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Barbra Streisand

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Pucker up.
Guess she took some medication for her chronic Bush Derangement Syndrome. Hope the president had a strong sanitizer. I need eye bleach:
It's been the headline on Drudge all day: Hollyweird is getting ready to fork over millions to save Obama at Beverly Hills meg-million-dollar fundraiser tonight. Barbra Streisand will sing at a $28,500-per-person gala. Will she be able to keep it together -- or will we see another meltdown? Memories... Remember: "Shut the [expletive] up!" And... Read More
Funny Girl.
She will sing for her savior. And we should cheer. Because it has done wonders for all the other political candidates she has supported. When Barbra croons for you, you can kiss your chances of winning goodbye. You go, Babs! Barbra Streisand will be among the headliners at a fund-raiser for Barack Obama on Sept.... Read More
Brian Maloney has the scoop: Blame Bush!
Barbra Streisand shows her class. Well, that about s
Here are a few of the crackpot sights and ridiculous sounds that made 2005 a year to remember (many thanks to Ian Schwartz at The Political Teen for his indispensable video blogging): Video clips... 10. Spike Lee: Tinfoil hat-wearing levee expert 9. CNBC mugs Bernie Goldberg 8. Union thugs unhinged 7. Chris Matthews unhinged 6.... Read More
Good stuff... Gerard Van der Leun continues his excellent essay series, "The Sacrifice and the Reckoning." Two parts: The Event and Sleepwalking Austin Bay exposes Terror’s Lord Haw Haw: George Galloway. Patterico and Captain Ed talk back to MSM blog-basher Nancy Clark. An American Housewife and The Anchoress on suffering. Cam Edwards: Barbra Streisand is... Read More
Regarding Barbra Streisand's blog blunder, three quick points: 1) Hasn't one of her P.C. friends told her yet that it isn't fashionable to be quoting from correspondence between two dead white slave owners? 2) Couldn't she at least have given credit to Elizabeth Edwards, who posted the quote as consolation at the Democratic Underground on... Read More
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