBS News, Shnewer is... Read More
One of my favorite cartoonists, the brilliant Johnny Hart, died yesterday--Holy Saturday. He was funny, fierce, and faithful: Cartoonist Johnny Hart, whose award-winning "B.C." comic strip appeared in more than 1,300 newspapers worldwide, died Saturday while working at his home in Endicott. He was 76. "He had a stroke," Hart's wife, Bobby, said Sunday. "He... Read More
Someone saw something and said something. No doubt CAIR's lawyers are getting ready to sue the John Does who spoke up when they saw this suspicious activity. Via DMN: Dallas police and federal terrorism officials are investigating two women, both dressed in camouflage pants under their traditional Muslim robes and scarves, who were seen conducting... Read More
House GOP strikes back at the litigious imams, reports the Washington Times in a web-only exclusive. Audrey Hudson writes: Hearing from a tipster that the the vote just happened and the motion to add the protective language passed 304 to 121. More at Jawa Report, Powerline. Ju
Baron Bodissey issues a call to action: Most of our readers are aware of Rep. John Conyers’ efforts to pass a congressional resolution against the desecration of the Koran. One of the highest priorities of Muslim interest groups in the United States is to get this legislation and similar initiatives passed. They are following multiple... Read More
My prediction: The Council on American-Islamic Relations will be hounding this American soldier and milking this incident for every last "Islamophobia"-mongering dime they can raise (via the AJC and hat tip: Laura Mansfield): Spc. Craig Perkins' uniform made him a target in Baghdad - and, he believes, again in an apartment complex near Clarkston. Perkins,... Read More
Item one: Frank Gaffney sounds the alarm again about jihadi-friendly figures in the conservative movement. Item two: ABC reports, "Accused Terrorist Is Big GOP Donor," while the National Republican Congressional Committee refuses to say what it will do with his $15,250 in donations. Here, let me help: Give. It. Back. Duh. Reader Steve L. writes:... Read More
Andy McCarthy rightly excoriates the dhimmis in the Bush administration for pandering to CAIR: On a weekend when the Bush administration achieved a new CAIR-friendly low, a prominent Democrat, following the lead of other prominent Democrats, distanced herself very publicly from the unsavory Council on American-Islamic Relations. The Transportation Security Administration is the executive agency... Read More
Talal "Ted" Ali Chammout sure has a funny way of showing his "love" of our country - via Fresno Bee (hat tip: reader Steve): That's for sure: In March 2004, Faller said, Chammout met with a confidential witness for the government and inquired about purchasing stolen military weapons. Then in the spring of 2005, Chammout... Read More
Shakedown target Audrey Hudson at the Washington Times has the latest on the grievance-mongering flying imams and their attempted extortion: Allah asks: "[I]s CAIR really stupid enough to invite the PR disaster that would result from pursuing a high-profile lawsuit related to terrorism in
Well, well. Audrey Hudson at the Washington Times reports that an internal investigation by US Airways, plus two other probes, so far conclude there was no wrongdoing by the crew in its treatment of the six flying imams: Debra Burlingame, whose brother Charles was pilot of hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, which the terrorists crashed... Read More
Bow down The flying imams have inspired Muslim mau-mauers across the country. Now, there's this via the Detroit News (hat tip- Debbie Schlussel): Fitness USA, a gym chain, is investigating an alleged civil rights violation involving a local Muslim woman who says her afternoon prayer was interrupted by a fellow patron, and that her complaint... Read More
Audrey Hudson at the Washington Times investigates the Minneapolis Six and gets feedback from air marshals. We take a closer look at Omar Shahin over at Hot Air. Discussion on O'Reilly last night here. HA affiliate Charles Ryder has more video and spotted another hate-spewer at the praying imams' protest yesterday at Reagan National. Scott... Read More
In between breathless condemnations of the Bush administration for stifling its free speech, endless court filings demanding classified and sensitive information from the military and intelligence agencies, and self-pitying media industry confabs bemoaning their hemorrhaging circulations (with the exception of the New York Post), my colleagues in the American media don't have much to time... Read More
Yes, I've followed the case of the six praying imams removed from a US Airways flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and questioned by police for several hours before being released. As sure as the rooster crows, CAIR is screaming and the Muslim leaders of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage are calling for a boycott.... Read More
***scroll for updates...CAIR jumps in...of course...bumping to the top...update 0837 added e-mail from UCLA student...*** Been getting e-mails about this all night. Here's the video. The usual police-bashers are attacking campus security for taking extreme measures when the student repeatedly refused to show ID and physically defied them. The student is out of control. A... Read More
Sisayehiticha Dinssa, 35, an unemployed man traveling from Nigeria by way of Amsterdam and headed for Phoenix, was arrested Tuesday at Detroit International Airport after security officials searched him and found him carrying nearly $80,000 in cash and a laptop computer containing information about nuclear materials and cyanide. Could be something. Could be nothing. In... Read More
Been meaning to get to this all day: It's about time... Zawahiri was the target. Andy Cochran has more on how the attack explodes the Madrassas-Don't-Train-Terrorists Myth. Smart GOP candidates will press their opponents: Do you support the effort to root out jihadists from these madrassa terror sanctuaries or not? Will
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