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The opposite of "novelty" Establishment Republicans are really getting unhinged by fresh, conservative voices -- especially female and minority ones -- who are on the rise. You'll recall that earlier this month, Romney supporter Ann Coulter took to ABC News to put down Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio as "novelty" candidates. Yesterday at the Utah... Read More
Sigh. Seriously, Tina Brown? Yes, I'm talking about you, Oxford University-educated Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown. You've resorted to recycling bottom-of-the-barrel moonbat photo cliches about conservative female public figures and their enraged "crazy eyes?" Really? Who's in charge of Newsweek cover graphics now -- a Media Matters Soros Monkey? A random Daily Kos commenter? Keith... Read More
Update: I am HuffPo. The left-wing blogosphere is up in arms over the John Doe movement and manifesto. It's telling, isn't it, that HuffPo and company are outraged not at CAIR and the litigious imams--but at me: Love how they show their racist stripes flinging racism charges at others. And how they hide behind their... Read More
Last night, hate-filled liberals on MSNBC attemped to smear Marine Corporal Matt Sanchez and conservatives who honored him at CPAC for his support of the military at Columbia University. They gleefully showed photos of Cpl. Sanchez at the event--including ones I took--in mockery after his gay porn past was outed by left-wing blogs. They cackled... Read More
***updates*** John Hawkins at Right Wing News writes "In Defense of Matt Sanchez." B. Daniel Blatt skewers leftist attackers and argues: *** Well, this is an interesting development, to say the least. As I noted on Saturday, one of the honorees at CPAC was Matt Sanchez--a corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve and junior at... Read More
Ronald Reagan, CPAC speech, February 2, 1982: *** The American Conservative Union has issued a statem
One of my favorite CPAC moments: Meeting Col. Bud Day, the nation’s most highly decorated soldier since General Douglas MacArthur, and Vietnam veteran Bob McMahon of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation The Hot Air team spent the past three, jam-packed days and sleepless nights covering the Conservative Political Action Conference--meeting countless grass-roots activists, catching up... Read More
***4:15pm update*** Ann Coulter just finished her riff on Al Gore, tossed out some cute jokes ("You can understand why Hollywood is concerned about global warming. You know what heat does to plastic."), and ended with a cheap one-liner about John Edwards being a "faggot." (Paraphrasing) She said she would refrain from commenting on Edwards... Read More
Fool Last week, disgraced and disgraceful Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) fired off an unhinged rant to fellow House Democrats denying he was corrupt and attacking "Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Michael Barone, Drudge, anonymous bloggers, and other assorted misinformed fools" who have cited his House impeachment and Senate conviction on bribery and... Read More
I don't like to mud wrestle, but sometimes the slime-flingers need to be held accountable. All week, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and his left-wing vassals have tried to blame female conservative commentators for one nutball's fake anthrax letter attacks. Reportedly, the suspect was a Free member whose pseudonymous profile noted that he "worshipped" Ann... Read More
I have blogged before about the obsessed UNC professor Eric Muller. He and his friends at Wonkette have sunk to a new low (Guess insulting me with ping-pong ball jokes wasn't enough). As a response to my column this week on Charlotte Church, they post a picture of a woman in a bikini that they... Read More
This is Peter Hartlaub. He is the San Francisco Chronicle's pop-culture critic and "helps cover movies, television and the media," according to his bio. In addition to his newspaper duties, Hartlaub blogs for the paper's "Culture Blog." One of his latest posts is an astonishingly ugly, ad hominem attack on Ann Coulter--emblematic of the unhinged,... Read More
US Senate candidate Ned Lamont of Connecticut, darling of the left-wing blogosphere, is now running as fast as he can from the nutball bloggers who have zealously promoted his campaign against Sen. Joe Lieberman from its inception. (Today's Vent gives the overview.) And he's lying through his teeth in his effort to rid himself of... Read More
***update: thread here*** You've read the story of the day, all day, on Drudge: Ann Coulter is antagonizing the Left with her comments about the liberal 9/11 widows known as "The Jersey Girls." Hillary Clinton is going ape. TV producers of all partisan stripes are ecstatic. So are Ann's publicists and publisher. Unfortunately, lost... Read More
Ann Coulter's latest: Godless. Matt Lauer tries to keep up.
