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Arlen Specter

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Arlen Specter can't believe that his crapweasel Democrat friends didn't stand by him in times of need. What goes around, comes around, pal. No tears for you: Via The Hill: The real cacklesnort-inducer: Lie down with cannibals, get up with...well, no, you don't get up. You just get a public television show no one watches.
Lady ga-ga.
Turncoat Pa. Sen. Arlen Specter has issues with conservative women. Huffington Post has issues with conservative women. They're a perfect match. Via Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
I laid out Arlen Specter's coming betrayal on card-check in May. Today, Benedict Arlen just made it official: Card check = massively boosting union rolls = massively boosting Democrat voter rolls = permanent GOP m
Well, he didn't say exactly that. But he might as well have. The SEIU has organized a front group of "people of faith" to harangue Congress into passing card-check because it's a "moral imperative." Where are all the church/state separation zealots now? Details of the Big Labor hosannas in the highest, via the SEIU website:... Read More
A reader forwards a DNC solicitation sent out this morning in Bozo the VP's name: Three weeks ago, my friend Senator Arlen Specter added one more feat to his long and impressive career -- he became a Democrat. Over the years, we've certainly had our disagreements. During that time, however, Arlen has been my friend,... Read More
I know. It's a shocker. The crapweasels at CAIR act like...crapweasels. And Arlen Specter still smells like one. Via Philip Klein at the American Spectator: Tolerance of dissent is not a CAIR value. Fortitude is not a Specter value. They deserve each other.
Back on March 24, Arlen Specter announced his opposition to Big Labor's card-check legislation, the "Employee Free Choice Act." Some conservatives cheered. But as I noted at the time, Specter left the door wide open in his Senate floor statement: "I would be willing to reconsider Employees’ Free Choice legislation when the economy returns to... Read More
Last week, I advised readers how to file FEC complaints against Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Crapweasel) over his misleading "Specter for the Cure" website. It still looks like a bogus medical research, but Specter has quietly "clarified" the fundraising front by making its connection to his reelection explicit on the front page. Sunlight is the best... Read More
Arlen Specter's campaign finance travesty deserves more than just mockery. It deserves action. Here are screenshots of his misleading "Specter for the Cure" website, which is a slimy front to raise campaign funds: And the fine print buried at the bottom of the home page: Here is how you file an FEC complaint. Here are... Read More
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