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Alan Grayson

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“...a** out of his face.”
So, here is Democrat MSNBC host-wannabe Alan Grayson starring in his latest unhinged YouTube instant classic. Yesterday, Orange County Florida Republicans were having a regular meeting at their local Perkins family restaurant when Grayson crashed the gathering -- and started mouthing off about being interrupted and "spied on." He told one of the attendees that... Read More
Someone please just get Democrat demagogue Alan Grayson an MSNBC show and be gone with him. The Florida congressman is trying to make a federal case out of one urologist's exercise of political free speech. Via Fox News over the weekend: An outspoken U.S. congressman is planning to file a complaint against the central Florida... Read More
I've been blogging the emotion card-playing from desperate Obamacare advocates all week. Now, Florida's favorite Democrat potty mouth has jumped on stage (hat tip - William Amos): Video at the link if you can stand it. I'd say he exudes about as much sincerity as a used car salesman, but that would be an insult... Read More
The White House etiquette czar gives its seal of approval to Alan Grayson's verbal diarrhea. President Obama was in Florida last night and praised Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson as an "outstanding member of Congress." But even Democrats are embarrassed by Grayson's crude rhetoric: Well, it shouldn'
You remember Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida. A month ago, he was taking refuge in a union hall to shill for Obamacare in a cowardly last-minute meeting with angry constituents. As you know, he has now traveled down Demagoguery Road and accused Republicans of wanting sick Americans to "DIE QUICKLY." The diarrhea of the... Read More
Yesterday afternoon, I noted that Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson was taking sanctuary in a union hall for his hastily scheduled town hall meeting. How did it go? The Orlando Sentinel was there and profiled the craven and cowardly performance: Grayson's hastily called meeting took place in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union hall,... Read More
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