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Bobby Jindal

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This is leadership on the front lines, not just on the sidelines. Louisiana GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal has been working non-stop over the past month to protect his state from the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill -- and from the bureaucratic delays in the Obama administration. Click on the image to watch the video of his... Read More
You can catch me on C-SPAN tomorrow morning at 8am Eastern for about half an hour. Try to phone in if you can get through and provide some balance to the moonbat callers. After that, I'll be at CPAC tomorrow afternoon. PJTV's "Washington Tea Party" panel, part of the Conservatism 2.0 conference, begins at around... Read More
Helen Thomas has been gabbing with a film crew this morning, according to Washington Times White House correspondent Christina Bellantoni. Bellantoni just posted this on Twitter: No word on whether she also channeled Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton and made any 7/11 and gas station cracks.
The cable news talking heads panned Bobby Jindal's response to Obama tonight. There were some apparent audio and technical problems. He could have been more specific in his attacks on the porkulus bill, the bailouts, and the coming omnibus spending bill/mortgage entitlement expansion. (Full speech here). But then, of course, the critics would have accused... Read More
"We are a resilient state, and always have been."
Our commenter CantCureStupid, who is a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard, wrote me last night with a Hurricane Gustav update: Har. Gov. Bobby Jindal has posted the following message on his site: Message from the Governor Today, we stand together as the impact of Hurricane Gustav continues to be felt throughout our... Read More
Pay close attention to how GOP Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is working 'round the clock to prepare his state for Hurricane Gustav. As the nutroots wish ill on conservatives and pray to God for our demise, Gov. Jindal is on the ball, working feverishly to ensure the safety and comfort of his residents. No Blanco-like... Read More
Scroll for updates...RNC opening night cancelled...McCain via Bloomberg: "We are facing a great national challenge,'' McCain said in remarks sent by video from St. Louis to Republicans gathering in St. Paul, Minnesota, for the nominating convention. ``We have to do away with party politics and we have to act as Americans"...Fowler apologizes...Gustav slams into La.... Read More
James Lucier at The American Spectator endorses Bobby Jindal for VP. I want to see him running at the top of the ticket in 2012. As I've said many times, he is the future of the GOP.
Despite the amusing designation as "Bush's Asian-babe PR shill," loyal readers know how unhappy I've been with the GOP leadership in Washington--and how ambivalent I feel about the GOP presidential field. There is one Republican I'm absolutely thrilled about, though: Bobby Jindal. He's taking office today as Louisiana governor. It's a historic moment--and a proud... Read More
The "Uncle Bob" smear.
There are few things that drive the Left crazier than minority conservatives. We're race traitors, parrots, puppets, hypocrites, House Niggas, Aunt Tomasinas, whores, and sellouts. Liberals only love American Dream stories when minority politicians turn out like Barack Obama. American success stories like Bobby Jindal, however, are their worst nightmare. It's a slap in the... Read More
Democrats play the religion card.
I've written before about desperate liberal attacks on GOP rising star and gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal. The latest comes from Louisiana Democrats attacking him as "anti-Protestant" by twisting an essay on religion he published in the Oxford Review. Jindal is Catholic. Ed Morrissey has more. Here's the dirty Democrat ad: It's not just Republicans who... Read More
Finally owning up to her designation as one of the nation's worst governors, the beleaguered governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, bows out. Why'd she go? Seems clear the writing was on the wall: Keep an eye on this race.
The liberal media has wholeheartedly embraced young Democrat Barak Obama, son of immigrants and new member of Congress. They've paid less attention to another dynamic son of immigrants, Republican Bobby Jindal--who also won election to Congress handily tonight. Don't expect the New York Times editorial board or like-minded media elites to give Jindal a fair... Read More
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