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The Left's valentine to defiant jihad-enabler Lynne Stewart by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Bleeding-heart progressives across the country are raising money for "an evening of music, song and sharing love for recently released People's Lawyer Lynne Stewart." Warm fuzzies for one of the world's most notorious... Read More
The blabbermouth media formed a stampede over the weekend in a rush to publish a new round of Wikileaks documents on al Qaeda and Guantanamo Bay. The Memeorandum round-up is here and the breathless tick-tock on how lib outlets stepped all over each other to get the "scoops" is here. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air... Read More
I am glad New York Times reporter David Rohde is safe. But I have questions. Is the safety of journalists more important than the safety of our military? The safety of our homeland? From September 11, 2001 to the present, the terror-tipping blabbermouths of the New York Times have repeatedly undermined national security by disclosing... Read More
Scroll for updates... Did you hear about the plight of a South Wales couple who pointed out that CNN's careless reporting of the Mumbai hotel siege endangered their lives? Fox reports. You decide. CNN reports. You pray for your life: A SOUTH Wales couple caught in the Mumbai terror attacks claimed last night that CNN... Read More
Supreme Court ruling supports domestic terrorism surveillance.
Photoshop by reader John McG., 6/2006. You may recall in December 2005 when the blabbermouths at the NYTimes revealed a classified program set up by the Bush administration monitor terrorist communications in the US (which inspired an entire gallery of media blabbermouth posters like the one above). The ACLU quickly and literally followed suit to... Read More
Journalists get a warning: Leaking will be swiftly punished. Unfortunately, it's not what you think...
Wow: "White House threatens to yank credentials from journalists who publish pics of new briefing room." USA Today publishes the e-mail from a White House press staffer to the White House Correspondents Association: If only they would get as tough on the MSM blabbermouths who have published classified information about the war and our homeland... Read More
Before Bryan Preston and I embedded at FOB Justice, we had to read and agree to a clear set of ground rules, including this one: Apparently, the NYTimes didn't think the rules applied to them. Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle blew the whistle on an appalling violation of those rules by Times reporters, who posted a... Read More
Hmmm, this doesn't sound good (via NYSun's Josh Gerstein): Will there be no consequences once again for the blabbermouth media? *** Previous: Blabbermouth NYT: Help! Help! Help! Supreme Court to NYTimes: Buzz off Terrorist-tipping NYTimes wants Ruth Gin
I noted the NYTimes' attempt this weekend to seek protection from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for two accused blabbermouth reporters, whom the feds believe tipped off two Muslim charities fronting for terror. Well, wonders never cease. The Times reports this afternoon that the court rebuffed the leak-dependent paper: The United States Supreme Court refused today... Read More
Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the rescue? Blabbermouths at the New York Times, who have been accused by federal prosecutors of tipping off Islamic charities fronting for terror, want Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to protect them: The New York Times asked the Supreme Court yesterday to bar a federal prosecutor from reviewing the phone... Read More
***bumping to the top*** Meant to get to this earlier, but the newspaper of wreckage is at it again--publishing illegally leaked classified information about the war in yet another transparent effort to sway the election. The article title: "Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos." After blabbing about the classified info revelaed in... Read More
Photoshop: Bob D. Un. Freaking. Believable. The NYTimes ombudsman, Byron Calame, buried a bombshell mea culpa in his column today--reversing his prior defense of the Times' blabbermouth report on a once-secret terrorist banking data surveillance program and now admitting the paper was wrong to publish it: NOW HE TELLS US?! Those two factors are really... Read More
Patterico takes a closer look at that bone-headed ruling against the NSA terrorist surveillance program, and finds more damning evidence of how the blabbermouths have underminded national security: According to the plaintiffs — lawyers, scholars, journalists, and others who communicate internationally with terrorists — the disclosure of the surveillance program has caused terrorists to discontinue... Read More
