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Debunking Obama's bilious Baltimore babble by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 It's never enough. American taxpayers have surrendered billions and billions and billions of dollars to the social-justice-spender-in-chief. But it's never, ever enough. The latest paroxysm of urban violence, looting, and recriminations in Baltimore prompted President Obama on Tuesday to trot out his frayed... Read More
Charm City's corruptocrat mayor finally resigned. But remember what I said about corruptocrat toe fungi: They never really go away! She'll be able to run for office again in two years and she gets to keep her taxpayer-funded pension after raiding donations for the poor for her own personal shopping sprees. Slap on the wrist:... Read More
The Game.
Baltimore has been wracked by violence the past year. "Charm City" is commonly derided as "Harm City" because of the high murder rate. There's even an entire blog devoted to documenting Baltimore Crime. So what are city officials proposing to do to help Baltimore's residents? Ban cheap cigars! Hoping to curb smoking among teenagers and... Read More
Crime and punishment. (Photo via The Examiner.)
The teenager who led the racially-tinged assault against Sarah Kreager on a Baltimore bus is going to jail. Prosecutors revealed that she had been the ringleader in prior beatings and attacks. The Baltimore Sun reports: The 15-year-old Robert Poole Middle school student whom prosecutors accused of sparking a brutal December attack on a woman on... Read More
The deadly consequences of Baltimore's soft-on-crime culture.
The brutal beating of young Zachary Sowers in Baltimore--and the continuing story of his vigilant wife, Anna--have touched many lives over the past 10 months. A pack of thugs pummeled Sowers into a coma last summer. They received measly sentences; Sowers' wife is fighting for tougher laws. On Tuesday night, Sowers died of his injuries.... Read More
(Photo via The Examiner.)
A follow-up to the racially-tinged assault of Sarah Kreager on a Baltimore bus. The judge in the case ruled five students guilty yesterday:
"I was in the gutter with my hands over my face, trying to block the punches." (Photo via
The trial in the Baltimore bus beating involving a white homeless woman and a gang of black students is underway. The problem is identifying all the assailants involved in the melee. 911 tapes captured the chaos. Via the Baltimore Sun: The defendants' lawyers are attacking Kreager's character: Kreager described the attack in detail yesterday. She... Read More
"We could've been left on the side of the road, dead."
Surveillance video screenshot via WBAL Jeff Quinton alerted me this morning to another reported beating on a Baltimore bus involving an alleged racially motivated attack on white passengers by a group of young black riders. I waited to see if more evidence would develop today before posting. Copycat incidents are unfortunately a concern. Well, WBAL... Read More
"Threats and racial attacks are unacceptable anywhere."
The black youth mob assault on a white, homeless bus passenger remains a hot-button topic in Baltimore. The local Fox affiliate had an exclusive interview with the beating victim, Sarah Kreager. She details how the accused assailants called her and her boyfriend "white crackers" and "white m-f-ers. According to the report, wounds on her head... Read More
Photo via The Examiner.
Following up on my post about the beating on the Baltimore bus yesterday, the Baltimore MTA police are emphasizing that there is no evidence the victims in the Baltimore bus attack provoked the incident--and they are pursuing their investigation into the attack as a "possible racially motivated hate crime." You'll recall that yesterday the nine... Read More
The Baltimore Nine. Photo via The Examiner.
Victim Sarah Kreager Photo via The Examiner. If the races had been reversed in this monstrous crime, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would already have booked their private planes on the first flight out to Baltimore. Via The Examiner: As Sarah Kreager, 26, tried to sit down on a Baltimore City bus Tuesday, police say,... Read More
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