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Annie Jacobsen

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John Doe S.O.S.
There are risks and costs to being a John Doe. Vigilance against terrorism in an age of political correctness will open you up to lawsuits, CAIR witch hunts, public recriminations--or worse. You can stand up or submit. At PJM, Annie Jacobsen "has the harrowing tale of what happened when a Good Samaritan was transformed into... Read More
Suspicious behavior.
Things that make you go hmmm: They were just testing the locks, I'm sure. Flashback: Flight 327.
Chee-bomber, chee-bomber. Plus: Whither the John Doe amendment?
NBC News obtained a TSA unclassified bulletin about possible airplane/airport dry runs by terrorists probing homeland security. What caught my eye were the photos of some of the suspicious devices taken by airport authorities: The report states that "individuals involved in these incidents were of varying gender." Oookay. Is that all they can tell us,... Read More
Crying over spilled water.
You might have heard about the public battle between a mother and TSA over her toddler's sippy cup. She says they manhandled her and acted abusively after she was detained for "accidentally" spilled water from the cup. TSA says she purposely dumped it and went so far as to post surveillance video to prove their... Read More
Update: New WashTimes article on the report here. This weekend, dogged Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson previewed a Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's report on the handling--and mishandling--of Flight 327. Longtime readers will remember this incident as an airline security object lesson on the need for passengers to say something when they see something.... Read More
On July 26, the ambassador of Syria had an outraged letter published in the Washington Times regarding Northwest Flight 327: Case closed? Not yet. Annie Jacobsen called the Syrian ambassador, Imad Moustapha, to inquire more about the band and its performances. She reports in her latest
Looks like Washington is paying attention to the Annie Jacobsen story. The Washington Times reports that "federal officials were summoned to Capitol Hill yesterday to brief Senate and House Judiciary Committee staff in response to reports of the incident, and the Federal Air Marshals Association requested a meeting with top officials in the Homeland Security... Read More
From the never-ending Flight 327 files...Writer Heather Wilhelm looked a bit closer at the Syrian Wayne Newton Nour Mehana's tunes. Not exactly Danke Schoen. Heather reports: Read the whole thing
In an article published late Friday night, "Misbehaving Syrians Carried Expired Visas (registration required)," the Dallas Morning News confirmed that 13 members of Nour Mehana had expired visas at the time of their June 29 flight on Northwest 327: As I've discussed previously, the reporting is a bit murky on the technical difference between visa... Read More
Following the lead of anonymous air marshals (see Eric Leonard's KFI news story), some in the blogosphere are piling on Annie Jacobsen. One blogger calls her a "sniveling little twit." Kevin Drum pooh-poohs "Panic in the Skies." Armed Liberal advises Annie to take a "chill pill." And Commissar at Politburo Diktat writes: I respectfully take... Read More
WNBC investigative reporter Scott Weinberger reported on Joe Scarborough's MSNBC show tonight that the 14 Syrians on Northwest Flight 327 ALL had expired visas. He said his sources told him that law enforcement officials xeroxed the men's paperwork without looking at the dates. The visas had expired nearly a month earlier, according to Weinberger. This... Read More
National Review Online has just posted an article by Clint Taylor, who seems to have identified the mystery band on Flight 327. Will have more after the kids are asleep, but it looks like Taylor has done the sleuthing that the deep-pocketed mainstream media wasn't interested in doing (and all it took was Google and... Read More
The New York Times ran a piece today by Joe Sharkey purporting to report on "What Really Happened" on Flight 327 with the 14 Syrian passengers observed by writer Annie Jacobsen. The piece skews toward the Nothing Happened camp and concludes with a quote from Federal Air Marshal spokesman Dave Adams saying: "They gave their... Read More
Just watched the excellent special report on MSNBC hosted by Joe Scarborough regarding Annie and Kevin Jacobsen's account of what they saw on Northwest Flight 327. I am going to keep this short and simple, as this will be my last blogword on the matter unless anything new breaks. I believe the Jacobsens. I believe... Read More
Via Michael Smerconish's radio show this morning, we learn that Annie Jacobsen will be posting a follow-up to her Terror In The Skies, Again article at around 9amPST/12noonEST. Jacobsen's parents e-mailed me some family background: Still nothing from the Washington Post or other MSM. No Drudge link to Jacobsen's story, but has posted... Read More
Ok, the kids are asleep. 1) Skeptics (yeah, even the ones who hate my guts) are having an interesting discussion here. 2) Still no word from any other passengers. It's possible that after Jacobsen appears on the networks, folks will come forward. 3) Reader Liz Roewe has sent several questions to the editors of Read More
I have been speaking with Brendi Rawlin of Porter Novelli (PR rep for Womens Wall Street). According to Brendi, the Washington Post has been sitting on the true story of Annie Jacobsen's "Terror in the Skies" account since last Friday, when approached him. Dave Adams, the air marshal's spokesman, not only confirmed the story,... Read More
Regarding Annie Jacobsen's intriguing article, I just got word from Dave Adams of the Federal Air Marshals Service (FAM). Adams confirmed that he spoke to Annie Jacobsen, was quoted accurately in her story, and confirmed some of the basic facts outlined in her article (there were 14 Syrians on the flight; they were questioned by... Read More
Several readers have sent me the link to this fascinating article from, which brings to mind James Woods' experience prior to September 11, 2001. Update: Over at Redstate, Martinipundit says the story is a hoax (hat tip: Instapundit). Update II: Reader Liz Roewe cc'd me on an e-mail to the editors of An... Read More
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