Reader Theresa reports a crowd of 150+ people turned out to protest the New York Times in NYC tonight and sends a few pics: My favorite so far (how about putting this on the front page, Bill Keller?): I want this t-shirt: Allah's got more. Pam at BlogmeisterUSA was there and blogged the protest. So... Read More
Over the weekend, I pointed to a story in the blabbermouth NYTimes about the vacation homes of Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld and VP Dick Cheney as a news hook to talk about the Left's selective apathy towards reckless, unnecessary invasions of privacy. The reactions were predictable: the usual moonbats accused me of hypocrisy by dredging... Read More
***update: Lichtblau is backpedaling too.*** NY Times ombudsman Byron Calame's belated defense of the Times' exposé of the monitoring of the SWIFT banking program contains a fascinating passage: Thousands of people may have known about the program before the Times blabbed about it? If a Times editor says so, it must be true! Keller's claim... Read More
My syndicated column today (now on Yahoo! News) offers a reminder that the blabbermouths at the New York Times have been implicated in terror tip-offs about our financial investigations before: I remind you of the case of the Treason Times, the Holy Land Foundation, and the Global Relief Foundation. As the New York Post reported... Read More
***scroll for updates** Patterico posts a valuable transcript of a radio interview conducted by LA Times columnist Patt Morrison with Times Washington Bureau Chief Doyle McManus about their blabbermouth article on the once-secret terrorist finance tracking program. Key portion with Patterico's reax: MORRISON: Doyle McManus, what kind of standards do you pretty much look at... Read More
The New York Times and their traitorous, leaking sources have done it again. (Hat tip: LGF) This time they're broadcasting classified information on troop levels. Hey, Bill Keller--al Qaeda thanks you: "Closely held secret." Not. Anymore. (Ed Morrissey thinks it's a controlled leak. But the law, as I've noted before, does not distinguish between "good"... Read More
An Army of Photoshoppers, to borrow Instapundit's phrase, is unleashing on the MSM blabbermouths and their leaky sources. Thanks for these fabulous entries, readers. Maybe someone in the MSM will get the message. Keep 'em coming... The Peoples Cube: PTG: HA affiliate Sanctuary Bryan: John McG.: Bob D.: Wes. W: Paul Y.: Pirate's Cove:
***scroll for photoshop entries*** These WWII posters are in need of some 21st century photoshop updates. Anyone inspired? *** Send a letter to the Attorney General: [email protected] Reader J. Scott already did: Must-read: Andy McCarthy The blunt reality here is that there is a war against the war. It is the jihad of privacy fetishists... Read More
***update: Tony Snow video*** They can buy ink by the barrel, but we can fight back now with bandwidth by the terrabyte. I'm getting inundated with furious readers' letters to the Times, most of which the editors won't bother to read or publish--since they're not in, you know, the "public (Pulitzer) interest." So I'm reprinting... Read More
***update: The Los Angeles Times piles on and flaps its mouth, too...The story is the blabbermouth media's refusal to act responsibly and learn when to shut up...*** Dammit. These people don't know when to stop. The anonymous leak-addicted NYTimes tag team of Eric Lichtblau and James Risen is at it again. Their front-page, splashy piece... Read More
My latest column blasts the "good" leak/"bad" leak and "whistleblower"/"felon" memes now being used by the Left to defend the NYT/NSA story. To the Times' defenders, keeping secrets to protect counterterrorism operations is an impeachable offense, but keeping secrets to protect the Gray Lady's fanny is an elite media prerogative. The latest Cox & Forkum... Read More
***scroll for updates...The ACLU wants a special prosecutor (but not for the leakers)...Some on the Left aren't happy with the Times, either...Arlen Specter says the Judiciary Committee will investigate (the Bush administration, not the leakers)...12/17 Bush fights back...*** This morning, the Drudge Report--HUGE RED FONT and all--chose to aid and abet the civil liberties Chicken... Read More
Last week, I keyed off a Drudge headline about Time magazine's "revelation" of Dick Cheney's secret location, Site R. Turns out that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blabbed about it nearly three years ago! My bad for castigating Time. The Post-Gazette's bad for endangering the Veep. Time's bad for misleading people about not-new news. Drudge's bad for... Read More
Just got off deadline. So Drudge reports that the loose-lipped scribes at Time Magazine have divulged Dick Cheney's secret location. Funny how the hysterical privocrats - the brilliant Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald's term - shrug their shoulders at the casual disclosure of vital national security information. Who cares about the safety of the Vice... Read More
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