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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Retiring celebrity governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California was bad for the GOP in so many ways, I've stopped counting them. So, how did Schwarzenegger leave office? By committing one last shameful act of back-scratching politics as usual and granting a commutation to the son of a Democrat political crony, former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez... Read More
I noted the California Senate Appropriations Committee's plans last week to push a single-payer program through the legislature. Showing their impeccable timing, the progressives approved the bill in the Senate yesterday at a cost of $200 billion a year...just as the state controller announced that California is set to run out of cash again in... Read More
Repeat offender.
Talking on a hand-held cell phone while driving in California is illegal: The Terminator needs to have a hands-free talk with wife Maria, who has been caught on tape numerous times violating his law. TMZ has the latest video. Looks like someone needs to be made an example of, eh, Governor?
The Taxinator may be breathing a sigh of relief over "fixing" California's budget problems. But darker clouds loom. Case in point: And as California goes, so goes the nation. Flashback: The Pension Fund Problem to Come
Look out, Oklahomans. Here come the California refugees: Unlike the Taxinator, the escapees won't be back.
Hey, Gov. Schwarzenegger. If you are still trying to convince the rest of the country to bail out your bankrupt, union-corrupted, eco-radicalized, over-regulated, spendaholic, business-hostile, illegal alien-friendly sanctuary state, this is not going to help: Not one dime for the self-made poster child of dysfunction. Not one dime.
"Special Nurse:" $350,000+ Municipal railway manager: $325,000+ "Administrative services" department head: $280,000+ And no, the figures do not include pensions and benefits. And they want you to bail them out? Please.
In flames.
As expected, all the Taxinator's ballot measures but one (the pay freeze) went down in flames yesterday. As expected, the liberal establishment will characterize voters as tantrum-throwers. When initiatives go their way, voters are wise, smart, discerning citizens. When initiatives fail miserably, the electorate is a moronic mob. Schwarzenegger was left blubbering in defense of... Read More
Photoshop via W.C. Varones Arnold Schwarzenegger was so preoccupied with lecturing the national GOP about the need to "rebrand" itself and move left that he forgot to mind California's own business. Today, his desperate tax-and-spend ballot measures are expected to all go down in flames at the polls. Tea Party activists of all political stripes... Read More
Hey, the amorphous TARP bailout program has been used for everything else under the sun, why not as a cover for debt-laden California? Barney Frank thinks it's a peachy idea: California Treasurer Bill Lockyer on Wednesday formally requested federal help to backstop a wave of short-term borrowing the cash-strapped state will need to undertake this... Read More
Well, how d'ya like that rebranded GOP now? The Taxinator, Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, welcomed Barack Obama to southern California with open arms this afternoon -- praising his courage and extolling the porkulus package. Schwarzenegger has been busy taxing everything in sight in the once-Golden State, pouring fuel on the anti-Prop. 8 fire, and preparing... Read More
I'll be back...for a bailout.
Burning up. The land of bloated budgets and gold-plated public unions is collapsing. California has finally realized you can't run up massive deficits forever. Now, GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a "fiscal emergency." And you know what's coming next. Get ready to fork over at least $7 billion in taxpayer-funded loans. Who's going to... Read More
"Fresh new way."
Welcome to the funhouse mirror world of Rebranding 2008. Team Obama reportedly is backing away (for now) from its signature campaign pledge to roll back the Bush tax-cuts on wealthy Americans... Meanwhile, GOP Gov. Arnold "
"They should be on it and on it until they get it done."
The GOP governor of California is encouraging church-bashing protesters to continue to defy the will of the people and wreak havoc until Proposition 8, the traditional marriage ballot measure, is overturned. Yep, Arnold Schwarzenegger -- who wants to "rebrand" the Republican Party in his image -- apparently applauds the mob taking to the streets and... Read More
Tastes awful, less filling.
Photoshop credit: Oblogatory Anecdotes First, the Beltway Republicans dress up like Barack Obama and start peddling "the change we deserve." Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to "rebrand" the GOP and push it further to the left: President Bush moved to the "ce
"This could be an extraordinarily interesting experiment."
Brilliant: Just an idea being "floated." Proving that the ivory tower is phenomenally out of touch with reality, one professor says this plan would be no big deal: UC Berkeley law professor and corrections expert Franklin Zimring said that in raw numbers, "I don't know of any" other releases across the country that would match... Read More
Dissent is patriotic, for once!
Mary Katharine Ham spots some politically incorrect thinking in Tinseltown from an unlikely trio: Jessica Alba, Al Pacino, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here's a bit of what Alba told "Para Todos" magazine: Read the whole thing. I'm sure this outbreak of sanity is only a temporary condition. But enjoy it while it lasts.
Been hearing rumblings all night about a controversial shake-up in Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office. Here's what Capitol Weekly is reporting: Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has hired Susan Kennedy, a top aide to former Gov. Gray Davis, as his new chief of staff, Capitol sources in both major parties said. The chief of staff's position... Read More
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