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Question the timing.
Update 9:15pm Eastern. There was a Free Burma protest in D.C. earlier today. Here's video via This Aint' Hell: Update 9pm Eastern. The junta gains the upper hand... Update 1:30pm Eastern. White House blasts Burmese government for Internet shut-off: he White House criticized Myanmar on Friday for cutting off Internet access and called on "all... Read More
Religion of peace battles military junta.
Blood-splattered floor of the Ngwe Kyar Yan monastery It's day two of the crackdown in Myanmar. The NYT says "security forces raided at least two Buddhist monasteries, beating and arresting dozens of monks, according to reports from the capital, Yangon." Latest wire dispatches report protesters are being fired upon: Soldiers fired automatic weapons into a... Read More
"The whole world is now watching Burma."
Richard Fernandez at PJM takes a closer look at the efforts of peaceful protesters in Myanmar to overthrow Burma’s military government and comparisons to the "People Power" revolution in the Philippines in 1986: Latest news from the front is that 17 monks have been beaten and one reportedly shot dead outside Rangoon's holiest shrine, the... Read More
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