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Assassination Chic

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Seems like just last month that a college professor was publicly calling for Republicans to be "lined up and shot." This morning, we awoke to the news of a horrible shooting at the House GOP's baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. Sen. Rand Paul was in the batting cage and described the chaos as Rep. Steve... Read More
So much for "When they go low, we go high." Thirsty troll of the year Kathy Griffin got the attention she craved today after posing with a bloody Trump head. Now, she has issued a fauxpology. It is phony because she never actually apologizes to our president and because she is only apologizing in the... Read More
From "Kill Bush" to #AssassinateTrump: The return of assassination fascination by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2016 Alert the CDC: Left-wing America has been overcome by another contagious epidemic of assassination fascination. It's time to declare a public health crisis. In San Antonio last week, two high school students performed a sicko skit depicting the... Read More
Anti-Obama signs in New Orleans -- on private property -- have set off a frenzy of prog protests against free speech. Former and current politicians have "met" with the property owner as mobs gather near the offender's home. Local city council members are plotting ways to punish the homeowner and squelch his speech: Of course.... Read More
New tone...same as the old's the "F**k Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity/Michelle Malkin/Teabagger" assassination rap...grooving to the Climate of Hate: *** Not hate. Just "art:" *** Assassination chic: It's what's for prog breakfast, lunch, and dinner... *** Flashback 2008: "She oughta be shot. They got to be stopped."
The Tucson massacre ghouls who are now trying to criminalize conservatism have forced our hand. They need to be reminded. You need to be reminded. Confront them. Don't be cowed into silence. And don't let the media whitewash the sins of the hypocritical Left in their naked attempt to suppress the law-abiding, constitutionally-protected, peaceful, vigorous... Read More
I'm still on semi-vacation, but the Left never takes a break from falsely accusing the Right of fomenting hatred and violence through political speech. The MSM never takes a break from whitewashing leftist intolerance, death threats, and extremism -- and engaging in selective reporting (or rather, non-reporting) of the long history of leftists' manufacturing of... Read More
Bill Sammon points out what I reported on at length in my "Assassination Chic" chapter of Unhinged and in years of my Unhinged blog archives: Journalists don't care about nutballs and extremely extreme extremists unless they can be used to embarrass conservatives. As it has always been: News outlets that are focusing on the incendiary... Read More
Obama-bots are in a tizzy over a silly poster of Dear Leader as The Joker. The BDS-infected Left may have wiped the violent imagery and assassination fascination targeting the president from their memories. I haven't: *** Related: The Anchoress notes the race-card players and celebrates free speech, Hillary-style: As Hillary Clinton famously yelled, “I am... Read More
Oh, give me a super-sized break. Leftie '60s leftover/songwriter Peter Yarrow at the Huffington Post fumes over the "Barack the Magic Negro" parody that has RNC candidate Chip Saltsman in hot water. All of sudden -- after eight years of "F**k Bush" bumper stickers and "Kill Bush" assassination chic and Bush-or-Chimp parodies -- the left... Read More
The rest of the story. wouldn't know it from the Obamedia coverage of the story because the man also threatened to kill The One. Bob Owens breaks down the whitewashed reporting.
KillBushmania strikes again.
If you're a left-wing artist looking for attention, you can never go wrong with assassination chic. The latest entrant is one Wafaa Bilal. He's got issues, as they say: FYI: Bilal was inspired by al Qaeda's "Night of Bush capturing" jihadi propaganda video. His website is "The Virtual Jihadi." And Obama and his grievance-mongering supporters... Read More
An illustration of double standards.
I have an entire blog category devoted to assassination chic. It's a staple of the unhinged Left, whose writers, playwrights, artists, documentarians, and politicians can't get enough of BDS-infused merchandise, jokes, child brainwashing, and signage. Yes, there's the occasional gaffe on the Right (hello, Mike Huckabee), but scroll through my assassination chic posts and you'll... Read More
Bad taste award of the day.
I've got a whole blog category on the Left's assassination chic and a whole chapter on the subject in Unhinged. It's just the way they are. The latest entry comes from Democrat Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, via Jim Hoft: He made the joke at a Democrat party fund-raiser. No word on whether the littlest Bush-hater... Read More
Child abuse.
This foul video garnered a lot of blog buzz over the weekend (see Memeorandum). Having written a book called "Unhinged" and dutifully monitored assassination chic over the past several years, I thought I'd pretty much seen it all. I hadn't. Whoever put the child up to this is a sick, sick human being. Don't click... Read More
BDS is alive and well.
Hate speech, pure and simple (sign magnified from this photo on Yahoo! News): It's all about the peace, love, and, oh, death wishes: The highest form of left-wing patriotism.
"Violence fantasies."
Brian Maloney has audio of the creepy, BDS-infected liberal radio talk show host diatribe of the day. Bryan Preston: "These same people constantly wail at waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed. That’s just who they are." Yes, I spy with my little eye a word that starts with "U." And ends in "nhinged."
Tons of readers have sent word that the reunited rap-rock band Rage Against the Machine advocated at the Coachella music festival this weekend that the Bush administration be "shot" like Nazi war criminals. Here's the video: Partial transcript via Thomas Galvin: The aging Ragers prove that older is not wiser. *** Sean Hackbarth has more.... Read More
***update: HuffPo has closed its comments section after receiving 437 mostly unhinged messages...a reader saved a PDF file of the entire comment thread for posterity...posted here...*** ***update ii: exclusive photos from the operating room at Bagram added below*** ***update iii: i've been notified by military officials that DVIDS should not have released the photos. i've... Read More
The jihadis are rolling out the welcome mat in Indonesia. (Hat tip: Shawn Wasson, who has more Bush-deranged photos) Reuters AP reports: Cindy Sheehan approves. Assassination chic--it's everywhere. And, of course, we never hear a peep of condemnation from the Left about these violence-endorsing demonstrati
Bush Derangement Syndrome fizzles in movie theaters: The provocative film "Death of a President," which imagines the assassination of George W. Bush, bombed at the North American box office with a meager $282,000 grossed from 143 theaters in its first weekend. The pseudo-documentary played at 91 U.S. theaters and 52 Canadian cinemas during its first... Read More
A trip down Unhinged Lane. *** The Los Angeles Times reports on how the director of "Death of a President" staged the assassination scenes and deceived authorities in order to get footage of President Bush for the movie. *** Previous: Assassination chic
The penultimate chapter of my book Unhinged was titled "Assassination chic." I explored the popular genre of "Kill Bush" literature, talk radio rhetoric, and art on the Left devoted to fantasies about murdering President Bush and Republicans, including: -- Sarah Vowell's best-selling murder travelogue of assassinated Republican presidents, Assassination Vacation; -- Nicholson Baker's Checkpoint, a... Read More
I have received a smattering of e-mails from liberals who are siding with Denmark and the European newspaper editors in the Cartoon Jihad. (See, for example, the liberal blogger at Deep Thought.) For the most part, however, the American Left has had nothing to say about the escalating war. Instead, the Bush-deranged faction spent yesterday... Read More
From Widefield, Colorado, the latest addition to the anti-Bush assassination chic file (hat tip: reader Angela C.): Lighten up? Grow. Up. *** Previous: Assassination Chic: North Korean edition Air America's assassination chic More Democratic assassination humor Unhinged liberal products for sale
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