Source: AFP Speaking from a country that sent us the majority of the 9/11 hijackers and from a conference that banned Denmark for daring to speak up against Islamist bullies, Al Gore this weekend blasted the United States for its "abuses" against Arabs: No. The thoughtless way in which we handled Saudi visas before 9/11--handing... Read More
There is much buzz this weekend about comments that conservative author/columnist Ann Coulter made at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, a speech which I missed due to a book signing at the same event. Ann used the term "raghead" when describing what our homeland security policies should be: "I think our motto should... Read More
When it comes to speaking and writing on unpleasant matters, I learned a long time ago to stop apologizing. It is a waste of my breath, time, and energy to precede every political discussion with "I'm not saying all [X] are [Y]." Or: "Of course, I don't hate all [Z] and please don't misunderstand me,... Read More
She. Is. Mad. I think you will get a kick out of my latest, Unhinged-themed column: "Who are you calling angry?" Intro: Janeane Garofalo, left-wing actress-turned-Air America radio host, is a miserable woman. Last week before the holidays, she turned up on cable TV. No, not to count her blessings but to rant against conservative... Read More
Rush Limbaugh called in to Greta Van Susteren's show last night to comment on the Harriet Miers nomination. The Political Teen has the video/audio. *** Ann Coulter weighed in on Miers yesterday on Mike Rosen's Denver-based radio show. Audio here (hat tip: Tony J.). Best line from Ann's interview: Yowch!
Trust you've seen the Drudge flash on fearless Ann Coulter's comments about John Roberts. Ann's full piece is up at her website. It's titled "Souter in Roberts clothing," and concludes: Guess Manuel Miranda was wrong when he wrote last night for the WSJ: "Conservatives around the country went to sleep happy." (Sentiment echoed by less-informed... Read More
Now on sale here. From the authors' description: Update: Ann Coulter's knock-out closing paragraph of her latest column on Gitmo...
The man who said this... staying in the Bush administration. Flashbacks: Rich Lowry on Mineta, January 2002: Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta may not necessarily be the least impressive Bush cabinet secretary — there's competition there — but he is certainly the most dangerous. When President Bush the other day said that he would be... Read More
With the possible expception of Phyllis Schlafly, Clare Boothe Luce was probably the 20th century's most influential woman in the American conservative movement. Today, the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute, prepares young women for effective conservative leadership and promotes school choice. I gave a speech at a function hosted by the Institute earlier this year.... Read More
Lots of readers are asking me to comment on the Virginian-Pilot's decision to drop my syndicated column. The most amusing thing is that the paper's decision was news at all. I've been nationally syndicated for five years now, and papers come and go routinely. I've been fortunate over the years to have gained far more... Read More
Over the weekend, Maureen Dowd demonstrated just how out of touch the MSM is with political reality in her column attacking Karl Rove. She cast him as a disgruntled nerd, avenging his Kennedy-era high school grievances against liberals by pandering aggressively to backward evangelicals in support of President Bush. The truth? It's much, much closer... Read More
The gentlemen of Power Line are absolutely right: What happened to Ann Coulter last week was not funny. Leftists greeted the news that two men attacked her during a University of Arizona college speaking event with glee, ridicule, and misogynist gloating. (Dan Flynn notes that this isn't the first time Coulter has been physically attacked.)... Read More
Wow. The irrepressible has a link to an "Unfit for Command" comment board run by the Borders Books Employee Union, whose members kvetch and moan about the "rabid" people coming in to buy the book. Here's a choice post: Go check out the whole thing. Thanks to Lucianne for calling it to our attention.... Read More
Regarding the inimitable Ann Coulter and last night's USA Today brouhaha: Human Events Online has posted a hilarious line-edited version of the spiked column. This is apparently the real thing and the paper's editing remarks are in CAPS. Read all the way through and you'll see that it seems that nobody at the newspaper understood... Read More
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